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RIM soon to be getting developers ready for BlackBerry 6

By Bla1ze on 30 Jul 2010 01:32 pm EDT
RIM soon to be getting developers ready for BlackBerry 6

Some cool happenings over at the BlackBerry Developers Blog. Today, they posted some good news for developers as well. In the next little while, that BlackBerry Developers Blog will be compiling a bunch of new BlackBerry 6 information and posting it for everyone. Oddly though, the post makes no mention of when exactly the tools needed for BlackBerry 6 will be available but we're guessing a complete roll out is to be expected near or at the BlackBerry Developers Conference.

For our Java developers, we’ll work to highlight the new APIs being introduced, including a new powerful set of new User Interface controls, Universal Search integration, and a Barcode Capture API. For our web developers, we’ll start to redefine BlackBerry® Widgets and talk about the completely revamped BlackBerry Browser powered by a Webkit engine. We will cover HTML5, CSS3, and concrete steps for how you can bring your mobile site to BlackBerry® smartphones.

Looks like Research In Motion will be covering a lot to ensure developers have the support that is ever so vital these days. Creating Super Apps has become part of RIM's full on development process and if people aren't sure of how to do that, then stuff like this being laid out for them is great.

Source: BlackBerry Dev Blog



What was the time difference between developers and consumers with OS5?


Odd. I know for a fact that some developers already have the BB6 SDKs and are happily working on their apps all the while NDA'd.


Can't wait!



I scrolled down the crackberry page, caught the article pic of the home screen shot before actually reading the headline, and thought it was a screen shot of OS5. :/


I think that right now the SDK 6.0 is ONLY available for BlackBerry® Alliance members :(

When I'm going to test my application to the OS 6.0 ?

What happen RIM? This is the way for getting "SuperApps"?



Agreed. Anyone getting the 9800 in the next month is going to be very disappointed in the application selection that will be available. Until they get the SDK/simulators out all the talk in the world is not going to do anybody any good...


I don't know if this has already been mentioned... but I noticed the calender finally reflects the actual date! :)

Pi Guy 3.14

had this in the developers hands months ago **rolleyes**


Well, you schmucks keep waiting on 6. Then all of you with a BB that isn't hardly 6 months old find out 6 won't work for you and those on Verizon which isn't going to allow 6 on any Storm, maybe you'll get a clue and get a phone that works. Droid or iPhone.


Yeah by the time Developer finally get OS6 Apps working... maybe the S3 with it's rumored new OS will be out. So developer will need to design Apps to run on OS5, OS6 and the STORM OS..


One of the few drawbacks to jumping to 6 will be seeing how many of our current apps no longer work.


Cool developers are getting ready and all that but I remember a discussion before and some of the stuff that was being said was that the new iphone has stuff that blackberry has been doing well all along. So my question is, if apple is implementing things in their device that blackberry already has had, what is blackberry implementing that apple does well? Cuz if apple starts doing the stuff that blackberry does along with what it can do already and blackberry isn't doing much except for a new os, I don't think that's enough to stop people from jumping ship. Just a thought so don't get all bent up people.


Universal search is a good example of something that iPhone has had that BlackBerry is now getting. But the comparison isn't as important as what is BlackBerry getting that BlackBerry didn't have before.


Glad to see the barcode reader is now at the API level, but they need to release the SDK already...


and STILL no clue to what the developers tools are?????

RIM = NOKIA without the coolness.


What does that even mean

Oh I know, research in slow motion


i hope they drop this for the bold 9700 and 8900, not just the newer models like the slider or the new bold that will bee stupid cause imma have to go out and buy a whole new phone just to get os 6 not cool


aww man these Blackberry 6 apps are probably going to be as good as the iPhone and Android Platforms im super excited aren't you guys