RIM renames WES as BlackBerry World conference

BlackBerry World Conference
By Adam Zeis on 9 Dec 2010 01:07 pm EST

We kind of saw this one coming, and in an official announcement today RIM has rebranded the Wireless Enterprise Symposium (WES) to BlackBerry World. A very fitting title given the history of the conference. It is definitely worldwide and the past few years we've seen our fair share of device announcements (maybe a Storm3 this year?!) and more. The conference will still hold the same breakout sessions, hands-on labs and certifications as in the past, while incorporating more from other areas of the BlackBerry platform as well. Attendees of BlackBerry World will be able to:

  • Hear the most current information about the BlackBerry solution, new application partners, and roadmaps for the future
  • See live demonstrations of the BlackBerry solution at work
  • Get answers from BlackBerry experts to develop value-driven wireless solutions, as well as carriers and vendors who can help provide valuable wireless research information
  • Meet and connect with key executives who are making the BlackBerry solution part of their business planning, and the industry leaders who are shaping the future of global wireless technology
  • Get training on the BlackBerry platform, with additional opportunities for technical certification
The flagship BlackBerry conference will be entering its tenth year and will be held from May 3-5 2011 in Orlando FL. Registration opens in January. For more check out blackberryworld.com.
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RIM renames WES as BlackBerry World conference


As pleased as I am that this supports the rumours suggesting that there will be major device announcements at WES, it still sucks a bit that we have to wait this long. Am increasingly excited though, go RIM!