RIM sponsoring Android developer meetups to promote Android apps on BlackBerry PlayBook

By Adam Zeis on 7 Sep 2011 01:43 pm EDT

Android Developers

While we all wait somewhat patiently for the Android App Player to officially make its way to the BlackBerry PlayBook, it looks like RIM is still rallying the troops on the Android front. RIM is sponsoring 50 Android developer events on Meetup in order to get the Android love flowing on the PlayBook. The sponsored events will allow for a BlackBerry rep to visit with groups in order to help convert Android apps to run on the PlayBook as well as get listed in BlackBerry App World.

Android Player for BlackBerry PlayBook is supporting 50 Meetups across the country to get the word out about converting your Android App to run on the BlackBerry Tablet OS and host it in BlackBerry World. They're thrilled to have your Meetup participating in this program! In addition to having a local Blackberry rep come visit your Meetup, they're making a financial investment in your Meetup Group over the next 3 months to help your Organizer make it even better!  

It looks like there is a good amount of interest thus far, so lets hope things go well and plenty of developers hop on board. Still no official word on just when we'll see an official release of the Android App Player, but as always, fingers crossed that it's not too much longer.

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RIM sponsoring Android developer meetups to promote Android apps on BlackBerry PlayBook


if it is to be part of os2 please can it come soon. desperately need some apps from it if vendors dont want to build for the pb.

The Android app will be sweet to have, but Im really hoping to see much improved apps compared to the current crop in approwld, as Imo 90 % of em suck and are completely useless.
When the most impressing app/game is Dead Space, its not impressive at all.
lets hope for quality apps

This is starting to get my attention. At first I just wanted RIM to keep pushing for non android apps but its starting to sound like it may go further than the app player. I'm hoping so because that means if I have to go into the player to access a second set of apps I feel like it loses some of what makes the Playbook unique. I haven't seen a tablet yet push like a deisel like the playbook does and taking away from the look and feel inside an app player would suck.

You totally should go! I'd LOVE to hear how that goes, would be fascinating to know what commentary they have (on AP and market etc) from RIM's point of view. You more than most, can ask some tough/good questions too.

Developers should be very interested. This will be the largest platform to develop for by far encompassing BB and Android users. If RIM can bend over backwards for these android developers and save developers from re-writing their apps, Blackberry will end up having all the apps many of us want!

Keep up the good work!

Personally, I don't see this as RIM bending over backwards for these developers. On the contrary, RIM is "begging" these developers to get their applications usable on the BB platform!

If RIM had enough developers releasing native applications for the BB platform, they would not have to go to these lengths to woo Android developers!

Yes, I am a fanatical BlackBerry user who is totally discouraged by the PlayBook, and how RIM released the PlayBook.

Bending over backwards, begging, you see a big difference between these two?

Views of the Playbook are like views on eBay, a negative is given huge weight relative to a positive. People complain about what the playbook doesn't' have but in my experience it is a great device, which I use all the time.

I myself am about to get a PB. Use it while at work to keep me from sleeping lol. Seems very promising. And this news makes it even more promising. And more so than before to invest in a PB. I was iffy but noww I'm sure I want a PB. *now if only a way to not pay ATT a dime for the bridge to use the web*

I cannot wait for the android app player!!!

Personally I don't care if it is not a "native pb app" as long as it runs well and works.

I think the QNX apps will come in time... but it would be nice to have access to a ton of apps.

This seems negative for Android App player to me.

Can someone tell me what I'm missing here - Does RIM asking app makers to convert their apps to RIM one month in advance of an app player that will convert and play all android apps not seem suspicious?

For me it suggests that app player isn't happening. God I hope I'm missing something.

You are missing something

The Android App player doesn't Play Android Apps native, it plays repackaged Android Apps, so App developers need to repackage their Android Apps and load them into BlackBerry App world.

Really hope you are wrong! But I must admit that it certainly feels taht way...Rim probably would limit the way this can be used...based on which Android apps that might "interfere" with Rims alternatives... But OK, shouldn't judge before it is released though! I try to be patient... :)

Can't help wondering why it is Lenovo and not RIM that releases a tablet where Corporate use is put there to start with? Things like support for Microsoft System Center, remote wipe, possibilities to control how the users might use the tablet (apps, hardware etc) and ready agreement with several security solution vendors. On top of that to a much lower price and...full Android app support on top of that...

While a good idea for the developer community. RIM should go specifically to the top 50 Andriod app developers and get them on board. Heck, do the signing for them. These make up the lionshare of the Android Market anyways.