RIM shareholder blasts analysts for beating down on RIM while typing out their notes on a BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 12 Jul 2011 08:31 pm EDT

If you tuned into Research In Motions's Annual Meeting of Shareholders, you no doubt heard the statements directed at Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis from a former Queens University student who has an MBA degree in marketing. To put it bluntly, he put RIM on blast for their marketing efforts but he also took the time to go ahead and blast analysts for some of their practices when writing articles about RIM and their stock. Have a listen to the audio below:

While I'm sure some folks will chalk this up to him being a BlackBerry fanboy, he made quite a few valid points in his argument and even came back to the mic near the end to say a bit more. Needless to say, his comments were met with great applause.

Reader comments

RIM shareholder blasts analysts for beating down on RIM while typing out their notes on a BlackBerry


This guy is a genius. Some of his points are straight out of my brain.

bonus points for most effective use of monotone voice ever. I was captivated.

I am sure RIM has heard it all by now .. but how much is sinking in, and how much will be used.

Exactly, NOW WHAT?

I posted a similar comment when news of RIM acquiring Nortel Patents was released. What is RIM going to do with this information now?

RIM is in this position simply because of a failure to act. Which basically falls on the shoulders of executive management which is why both CEO's need to be replaced.

This is the first story coming out of the meeting? Was it boring or are the mods who write stories on here starting to take this all a little personally?

Didn't it start at 6:30? It may have just let out and Kevin hasn't had time to write the articles. On the other hand, if you look at Kevin's twitter feed, you will see plenty of photos from the meeting.

Because you didn't read the live blog under this article where there are loads of updates and news , every troll always takes a hit at the first chance to make a negative comment without reading the whole picture

I did actually read the real-time blog.
Every ignoramus always assumes without knowing the whole story though, I suppose.

Hahahaha, wow the best point was probably... analyst typing out from their blackberry rofl :3

Please someone explain 2 me how the iPhone & various Android phones are toys & BlackBerrys are "grown-up" phones? Anyone?

wow thats like the weakest reply ever. Blacberry's are more toys then iphones. A phone who cant even decently browse the web or install more then 10 application is a toy.

Funny how a so called toy can do way more then yuor products rim, if thats a toy what the hell is your blackberry, Teenage Girls IM device?

Calm down, ios devices are used mainly for gaming, so in essence they are toys! I have yet to see a device with 300,000 apps installed on it. I have had up to 85 apps installed on my 9700, and guess what? I deleted most of them because I only used them for a few days and have kept about 15 or so that I frenquently use. And yes I can decently browse the web on occasion when I need to and my battery lasts for 2 days! You make it sound like ios devices give the full web experience, knock knock, they don't!! Try a QNX powered PlayBook, you will stop spewing that sewege out of your you know what.

Security beyond any other, corporate abilities beyond any other, multitasking beyond any other, 3rd party app integration(super apps)beyond any other, push capabilities beyond any other, need I continue?

What can you say about IOS? Apps, web browser,? Congrats to IOS for what they can do, but realistically next to a BlackBerry, the only word that comes to mind is TOY!!!!! I dare you to put a newly realeased "Gen 1" PlayBook next to an "ipad 2" and compare!! Camera, multitasking, web browsing, OS, hardware, portability, screen quality, ease of use, etc.

And last but not least, the PRESIDENT OF USA uses a.............. ahhhhh c'mon say it.......BLACKBERRY!!!!!

Multi-tasking. Let me see. I can browse the web & talk on my Thunderbolt. Can ANY Blackberry do that? And if I choose 2 I can also listen 2 music while I'm on a call. Battery life? Well when you're on 4g & have a 4.3 inch display & you're a heavy user It's 2 be expected. You Blackberry heads are in serious denial!

"Multi-tasking. Let me see. I can browse the web & talk on my Thunderbolt. Can ANY Blackberry do that?" T-Fleeze

Seriously? Yes, there are people who can indeed use their BlackBerry phones for web browsing while surfing the web. It's all dependent on the carrier. Not your product there, champ.

While I do love certain aspects about the iPhone, like it's creativity with multi-media tools and it's artistic/musical prowess, it is horrible when it comes down to a few key features.

1. Reliability. Calls drop on the regular due to poor antenna design and its unparalleled overuse of data. It takes the average iPhone user about a minute to two minutes longer(or more) to receive a single sms/mms.

For example, I was at a restaurant eating dinner with my family. I took a pic of my brother and his girlfriend, and immediately sent him the mms. He didn't receive it until after five minutes. That's an issue. (BlackBerry phones use nearly ten times less data due to compression, and have the greatest antenna reception)

2. Security. You guys do realize that jailbreaking your iPhone is just one of the same routes used by hackers with ill intent, right? Your contacts, keystrokes, cc info, name and address....Yeah... It doesn't look like Apple puts much time into security. That's a kid's move. Grown ups don't leave the doors or windows unlocked when there are hoards of reports stating " There's a zombie on your laaaaaaaaaaawn" (Ode to P v's Z).

You've already been told the details of President Obama and Co rocking BlackBerry phones. It's with good reason.

If that's not good enough for you, then look at the technology. The only reason why the BlackBerry phones haven't had better looking applications/games was due to the significantly smaller processor and memory on the device. it was doing so much MORE with LESS.

Now these new BlackBerry models are coming with more powerful or comparable, processors than the iPhone4 and many Android phones- Yet they will still have far superior security and reliability. That's just with OS7. When QNX comes out, you'll realize what has been taking RIM so long. It's called due diligence. They're doing their best to perfect a product and cover all the gaps that other companies ignore.

So, yes. The iPhone is a toy. It's a nice toy and I like it for some things, but it's not a good phone. I can easily do everything the iPhone can on an iPod Touch.

@ the fleezbag

Ehem. I'll address your sorry reply.

When I moved into my new apartment with my gf, we had no internet service for a week or so. My BlackBerry BOLD 9700 was my modem. While my gf streamed netflix and youtube,(not as fast as broadband but it worked really well) I was able to call and receive phone calls on my beloved Berry, browsed the web, BBM'ed, texted and emailed simultaneously. I know what I speak of I am not in denial.

Another Fact!

Everyday, While listening to music, I read updates from my news feed and sometimes when there is a video, I would click the link to watch that new leaked video (I would usually mute the video)or some video in a seamless manner without any hiccup to my music play.

When I say real multitasking, I speak from experience.

And hold on sugar, I got a sweet tooth for the new line up which is almost here! I see why people like fandroids and iclones would prefer RIM to go down rather than to compete, it really makes sense.

Analyst hypocrisy slamming RIM on Berries = priceless
Using cash to buy back means no better use for $ = insightful

Equating iPhone and Android with kid's games = sad

They're not. I know too many business owners using them quite happily and successfully. I'm a Berry user - that's my choice. No need to slam the competition, it makes you look smaller when you do.

Hey Kevin - what about making Balsillie's multiple dodges on responsibility for his "60 days" comment worthy of a feature? Don't you think making the CEO's of RIM accountable for their words and actions would be worthwhile?

"The emperor has no clothes!"

whether or not iphones/androids are toys ( i don't personally think devices capable of exchange support are toys, nor do i think comparing outdated hardware to current models is fair) these people aren't conspiring against RIM as he would have implied. they're likely using company issued blackberry's and hating them. they aren't driving stock prices down, they, like most of america it seems, simply are unhappy with their phones. they have every right to speak up just like anyone else does. sure it's possible that what he said could be partially true, but i think it's more like blackberry in the business world at this point is more, well this is what we have, as opposed to this is what we want.

RIM really needs to get it's focus off of "you need us" and more "you want us"

Best reply yet, and ofcourse it takes a female again to air out the hollow comments of a shareholder male blowhard RIM fanboy prick!

Good job lady

Why are these company issuing BBs if they suck so much?

Oh and I remember reading that headline-making article about US companies and government organizations are now listening to their employees who supposedly are requesting Android and iPhones. That's not true after all?

And I thought Android and iPhones have invaded the enterprise market. That's not true either?

Why are these analysts still using BB all the above is true?

Thanks for the link. That guy was right on the money. It's'time for RIM people to look at themselves in the mirror and make the changes that need to be done. Loved the example of the american president carrying 2 ultra secured BB. What more can you ask as a trust mark ?

Just saying thanks for the link and he had some good points. And "Holy Crap" I actually watched "BNN" for the first time in my life because they were broadcasting from out front of the meeting. Very interesting to see everyone's take on the meeting. I hope Jim and Mike can keep the products coming and realize they dropped the ball and can change things around. Go Rimpire!

Funny RIM's biggest customers are "Kids" on BBM. BBM now became a dating service with young single men and women desperately advertising their pins in hope of finding a friend or true love.

No. Not the case. There are kids that use BBM for such things, but I'm sure those kids are not the ones using BBM groups for making lists, assigning tasks or sharing calendar dates,

Targeting the youth for the social aspect of BBM is a smart move, but RIM is simply reaching out to a mass audience that it can satisfy- Business and consumer alike.

Really? RIM's biggest customers are kids? Please give us your sources. Otherwise, your mouth is full of crap.

There are RIM innovations every day. Problem is you don't really see them because they tend to be related to infrastructure rather than devices.

The guy was right on one thing.

RIM seems incapable of projecting it's value proposition in a way that is credible in North America.

But they're up against powerful organizations that are consumate marketers. i.e. Apple, Samsung and LG.

Samsung and LG are dumping Android phones in the US in an attempt to regain their dominant market position.

Well said! BlackBerry needs to stop trying to chase the iPhone in the consumer market and instead, focus on maintaining its stronghold in the business market.

Very impressed with this guys comments!Sounds to me like he spoke from the heart and everything he said made sense.This company shot themselves in the foot by not marketing what they do well,Which to this point is still a lot of things such as security, reliable messaging etc etc,Rim needs to drive that home to business consumers and the younger crowd by advertising in commercials and business magazines.I really agree with Rooster99 never try to call out the competition focus on what u can do to get back on top.The competition is doing well cause they market their products and their strong points for what it is!!

1) Like it or not, those "toys" are running businesses now all across the US.
2) Who cares what the President carries. He also rides around in an armoed car, does that mean I should get armor plating on mine?
3) This guy is a clown. I agree with him on their marketing efforts but android and iphone are truly pushing the envelope. With iphone you can hook a bluetooth keyboard up to the device out of the box. The iphone supports vga and hdmi out. The iphone now runs keynote, numbers, and pages. I no longer will have to carry around a laptop. The iphone has facetime. RIM is, in the meantime, coming out with 9900. That phone should have been brought out a year ago and it DOES NOT provide any revolutionary benefits to the end user. Apple is building a phone that could potentially eliminate the need for tablets and laptops.

At the end of the day I am patiently waiting for RIM to innovate but the days go on and I am sad I may be giving up the berry someday. It is a great device but they can't make a 9700 with a touchscreen and call that innovation. Who the hell would buy the 9900 too? It won't be supported by developers because qnx is coming. It also doesn't have anything on it that is "magical".

With this said, I love RIM, I truly hope they do something great soon.

this guy seized an opportunity many would have loved to have....to have an ear with both honchos forced to listen. sadly, his comments are not new. many cb comments have mirrored those exact same thoughts as we vented about the playbook updates and wish lists etc...

will they act on these very berry valid points? lets hope so.

will they acknowledge their marketing department needs to grow a pair? lets hope so too.

and the point about mr. president carrying two bb's...damn we all knew that when he was elected but not a single add had been produced to leverage the best free promotion rim could have ever imagined. steve j would jump at the chance to have his product used by heads of states and advertise like crazy...."if it's good enough for these guys....it's gotta be an iphone..."

rim, like we've all been saying in cb, it's your move....ball's in your court....and so on...and so on....

Does anybody else think that part of the problem is they are releasing 7 phones? Seems they need to streamline. Seems people are happy and trumpeting they are releasing 7 phones. "See we told you...7 phones whooooo hooooo!!!!!"

Also i keep seeing the comment about it being fast. its fast, it screams, i think some are still missing the point...its the experience and all that is tied to it, not just the speed.

I think RIM should focus on the business and go hard core at that. Thats their business and thats where they can excel. Trying to do both consumer and business is not working out for them. IMO.

You're wrong!
People are tired of carrying two phones, or being "stuck" with a work phone that is restricted by the IT dept. They can tackle both markets. BlackBerry Balance is a good start.
Having multiple phones provides options. Choice is good. Look how many Android phones are out there.

I have to agree in most part with Caymancroc; iPhone has brought about some particularly revolutionary things that RIM could have almost beat them to the punch on. I feel the 99** phone should have come out TWO years ago. The 99** devices will bring a lot of pleasures and perhaps necessities to the wonderful world of the 'Berry, but there is nothing revolutionary here, and if you consider the entire smartphone market, nothing evolutionary either, though if you prefer, as I do, to not give a sh*t about the rest of the smartphone market if it doesn't apply to you personally, then there are evolutions being made. I don't exactly think OS7 is the waste others claim it to be.

Also, I don't think the speaker is a clown. I don't think anyone who speaks from their heart is a clown, assuming he truly was instead of trying to only razz everybody.

The only internet access I have at home right now is my BB, so thank you very much Bla1ze for the OTA link :)

When he started talking about powerful, i started having flashbacks of Palpatine addressing the senate before converting the Republic into the Galactic Empire, he did make execellent points though.

First of all I love rim but the excuse they gave last night because of the delay of products was BS!!
They had to leap frog or jump a generation of devices because of what the competition was doing are they serious with that excuses ?
The bb that are releasing soon bring rim a par with others when you take a hit of market cap and share price like they have you better be coming out with soothing that beats the competition out right not brings you to par with others.
these guys should of seen this before they released bb6 that's when these new bold touches and torch should of been released with bb7 they should of complete paSsed blackberry 6 and this bb7 should of came out in its place .
I really believe rim lost its opportunity to beat apple when they screwed up the storm 9530 think about it if they came out with a real product then would the iphone had had all that successes ?? That was were the decline started that was a disaster

I totally agree. I purchased that debacle. Both of them hoping they had gotten their shit together. Wrong & I'm gone. Lost another customer 2 Android.

Personally as a RIM supporter, sometimes I look at specs and launch dates. Seems like RiM so far this year has lacked with their launch dates. The playbook I personally like since it meets my goals. Also for having a blackberry torch, which honestly again it does everything I need.

Regardless I'm not RIM's only supporter that actually sees a product and knows if it fits my needs, by all means I'm not trendy. I knew by getting a RIM phone from day one it would met my requirements, just not happy the way they've been dealing with OS updates, specially by the carriers. To get a difference I have to grab a leaked OS. Which honestly does suck. Since I would run the risk of the popular battery drain or memory leak.

RIM needs to focus on quality control, set goals and actually met them. The playbook's steam engine seems to be decreasing now by the weeks, before it was months. Consumers, specially people who purchased the tablet want to see updates with innovations. Also 3rd party software. Meeting both should boost sales and bring new consumers.

As for their phones, seems like RIM had a mix up if Blackberry 7 would have been the official QNX OS, but seems like things didn't work out well. But honestly, knowing that blackberry OS 7 won't work with current devices, but will work with new devices and NOT having QNX support. Seems like a whole load of BS to me. Yes the technical features of the phone are different, but doing this to TRY to catch up to their other competitors. Seems like the main focus which companies drive there profits and stand in the smartphone world is market share. Seems like RIM could loose a good chunk due to poor decisions and not meeting there quarterly goals or we could now say yearly goals.

They can't release QNX for phones for a number of reasons.

One because the battery life will be crap as QNX requires a pretty powerful processor. Until they drive down the power demands they won't release new product.

Secondly, because there are no apps. Until RIM releases the "players" and builds up a body of apps they can't move to the new OS.

In the meantime the new phones look pretty good to me and I'll be buying as soon as they're released.

I also think RIM will maintain both OS tracks for a while, because there is clearly a massive demand for less powerful and cheaper phones with great battery life.

I thought the "analyst" comment was amusing and the rest of his comments OK. I felt a lot of the questions were from job seekers looking to get interviews. One guy even came right out an asked for one !

I was hoping for some clarity regarding the future of the company and what is being done to shore up the stock price. Instead, we got the "don't worry it's coming" speech we're heard on the quarter end financial calls. Having all these devices in certification is great, but I'm not sure customers are going to buy them given the fierce competition and RIM's perceived "death spiral".

Don't get me wrong, I'm a RIM fan. I just think this is a time we needed some honesty regarding RIM's problems and I think we got marketing hype.

I suspect they pulled that gentleman aside after the meeting and set up an interview.

The fact that the POTUS uses a Blackberry is good marketing, but it doesn't convince me one bit that he is using it without additional, after-market security measures unavailable to the average or even business consumer.

Overall he got the message right...RIM's marketing sucks. I remember on recent TV commercial that ran a few weeks they pushed BBM and that's it! BBM is by far not the best feature IMO of a Blackberry smartphone. It's as if RIM is trying to compete with the iPhone market. Like he said, push the Blackberry for what it is. Market the true power and features that set Blackberry apart from the rest of the crowd.

One thing I will say that I would like for my Blackberry that other platforms have and that's a remote desktop application allowing me to remotely control a PC from my Blackberry. If there is already such an app and I have missed it through my many, many searches, PLEASE forward a link!

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Looking back to this forum post ... Does anyone know WHO the shareholder whom voiced this intelligent speech is? I'm curious to know how his current holdings are in BlackBerry since then, is he still a BB user, and what are his current views on BlackBerry and analysts for/against BlackBerry. Could CrackBerry follow-up on this, please?

Posts and situations like this NEED a follow-up on if at all possible! It would be amazing if supremely positive for BlackBerry as a company and users/fanboys/fangirls. I think his name is Andy ?