RIM Sorta Throws in for Obama?!

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Mar 2008 10:58 am EST

Making good on coCEO Jim Balsillie's recently made statement that the future of BlackBerry lies in social networking, Research in Motion is partnering with singer Will.i.am to make content from Will.i.am's Dipdive online community (where political blogging meets music video content) wirelessly available on the BlackBerry.

According to Balsillie, “Probably the two hottest trends in wireless are social networking … and the other one is the multimedia, which is principally portable music." For the end user, the advantage of these two worlds converging on the BlackBerry platform is that it, "It brings the artist into a direct relationship with the fan.”

Why the Blog Post title? Well... in addition to his famous career with the Black Eyed Peas, Will.i.am is also famous for his "Yes We Can" Barack Obama video (above) which has been a huge hit on YouTube. It's sort of weird that RIM is announcing this... right now Dipdive is not so much an online social networking community as it is a few celebs doing political music video blogs -- either RIM is really throwing it in behind Obama or Dipdive is going to become something more very shortly.

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RIM Sorta Throws in for Obama?!


I really do not care if the CEO is pulling for Obama. Just churn out good hardware and pay your folks enough to keep the outages from happening and I will be happy.

Dang Straight. I think RIM can and will continue to churn out great hardware and here's to hoping they can put a stop to the outage thing... though there's a quote I've always liked (Paulo Coelho in The Alchemist)...

"Everything that happens once can never happen again. But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time."

But I believe RIM can do it..yes they can, YES THEY CAN!

I think this is not enough information to say RIM has or has not thrown in there support. They may want to make the information available to blackberry users to greater expand the functionality of the Blackberry product they create. I congratulate Obama for his support of a great singer Will.i.am, since this may or may not boost his support in the election. Personally, I do not support a political representative who is as racist as the people his campaign fights against, but whomever RIM puts there support into, so be it. It will not affect their products, but is an interesting fact. Thankfully the president does not have a great power over changing this country!


"Thankfully the president does not have a great power over changing this country!"

The president must go through many people to change any major aspect of this country, so any president elected will not change the country through just being elected.

Wanted to clear that up, but I agree with the user who said that this should not even be a topic on here, the information does not make any changes to my blackberry, or yours.......

Please dont turn this into a political website. This is a great site that I enjoy, but if it turns political, either party, I am gone. I dont come here to hear anyone's political opinion, I just want more info about my BB. If I want the political stuff I'll go a POl site...

Geez, You must not have clicked through to the other links at the bottom of the article. CrackBerry.com's only interest in politics is of the comical CrackBerry nature. No intent to every turn the site into a political thing, and in case you didn't know, yours truly (who wrote the post) is in Canada (along with the bloggers who did the other posts linked to above).

Also, other BB sites are now reporting the above story, so it's not a Political thing - it is a BB story. Not everyone will find value in every post we publish...so you can feel free to skip through to the next post if this isn't one of them. It's the great thing about websites - read what you want when you want to.

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