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RIM says Global BlackBerry Services have been fully restored

By Adam Zeis on 13 Oct 2011 10:30 am EDT


On their BlackBerry Service Update Press Conference earlier today, RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis stated that all global BlackBerry services have been restored. The outage that started late Monday has been an ongoing issue with service loss across the globe. This is the biggest outage to date for RIM, and the first failure in over 18 months.

You should see service back on your device now, so email and BBM will be trickling in slowly. If you have yet to see anything on your BlackBerry, you can try the old faithful battery pull or simply restarting your device. Drop a comment here and let us know how things are going for you now. 



k thats just very much not true though


Conf call was good. They dealt with the issue head on and handled off the cuff questions well.


I never noticed anything was wrong!


Doing a battery pull to see if that's going to fix the only problem I have left - push email. Other than that am connected once again and staying a loyal RIM/BB crackberry addict! (LIME Cayman)


A battery pull definitely worked - am now receiving my push emails! I SURVIVED THE GREAT BLACKBERRY OUTAGE OF 2011! :)




Cry me a river please


Do a battery may have been disconnected long enough that you need to do this. It was suggested on the conference call.


Tmobile in bay area working fine when service was out yesterday my playbook an bridge helped me not miss a beat


The Conference call was clear and the participants know this outage has hurt them. I think RIM has been open and has learned a great deal from the last few difficult days. One thing is for sure, they will figure out how to make sure their fail over system will work.

Everything is fine here in Louisville. The outcry from the media and BlackBerrians has been amplified because of RIM's reliability. If this were not so unusual, know one would take notice. It is because it is so unlike RIM that it has caused such a stir.

Sometimes bad news can be turned into good news. People will be watching to see what RIM does at DevCon. Maybe the attention will turn positive.


Everything fine here with T-Mobile Germany.


Well I have BBM, and internet, but no emails as of yet.


Do a battery pull or a hard reset - should kickstart your emails.


tried twice and resent my service books. No dice yet


I woke up @ 7:50 am this morning to 53 emails, and 22 bbms. All my apps were working for example my BeWeather was up and running so I assumed everything was A OK.


Wasn't able to listen, or see any news pop up, but what was the reason RIM "broke" for a lack of a better word?

I certainly understand outages happen, and am glad to see they can pounce back with a response team to correct the issue. Sucks it took them longer than it probably should have, but I don't know the whole scope.

I still support the BlackBerry brand 110%!
In the US we had a recent earthquake a couple months or so ago where all communcations lines were slammed due to "emergency" phone calls/etc to friends/family/etc... BlackBerry was the ONLY source that was still capable of performing its task without any disruption. (Email, txt, BBM, etc...) THAT my friends is what I like seeing. Accidents happen, and I hope they are working on building a better redundancy system.


My Facebook and Twitter apps are not working. None of my 3rd party apps are working... Any ideas?


Email, BBM, Browser,MSN, gtalk are all working fine


All Fine in France since this morning. It's 5PM now.


Things all seem to be working in Ottawa (Rogers) now - my LED is flashing right now due to e-mail!


All good in Toronto on Rogers since at least early this morning. Yesterday had spotty Internet, texting, no BBM, and no e-mail. My 9900 still worked as an awesome phone that let me talk to people to say don't BBM or e-mail me.


only got a few hour (3-4) outage (no mails, no web) 2 days ago.
All Ok now.



At about 8 this morning, I got a handful of emails (all that were left from yesterday that I hadn't deleted via my ISP's webmail - I really appreciated not getting all that mail that I'd already seen and deleted!) and I've gotten a couple since, with about 10 minute lag between when they hit my ISP and when they hit the BB. Looking pretty good.


The Great Black Void seems to be over with. I though the level of contrition on the part of RIM was good and great for their image (such as it is).

I'm wondering what will happen, now that the dust is settling, to the vendor of that "switch" which didn't failover and caused all this. I smell compensation, at least directly to RIM for all this cafuffle.

I wonder if another form of compensation might be offered to Playbooks for all ?


Same as a few of you guys. BBM is up, internet up, no emails. I've resent service books 2x now, used my QuickPull app to simulate the battery pull but now I'm actually going to do a battery pull. Wish me luck lol


Nothing up at all for me still


Listened to the call. Addressed the matter nicely and I am impressed


Well I've still got issues on both O2-UK and Orange-UK - but I am patient :)


My BB's were only out of email and bbm from about 9a-5p yesterday. Everything has been functioning fine apart from that time period.


Goodjob RIM
All back to normal here


Nothing up in Claro - Brasil


In about 24hours stsrt to finish everything is 100%


Vancouver was online this morning and is now offline AGAIN!!!! How long will Laurel and Hardy run Blackberry?


Anyone else having problems using apps?


Apps finally working for me


Still got no BBM here (I'm in Vaughan Ontario) but everything else is working fine!


My email coverage went out at about 12:45 yesterday afternoon, came on briefly at 11:40 last night and has been out since, despite three battery pulls and one off/on at different times since this morning. My PIN messages and BBMs are all going through without a problem, though. Good to hear that others have full service but Toronto seems to be slow getting back up.


I live in Vancouver BC. My friends at work say their email via work outlook is fine. My gmail still is not getting emails pushed through, but I can send emails. By BB messenger is fine, and it seems that Facebook is still working. Anyone else having issues with gmail/ hotmail, etc in Vancouver. My carrier is Telus if that makes a difference.


Fully up an running at 1:59 this afternoon.


got all my emails just now. So we can assume that RIM is slowly fixing the problem, but not all of the problem is fixed yet.


Far from fixed.. I still can't do anything.. Bb are very slow to appologise.. Not impressed.. Think the iPhone is on the christmas list and I only have my blackberry 2weeks.


I am having the same experience and reaction as "orlawhelan." No email and no browser since Monday. It is infuriating to hear RIM's CEO stating outright falsehoods. He should know that service isn't fully restored. He is either uninformed or lying to us. My mobile support staff at work certainly knew, as did 2 Verizon stores I visited within the past few hours. And, yes, I have performed several battery pulls to no avail, as have others in my office.

If RIM still insists on keeping their very legacy model of forcing all communications to and from BB devices to traverse their network, then the network has to be up to the task, period. Multi-day outages are just plain unacceptable, no matter how apologetic you are when the cameras are on.


Well. My experience was not entirely caused by this outage but the timing made it very difficult to discern. Turns out my new out-of the box 9850 Torch had a corrupted or incomplete OS installed which caused symptoms exactly as were being described as related to this outage. Once I re-installed OS 7 and repeated Enterprise activation, things returned to normal.

So on the one hand, I owe RIM an apology for jumping to a conclusion, but on the other hand, aren't they testing these things before they go out to retailers? .. And as a network engineer working in a mission critical enterprise myself, I have to reiterate, RIM does need a better fail over strategy. No single failure should be able to cause this level of mayhem.