RIM shows off the BlackBerry Torch 9850 and 9860 in new commercial

By Adam Zeis on 6 Oct 2011 01:16 pm EDT

RIM has posted up their latest commercial, this time showing off the BlackBerry Torch 9850/9860. The theme of the ad is "Break Free" and shows off some BlackBerry use to get away. This is the first ad we've seen dedicated solely to the all-touch device but most likely not the last. While it's been a bit overshadowed by the BlackBerry Bold 9990, this is a good reminder that the 9850 and 9860 are still out there :-)

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RIM shows off the BlackBerry Torch 9850 and 9860 in new commercial


Maybe this will break them free from the competion, maybe not, time will tell. Look for all the hype they can muster at DevCon. But the marketplace is the final arbiter, and will it be enough?
I'm not a fanboy anymore! I don't see it, I wish it were different, but they aren't changing the heads of state, and that, sadly is where things need to change most. Perception is reality, and the reality is not in RIM's balliwick. It might be, but time is a waisting away.

Rounding 3rd, heading for home!

Wow so you can watch pictures and videos, browse the web and share stuff via a messenger .. dude wish I could do this on my phone ..

Even more so I wished RIM would set free from Internet Service with too little features and too much extra costs .. enable developers to make great apps, to at least catch up with Android and iOS and bring back good battery life to Bold.

Nice ad i think they needed this after the review BGR gave a couple of weeks ago, slamming this device.

They need more of these and like the ones in india, similar to the BB6/Torch 9800 rollout ads.

Since then, the PlayBook campaign, etc have been really sad.

I love my 9860. With all that screen space, especially in landscape, the virtual keyboard is the most accurate I've used so far, so this is now my primary phone taking over from my 9800.

And I'm very close to releasing a version of one of my PlayBook apps, targetted to the 9850/9860.


I want one very much. After the disappointment of the iPhone 4S release I am absolutely committed to this being my next phone and continuing in the BB line. Reading the forum, there were so many people who were happy with the device and it reminded me of why I was attracted to BlackBerry in the first place- rock solid devices and a great community to back it up. The devices might not have the latest whistles and bells but each new BlackBerry I own has helped me manage my life and get things done.


Douglas from RIM here. Nice call going with the new all-touch Torch. I went with the Bold because of the QWERTY keyboard, but several of my co-workers use the Torch 9860 and love the bigger screen and all-touch design.

It sounds like you’re pretty locked in with your decision, so be sure to swing by our Inside BlackBerry Blog and check out this “things you should know” post about the Torch 9850 and 9860: http://bbry.lv/nvgDZN.

Douglas, RIM Social Media Team

sadly, I tried to reenact this video on my 9860, however "www.dangerousfish.net" has been parked by GoDaddy...

Also, the mobile version of youtube still uses the native BB media player so there is no way in hell videos looks that good...

I still love my phone though!

Nice ad, I just wish AT&T carried more variety on blackberries,
on thier website you have to look hard to find the 9810, they don't seem to care about selling them

I wish they would have called this thing the TOUCH and not the TORCH. Even the commercial makes the case that it should be called the TOUCH.

Yea it sucked, the worst part is how simulated the images looked. I have seen phone trailers where the images didnt look so CGI on the phone...we alllll know it does not work that well.

Okay, so when will this be seen on regular network and cable TV so that regular Joe and Jane Public can see it. All this will be seen by (besides the bored souls who troll YouTube all day looking for... anything) are those of us who frequent these BB forums and news sites and are specifically told about it (like this particular blog post). And, I think we already know about these phones.

Nice. It has a larger screen than the iPhone4 and is also slightly lighter. From the reviews on this website I have learned that it feels great in your hand. This may be the opportunity to have my wife drop her battery sucking HTC Evo (I gave mine up and now have a Bold 9930). She already has a Playbook so this will give her a chance to benefit from the Bridge feature.

RIM and others are so busy stating "we can do what they do".
I like that this add says, "break free".
It says RIM is now the alternative,
I like that. Its a great story.

This isn't a very compelling commercial to get other smartphone users to adopt the 9850/9860. It seems targeted to people who already have/had Blackberries (prominent BBM close-ups) and want to stick with or return to the platform and want a full touch BB. It's RIM saying, "We can do what other smartphones do"... + BBM too.

Improvement, but seems stuck in the past. It's not bad to use old songs, but I think they are still targeting the wrong audience. The usage screams out "me too" rather than indicating anything unique. The style of the touch only phones is cool, and one I think they got very right, even if it's not what I would use (I have a 9650). They are missing it on sexy and desirable and playing it way too safe. Seriously, get Vampire Weekend in there with a nice 30 second spot showing some fun use of the phone, and launch it during prime-time.

They should do a commercial with my Torch, it would be a montage of an analog clock spinning in the middle of my screen and grey and white checker boards for web pages... Oh, and Buffering..... for videos.

Just like they're doing a refresh of the 9900, I hope they do a refresh of this one too with the addition of: 1gb of RAM, Front Facing Cam, better camera w/auto focus and zooming while recording and HDMI out. If they REALLY want to set themselves apart from the crowd...they should add USB hosting. Can you imagine the possibilities? Being able to hook up a friend's portable hard drive to copy a work file then email it to someone...that would ROCK!