RIM revamps BlackBerry 10 information page, offers a new small glimpse of a BlackBerry 10 device

BlackBerry 10
By Bla1ze on 8 Dec 2012 12:06 am EST

Over the past little while, RIM has slowly been ramping up their BlackBerry 10 coverage and introducing bits and pieces to folks who are interested. Email, Twitter and YouTube have been great in helping spread the word but RIM has also set up a landing page that highlights all the great aspects of Blackberry 10.

Recently, they added some polish to that page and have now offered up a very small glimpse of a BlackBerry 10 device itself. It's not much but as shown above, it's slightly different from everything we have seen thus far. Kind of makes you wonder about all those BlackBerry L-Series leaks and whether or not they were finalized hardware, right? ;)

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RIM revamps BlackBerry 10 information page, offers a new small glimpse of a BlackBerry 10 device


No kidding. I guess this puts paid to that thread about the backs not being good looking.

Still no leather back, though... ;)


I wouldn't be surprised if you already have!

I wonder if the leaks we have been seeing are the limited edition versions the Dev Alpha owners will get and we have yet to see the final L-Series for the public...

With the increased amount of Dev Alpha devices given out (and carrier and internal testing devices), I wouldn't be surprised if they launch with a 1280x720 device instead of 1280x768. After all, 1280x720 and 720x720 will be the primary resolutions going forward.

Both Dev Alpha's are 1280x768...RIM wouldn't change the screen res this late in the game on the first device.

I was kinda getting used to the PlayBook-ish back of the L-series, but the back of the device in this preview looks a lot better. Kinda reminds me of the Google Nexus 7's back.

Exactly my thoughts... I have a Nexus 7 and I like the feel of the back just as must as my Playbook.

Great preview... more please!

It is more of an "Asus back" (we were comparing a Nexus 7 to a Transformer yesterday).
So...who is doing the manufacturing for RIM? The 9320 is "Made in Taiwan", not "Made in China" (it says right here on this box).

My Asus tablet has survived a surprising amount of abuse over the last 17 months and is pretty unscathed, so if they were building the hardware for RIM I wouldn't worry too much.

Looks kinda like the BB Dev Alpha with the buttons on the side(albeit offset closer to the top), the camera flash on the top left and the BB logo smack in the center.

The backing texture seems different as well.

It looks slightly more rounder than the BBDA, but I put my Dev Alpha to the screen and the corner is an exact match.

I'm guessing Polycarbonate.. Metal would be too heavy and carbon fiber would make it expensive?

IF it has a leather texture - I'M GOING TO FALL OFF MY CHAIR!!!

Carbon fiber would not make it expensive (though the texture looks more like Kevlar). The amount needed to make a phone back might cost 15 cents. It is now made in such quantities that making a boat out of carbon and Kevlar can be cheaper than glass fiber construction (because you need so much less of them to get the strength).

I'm not sure where your numbers come from, but the cost of Carbon fibre is astronomical relative to aluminum, steels, plastics, etc. though the price is solely coming down, it's not at the price that would make it affordable to the average consumer yet.

I buy 300gsm carbon fiber cloth at $20/sq M, and the amount used for a phone back is less than 1/60th sq M. Obviously it is necessary to mold the resin around it, but high volume probably costs less than half as much per square meter as I pay since I only buy 10 sq M at a time. Kevlar is a little cheaper, carbon fiber/kevlar composite a little more. Motorola have used Kevlar (aramid) in their phone backs for years, and IBM/Lenovo and even Acer and Asus use carbon fiber in their laptop cases. So I am sorry, you are quite wrong. Carbon fiber, regardless of how spelt, is perfectly affordable for consumer products.

So I assume you pronounce it root not rout and exeema not exima.......lol

Back to the topic at hand.........+10 on can't wait to git me a unit either.

I doubt RIMM has shown all the cards in their hand. No way that what we've seen up to this date has been the final version. The picture of the hone looks great!!! Makes me want one even more. I imagine the front will look like the Dev devices but wthout the bulky platic bezel. I bet there won't even be a bezel at all. Just full screen from top to bottom.

I've never seen such a systematic trend of leaks! Like they are in control of it all!! CrackBerry __ If you get the FINAL PIC... Don't release it!! E-mail it to me!!

i'm sure there will be a bezel at the bottom, you eed soemwhere to grip in order to use the gestures and allow proper finger placement in swiping and typing. if you think its going to have the bezel but be a solid piece of glass from top to bottom, then i doubt that either, it will be more susceptible to screen cracks also. i do believe the design of the device will be heavily based on practicality and usibility not soley on looks, all BBs to date have been designed like this and i don't believe RIM will change this now.

ergonomics and structural integrety, not flashy and artsy like the iPhone

It doesn't look exactly like carbon fibre to me but I am glad as well to get a sneak peak at the design. I knew there was going to be significant changes from the dev alpha but I had NO idea what to expect.

Really have to give it to Thor and Co. He's righted the ship and seems like everything is going perfect. They have created excitement and haven't even shown the goods yet.....perfect!

Well Gosh Damn, Normally the leaks you see from Apple is the actual hardware they release. What the hell happen to BlackBerry? They are now the old Apple that innovated, and Apple is now the old BlackBerry. They are for sure becoming the Next Biggest Tech Company! Oh, and Bla1ze; when can we get a like button for the comments. I want to like every comment with the word "Seeeexxxxaaaayyyy"!

it seems that eventually everythign settles into their rolls, RIM let thigns slip when they hit the top, Apple is doing the same, just like men and women when they get into a steady releationship they get fat and let themselves go ;), become single again and you have to work your ass off to get into that "i'm sexy and i know it" stage, in the case of a corperation, restructuring the way RIM did and the way Apple did in the 90s

I've been thinking for a while that the phone they have been "touring" with might end up being the limited edition version they give to developers. Maybe the final version hasn't been shown yet.

Guessing this is the Limited Edition version. Gotta show off the top of the line version right ?

I think people might be reading too much into this picture based on the apparent texture implying another finish, it could easily still be a rubber back similar to the playbook except with the addition of the texturing to minimise the amount that fingerprints showed up on it.

if you look at the picture on the actual bb webpage, it looks more like a perforated material, rather than the apparent carbon weave in the scaled down version for this post

Has anybody noticed that the wallpaper in the video on the page is different from the stale blue background we've been seeing till date? Hello customization!

Oh yeah, the device looks kinda hot as well.

Guys, what if its not an L-Series, but a sneak look at an N-Series device?!! Either way I cannot wait to start up a BB10 device in my hand!

Well that silences the naysayers who didn't like the idea of the BB 10 L-Series having the same soft touch rubberized coating at the Playbook.

Looking damn good. No can some one please leak that "never before seen on a BlackBerry" colour that Thorsten mentioned a while back?

Can't wait to get my hands on that baby!

This is definitely a one up on the leaked pictures of the l series so far, but I wonder if they changed it and this is the l series final design or the design of the a series which I believe is still yet to be shown. Eitherway the backing does look good to mє

I would like to see a white version with a gold plated logo. Every smartphone manufactures all have silver logos on the phone. Why not try something different. All in all, this Black one looks great.

-It's a natural high, Crackberry by choice.

This device looks amazing from the back, I realy loved the texture in the back, it's definitely sexier than the iPhone 5 ! Can't wait to get my hands on it ! But I want top apps pleaaaaaase !

My cousin just bought the black iphone 5 lastnight. Said he couldn't wait any longer for bb10. He also hated the looks of tha dev alphas (like a lot of people). Now I can't wait for launch so I can rub this device in his trader isheep face!!

This is what Frank Boulben does best. TH has craeted a superb management team at head office!

Talk about buiding the exitement. They going to knock this out the park!!!

I LOVE that image. It delivers the message I've been waiting for, plus a strong sense of design and purpose. Bring it on!

The back will not be leather - damn dirty over time (look at the 9000) and it just begins to peel without armour all like cleaning/protection. No point.

The back will be like the 9900 in material (not in texture just the material used), because its durable, incredibly cheap for an initial release device, and the COO will not waste efforts in the supply chain for an initial release product going global. It'll resemble carbon-fibre (the world spells it this way not the single minded other way) The idea is to get huge sales first. This way more revenue and delayed expenses to use that supply chain to source for exotic materials for an early summer or late summer launch of a premium products in L/N series (or both).

DO you really think the first product launches will be a DO/Die situation for RIM?! Hell know.

Um, to accuse someone of being "single minded" then being "single minded" yourself is hypocritical. Please site your sources for "the world spells it" as Fiber.

In truth, all though BOTH are perfectly correct and acceptable, Fibre is actually used in most English speaking countries outside of the United States. Please read the attatched link.


So the "single minded other way" is used more frequently then the American way. If you're going to put effort in to make fun of someone, get your facts right. Or you know, just don't be rude and don't make fun of other people.

Also, if it was carbon-fibre I'd be very happy. I doubt it since that is expensive.

Thank you,


I honestly didn't expect this. I was very sure that all those other leaks of the BB10 that we saw were final hardware, and I was really cool with it... But this looks much different...

Way to throw a curveball RIM...

To be honest the hardware won't matter to me after long. Love it, like it, hate it... I want that OS. I can rest assured though, that RIM knows how to make a product stand out. The 9780 won me over, the 9900 is a killer ... BB10 L-series wont be the exception

Look closely at the edge... Is that stitching?! Please god let the back be some form of perforated leather!! Soft to the touch, screams high end.... And can compete against any competition's materials who claim to be "high end".

One of the things I immediately noticed (and admired) about my first Blackberry was how the keys make you feel like holding a real berry when you slide your thumb over them. It would be nice to have the same effect on the back of the BB10 device, although in a very subtle way. Plus, the texture will provide a good grip during one-handed use.

If you're referring to the edge that looks texterred, I doubt it's carbon fibre.. Or at least real carbon fibre. The cost of carbon fibre is astronomical and the weaving is much more wide than what we can see there.

Still hoping its leather. Possibly a fake carbon fibre insert like the Bold 9900 series does on the back plate.

You repeat this but it is simply untrue. The cost of carbon fiber is far from astronomical, and there are different weaves depending on weight and intended use.
Idiots who like go-faster bits on their cars may pay through the nose for useless carbon fiber-based bling, but this bears no relation to the material cost. Canoe and kayak builders, dinghy builders, model boat and aircraft builders use the stuff all the time for entire hulls and think nothing of it. Used as a stiffener for a phone back to protect the battery against impact, or in the back of a laptop to protect the LCD from minor impacts, it has an obvious and inexpensive role.

That would upset vegans, and would be a mistake for a new flagship model (I am not a Vegan but I know at least one banker who is, and his company uses BB. He would be very annoyed to be issued a leather-backed phone).

Nokia, be afraid. Be very afraid. ahahahhahahaha. Always had faith with BBX. Cant wait to install qnx in my car.

Did anyone notice that the light from the front of the phone is only shining at the top? I think the device on the picture is the N series and not the L series.

Not sure what you're talking about. The silver slip at the centre top looks like a chome on/off button. Is that what you're saying makes it look like the N series?

I highly doubt it's the N-series. Assuming the blackberry logo is right smack in the middle, then I'd estimate the shape to be long and narrow, representative of the L-series.

I'm talking about the glow of the light against the background it's concentrated at the top of the phone if it was the L series with is all touch the whole device would emit a glow. I think the bottom part of this devise is keyboard with the screen at the top

That's a great catch, but I'm pretty sure the "glow" is just spot lighting effect added in photoshop style to give the advert a nice look. I could be wrong, but...

I don't know why RIM quotes BGR on the BlackBerry 10 landing page. I feel like they should (as we all should) treat BGR as the world treats the National Inquirer or any other trashy magazine. I'd much rather see something from CrackBerry or some other legitimate site. BGR should be dead to the BlackBerry world.

Kudos to the marketing team for finally cleaning-up the dowdy RIM/BB image. RIM webpages finally are a little more stylish and not borrrrringgg. Yet they still have the Blackberry "feel".

Now if we can just get them to stop using dinosaur artists for their promo music and videos, we'll be on the way. I hope that leaked video w/ GaGa is going to materialize for real.. :-)

I am so disappointed in RIM...

I expected them to not reveal ANYTHING until the 30th. But this image shows how excited they truly are to release this device. Surely even more excited than us. This is the sexiest thing i have ever seen though. Neither iPhone nor Samsung can compare.

One thing RIM needs to do is that change the look and feel of current website, it's old, outdated..My gut feeling tells me that they will within next few weeks..

I don't know if I should wait for the N-series to drop or get the L. I'm accustom to the keyboard but the L-series is looking so good to me. Also, I doubt it is carbon fibre, should be leather I think?

If you take a screen cap and brighten it in your favorite photo editing tool, you will also notice the "pattern" covers the entire back but changes as a square / rectangle around the BlackBerry logo.

The bright spot on the top edge visibly glows over the back. To me, this says top mounted notification light. Perhaps they used an internal light pipe to direct some light to the front and some to the top? Perhaps it is a combination power button and notification light. After all, the notification light gives us a certain degree of 'power'.

Also it gives a clearer look on the camera / flash module, not that I was able to glean anything from it.

It definitely looks like rubber to me. The texture isn't right for carbon fibrererererer, and it isn't grainy like leather. I love how it looks like it tucks into the edge, though. Similar to the  9000, it makes it look like it has a wrapped back that is held in place by a metal band around the edge. Whatever the material, that phone is sexy!

P.S. I just hope it isn't flimsy, dull plastic like my  9810

I like the new solgan. I can't wait to see a video teaser. I hope it sends a clear message of what it's capable of and entice new customers to try BB10. The old solgan "love" blackberry and the video, I wasn't sure what they were trying to say. It sounded like a confused boy trying to decided whether he wants to keep his balls or not, or dress up as a girl. Keep in mind, I never own a smartphone or a BlackBerry for that matter and I still don't. BB10 will be my first smartphone.


-Once you go Black, you never go back.

Haha. Oh Blackberry. Making up for a crappy OS by making a "textured" back. but hey....at least there's still the keyboard. #facepalm

I prefer some of the initial images of the blackberry 10 alpha in white. It does resemble the iphone and I think that is a good thing. Blackberry is the ORIGINAL smartphone but I do think the look of the iphone is the best out there currently. Please do not texturize the back…that would make it look like the very masculine SAMSUNG rugby model….I like the sleek back and side…you can also get a skin or cover if you want “better” grip