RIM scores patent for BlackBerry 10 keyboard

By Bla1ze on 17 Jul 2012 11:28 pm EDT
BlackBerry 10 keyboard patent

Just in case you were wondering whether or not RIM had any patents in the works for their BlackBerry 10 keyboard, that question has been answered by the weekly approval of patents by the USPTO. RIM was issued a rather broad patent for logic-based text prediction or simply put, text entry that will think ahead for you in an attempt to guess what you're really trying to say. The official verbiage isn't really all that fun to go through but here is the basic abstract explanation of it all:

A handheld electronic device includes a reduced QWERTY keyboard and is enabled with disambiguation software. The device provides output in the form of a default output and a number of variants. The output is based largely upon the frequency, i.e., the likelihood that a user intended a particular output, but various features of the device provide additional variants that are not based solely on frequency and rather are provided by various logic structures resident on the device.

The device enables editing during text entry and also provides a learning function that allows the disambiguation function to adapt to provide a customized experience for the user. The disambiguation function can be selectively disabled and an alternate keystroke interpretation system provided. Additionally, the device can facilitate the selection of variants by displaying a graphic of a special <NEXT> key of the keypad that enables a user to progressively select variants generally without changing the position of the user's hands on the device.

That's a nice patent for RIM to have in their holding although; RIM hasn't really been one to assert their patents very much over the years. Either way, should they find themselves in a position where they need or want to they'll be ready to prove it in court.

Source: USPTO, via: Engadget

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RIM scores patent for BlackBerry 10 keyboard


Will the octopus keyboard be affected by this?(thats the sort of copy of the bb10 one for the iphone)

Don't think so, remember it's not an "official" keyboard. Meaning Apple didn't implement it, simply put it's a third party keyboard.

Can still sue the developer that created it now that they have it patented. RIM should at least send a take down notice.

Octopus still seems to mimic the RIM patent. Whomever invented the Octopus should have known RIM would probably have their product patented. If Apple can sue company X for a device that looks "similar" to theirs, this should be a no brainer that RIM should aggressively go after any company that appears to infringe on its patents. Let this be the new RIM. Take no prisoners. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

Thing is, this was filed back in 2011, great news for BB!!!! What else is there, we are only getting a small piece of the puzzle here, plenty more to come.

How about a perpetual running phone!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Very glad to see that they finally have 1 under their belt that will likely be shaping the future of typing on a mobile device :)

* BlackBerry by choice *

Interestingly, this actually looks like a "valid" technology patent - i.e. it contains some genuine inventive steps rather than just being "xxxxxx" - "on a phone with a touch screen".

The problem with all touchscreen keyboards, though, is that you have to look at the keyboard to use it. BB really needs to sort out the next gen keyboard phone. I noticed that currently, other than BB, the highest spec physical keyboard phone you can get is the discontinued Palm Pre 3.

It has the spec of the earlier Palm Pre2. Screen is not very good, cpu is slow. It's frustrating that the screen on the 9810 is also slightly too small.

I agree about looking at the screen, but I also remember looking at the keyboard on a computer when I was first learning how to type. Now I don't really need to. Maybe we can do the same for touch screens. Could be possible, maybe.

Really, this is nothing to celebrate. We expected no less.
And yes they should issue a take down notice of the Octopus thingy straight away.

I smell some cash flow for RIM from third party developers of iOS and android keyboards :) either this or a removal of these apps from market.

Play hard RIM fight back with fists of fury

SureType is a reduced keyboard, as in the pearl layout which is also available on RIM's touchscreen phones.

Here's hoping this is a sign that BB10 will have SureType available. But I think the language is more CYA than a sure sign of anything.

Good on RIM for patenting an actual innovation! They should patent the concept of the smartphone too since Apple is patenting everything else.

Great!!!! This is just a partial feature that i am liking for the NEXT 10 years, more more more…. I wish the perpetual phone will be implemented on BB10 devices...

Not sure why other manufacturers have physical keyboards almost identical to RIM's in shape and layout. You'd think they would have had at least key shape patented, but you could make a key shaped almost identical and probably get away with it. It's almost like patenting the iPhone size and shape...alter it 1mm like the BB10 developer devices and you're safe I guess.

Nice catch, RIM! Now, they better be quick and patent the "flow" concept of their BB10 because that is definitely the future way of mobile UI's - and others will copy quickly.

Also, RIM should start "striking back" with all these patents they have. Having patents mean you can sue others for more money...take Apple as a good example. ;) (Although I personally dislike that style of business but you have to live in reality.)

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

I am suing everyone. I hold the patent for using numbers and letters in any sequence for any purpose.

pay me!!!!!

Umm, what about a device with rouded corners, or the scrollbar, or the slide to unlock, just to name a few.

The Patent Ofice SHOULDN'T allow such a broad pattent but I wouldn't say that they never would, as they have shown that they can & have

I've watched some people touch type on smart phones and I don't know how they do it. They claim they can touch type blind which I think is a stretch but I couldn't believe how fast they were typing without typos.