RIM Rolling Out Google Contact Sync Across Carrier BIS Services; OS 5.0 Hopefully Coming Soon

By Bla1ze on 19 Oct 2009 08:44 am EDT
RIM Rolling Out Google Contact Synch Across Carrier BIS Services

Over the weekend many users have reported seeing the "Contacts" options start appearing on their Gmail accounts while logged into their carrier's BIS sites. Telus, AT&T, Rogers, T-Mobile and Verizon have all been accounted for at this time and I'm sure many others are to follow. This was one of the highly noted upgrades to BIS 2.8 that was stated as coming approximately 2 weeks after launch.

While it's been a little longer then 2 weeks it is nice to see it actually being enabled at this time. However, it does not seem to be fully functioning as of yet either. OS 5.0 is required in order for it to work, which if you have downloaded any of the leaks you should be able to use it but when checking the box to enable it produces an authentication error. It's safe to say RIM has not fully enabled it as of yet but it is coming soon and quite possibly OS 5.0 will come with it. Here's to hoping RIM makes it happen soon.

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RIM Rolling Out Google Contact Sync Across Carrier BIS Services; OS 5.0 Hopefully Coming Soon


My Bold ( is on a BES. I wonder what happens if I also choose to sync Contacts with my Gmail account. Will my Exchange account, Bold and Gmail all be kept in sync?

Hopefully it will sync Birthday and Anniversary and note information as well. I lost all that when I upgraded my phone because the current Google Sync doesn't sync that data.

Do I need to do something special to get this. I just checked out my BIS site from VZW and the option is not there under either of my Gmail accounts.

I second that. As in - Bold running - no error message after checking the Contacts checkbox and saving - and then when I go back into BIS, its not checked any more.

When I make the change in browser on desktop at https://bis.na.blackberry.com/html I get the following error "An error occurred during email account validation. Please check your information and try again."

If I check Deleted Items, it works fine...so I know my gmail account is properly setup...

Any help would be appreciated.

I get the authentication error message when I try to save the "check" via the Verizon BIS site.

I'm able to save the "check" when I use the Email Setup app on my Storm (running, but if I exit the setup app and go back in, the check is gone :(

Doesn't seem to be working for me (yet) and is enabled on my online Telus account. I'm on a Curve 8330 w/ hybrid 230/238.

I'm also on a BES - so I wonder if that has anything to do with it. I resent the service books, without luck, but it seems I'm getting more wireless activity now than before.

**Can anyone confirm that Gmail shows up under "Contact Lists" in OPTIONS under Contacts? I don't

I had to remove and re-add my email accounts, but it did show the Delete Sync option on my Bell Mobility log in. Hopefully 5.0 will be officially released soon! I've noticed a bit of a flaw with 5.0, the premium blackberry headphones with the media keys does not function.

I just tried this on my Gmail account but got an error of "An error occurred during email account validatio. Please check your information and try again". I wonder if I have to do what link did above?

I'm just stickng with Google Sync. It works and I need it for my calendar anyways.

Can't be bothered with RIM's half-arsed implementations nowadays.

It would be cool to have my contacts sync to Google, especially nice for you BIS users. I'm on BES and don't really need this (now), but I would like 2-way email sync. How come RIM/Google can't get this working? I love Gmail but it can't even sync fully with the BB. Why worry about contacts before we even get email 100%? How many years has it been?

The authentication error that's spoken of has always been there for me. I traced it back to the fact that my browser automatically fills in the username and password. BIS doesn't seem to accept when the password is filled in that way. How it know is a mystery. Lol. The sync is working for me and I'm loving it.

It doesn't work for me on ATT running on my Bold 9000. It gives me the option in BIS, but it gives me an error when I try and check the box for contacts sync.

Deleted items sync works fine.

I guess they are still "perfecting" it, lol.

I guess this feature would have helped Larry David if he was a Google User, but what does it bring to rest of us? I have been using Google Sync since I got my first BBerry and I have all my clients using it too.

VZW Tour running Getting the "unable to sync" error when I check "Contact". I had to delete and readd my Gmail account to get the checkbox to show up.

I tried adding another Gmail account I have but never use. In the setup it gave me the contact sync option, but that account failed as well.

Under Nextel BIS I only have the Deleted Items sync option. Either Nextel has not rolled it out yet, or they will never roll it out which would mean the 8350i is not getting 5.0 :(

I send an email to my gmail account which is connected to my BIS. When I delete the email from my desktop, should it delete it from my BlackBerry? Is this what is supposed to happen? I have wireless reconcile on my BlackBerry set to enabled and I have the check box marked in the BIS options. Am I doing something wrong or is this just not working atm?

Used the Bold's email setting and checked contacts and saved on Rogers in Canada and no errors and the check is still there when I edit the account again. As others have done, I have disabled the contacts sync in google sync app. Now will it actually work syncing 2 ways or is it just for show? Any users still on the old 4.7 tried it with success?

I think I am not having the authentication error issue because I upgrade to the .230/.287 Hybrid. The check mark is still in the box after 2 days :)

I saw this post and immediately tried it out. It does work however, it had to activate as enterprise server and the Verizon charges for that service are actually 44.99 monthly vs the 29.99 web/email plan so it will be interesting to see if those charges appear.

You people are using OS5.0 BETA and yet you complain that things are not working correctly. If you're using BETA, you should expect problems! :-)

I cannot get this to work. when i log in via my device i do not get the security activation question. I am runnning OS

i honestly don't like it. google has a single field for addresses, as opposed to it being divided into street, city, state, postal code, and country on our devices. this means that the contacts don't sync perfectly at all.