RIM Sponsors BBM Lounge Party in LA

By Bla1ze on 13 Aug 2010 10:20 am EDT
BBM Lounge

At the BBM lounge after hours event held recently in LA there were some fun times to the be had. The photographers of the event were kind enough to send us over some of the pics they had been taking during the whole show, which turned out to be quite impressive. The BBM Lounge is a series of events, the second of which will take place in LA sometime in September. Below is a list of celeb attendees:

  • Mel B, Spice Girls/DWTS   
  • Mark Salling, Puck from Glee
  • Quinton Aaron, The Blind Side
  • Vienna Girardi, The Bachelor
  • The Alchemist, hip hop producer and DJ to Eminem
  • Gabe Saporta, lead vocalist of Cobra Starship
  • Olivia Munn, Maxim model and actress (Iron Man 2; Date Night)
  • Alessandra Torresani, television actress (CSI; Bones)
  • Lauren C. Mayhew, singer and actress (ECW on SyFy; CSI: Miami)

Hit the break for a few more pics of the event Or, you can head on over to the Flickr page and view the entire set from Xomad. Next time, I think we'll have to RSVP.

BBM Lounge
BBM Lounge
BBM Lounge

Reader comments

RIM Sponsors BBM Lounge Party in LA


cute idea. definitely C list but these sponsored events are usually pretty awesome. free booze and pretty people. ;)

Whatever...all I wanna know is did they get free phones? If not what's the point of me wanting to be there? Hanging out with C-list Celebs? Plz.. Celebs are Over-Rated..I wanna meet real people, but the free booze does sound good..Didn't miss a thing

The better question is, why are these photos not taken with a BB phone? They were all taken with a Canon 20D.

As is a pro photographer would use a phone to take professional quality pics. Pro pic, pro camera.

I wouldn't call those pro pics. It might have been a 20D (which is way outdated), but that doesn't make them pro pics, especially since it looks like they used the pop-up flash instead of pro lighting (lots of bad shadows in those pics).

Although I doubt there was enough light for a BB to be used for photos.

Sounds like a cool party. Makes me wonder, who are these people anyway? If BBM is to become a socia media tool they need to re-think how it is make useful and cross platform