RIM to replace lost BlackBerry that Ottawa man relies on to communicate with others

By Bla1ze on 23 Jun 2012 09:28 pm EDT

For most folks, a BlackBerry is only one means of communication. While BlackBerry users will say time and time again that they rely on their BlackBerry to communicate most folks don't mean it as much as one Ottawa man named Conrad Johnson.

Conrad Johnson has had cerebral palsy all of his life and is unable to speak. As such, he relies on his BlackBerry smartphone to communicate with everyone. Recently, Conrad lost his BlackBerry on an OC Transpo bus. On Thursday, the CBC aired Conrad's story and highlighted how devasting it can be for one with disabilities to lose their communication tools.

"It may mean that you cannot carry on your social interactions. Perhaps it affects your ability to do your work, to communicate with your friends. It probably means increased isolation," - Vangelis Nikias of the Council of Canadians with Disabilities

Conrad had hoped he may get his BlackBerry turned into the lost and found services at OC Transpo but on Friday, the day after his story aired, RIM reached out and offered to replace the essential communication tool for Conrad. Faith in humanity -- restored.

Source: CBC, Thanks, @_Lucky45!

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RIM to replace lost BlackBerry that Ottawa man relies on to communicate with others


That is a bold move for a company most people expect to fail.

Thank you RIM for doing what should be done. It is too easy to forget how to be human these days.

[Deadly duo - Playbook/Bold]

Must be tough to be so reliant on a piece of technology (no matter how awesome it is). Great on ya RIM! First sponsoring the Spencer West expedition to Mt. Kilimanjaro and now doing right by Conrad Johnson. That's why we love ya so much!
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Super kudos to RIM for reaching out to this gentleman. These types of stories not only reaffirm my respect and admiration for RIM, but they also reaffirm my faith in humanity. Thanks CrackBerry for sharing and posting a story that lifted my spirits.

That is pretty awesome... I love the chill you get when reading things like this.. It is really touching that some companies and people truly care. Well done RIM.

And because this is a good news story for RIM, no other tech blog will post it.

That said, RIM does care and good on them for doing this. It makes me want to stick with them even more. Come on BB10!

Blackberry770 great to see how rim cares for customers! Also shows how important blackberry can be for communicating

That's very nice of RIM.. and I hate to be a cynic and all..

But shouldn't BlackBerry Protect have been utilized here..?

The person probably didn't know about it. Luckily it is preinstalled on most devices. He just has to activate it and presto.

This article brought tears to my eyes. Nice one RIM. Hopefully you include a playbook in the package so he doesn't have to lug around that notebook all the time!

Now I want that BB10 even more as my communication device!

Thank you for helping the world to spin a little more smoothly, RIM!

Last week in church I was sitting next to a woman who is in her 90s. I offered to share the hymnal, but she pushed it away and said she couldn't see the words. So I reached into my bag, whipped out my PlayBook, brought up the hymnal, set it at the largest font and held it out to her. She couldn't believe it. "What is this thing? How did you do that? This is so wonderful!" It was touching to see how much it meant for her to be able to see and participate. Then I completely blew her mind by bringing up the scriptures and lesson manual. She will never be the same!

Well, I like to think of myself as at least a semi-generous person, but no ... shared.

I do use both my PlayBooks to open up the lives of elders when I can. The PB is so easy for them to use and between large print and audio for the blind ... at the price point you just can beat the possibilites.

If you look at a person in their mid-nineties, the big tech inventions of their day were things like radios and the zipper. I get a kick out of wowing them with my incredible Berries.

CBC actually followed up.

Awesome story!

This is great to see that RIM stepped up and helped out a loyal BB customer in need. This could be the start of something great actually!

RIM needs some good PR and positive press, and they have a billion dollars in inventory that is likely going to get written off. They could donate a few BlackBerry Smart Phones to various foundations and charities that help those with disabilities that hinder their ability to communicate verbally. People with CP, hearing impairments, Autism etc...

They could get some massively positive PR and press, and likely earn a tax rebate for some of the excess inventory rather then a total write off. RIM should definitely make this the start of a greater effort to demonstrate that the company really does have a heart.

Very nice story, made my day. Way to go RIM, and thank you for replacing his BlackBerry! Thanks also to CBC for a great followup article.

Faith in RIM - restored! :D

Kudos to RIM. I believe that they did this not for a good PR, but because they care.
Bold move as always.

So here's a suggestion: have CB and its members contribute to giving this person a 64GB PlayBook with all the accessories one would need. I'd toss in some money via PayPal to do this.

Thanks to michaelaw who posted this Saturday morning 6 am'ish in Crackberry News and Rumors. Thank you very much...

I hate to break it to you all, but this doesn't indicate that "they care"...all it means is that they wanted some extremely cheap publicity. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with what they did, but it's nothing to write home about. Look at all this press they're getting for something that probably cost them less than $200. It's a win-win, but definitely not a selfless act or anything.

It is a positive story about Rim so most sites are not going to report it, so they are hardly doing it to get a lot of press.

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