BlackBerry remains the top smartphone brand in Canada

By Bla1ze on 2 Jun 2011 12:30 pm EDT
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Back in May, ComScore released some numbers regarding smartphone marketshare statistics in the U.S. At that time, they were showing that RIM was fighting the good fight against Google and Apple but, was losing out to Google. Flip the markets around and look at it from the Canadian perspective just one month earlier and the results show a different landscape. In fact, the Canadian consumer market for RIM is looking just fine these days.

In March 2011, 6.6 million people in Canada owned smartphones, representing one-third of the total mobile audience. RIM was the leading mobile smartphone operating system with 42.0 percent share of Canadian smartphone subscribers. Apple ranked second with 31.0 percent share, followed by Google with 12.2 percent, Symbian with 6.4 percent share and Microsoft with 5.1 percent share.

I'm sure there is a direct relation to loyalty in the brand there when it comes to Canadian users but this is good news for RIM. Aside from the U.S. market the Canadian market is one the largest markets for BlackBerry smartphones and the new numbers released today how the Canadian market is not slowing down in terms of growth.

Source: ComScore

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BlackBerry remains the top smartphone brand in Canada


Not surprising. In fact, Canada is the country where you're likely to see more BlackBerry's than any other smartphone. From what I have seen, in New York, higher concentration of iPhone's than BlackBerry's/Android, around europe same thing. In Asia, most don't even know what a BlackBerry is.

I can see you are totally unaware of the European and/or Asian markets. Please inform yourself before commenting on those. BB is very popular in europe, besides the corporate market, mainly for BBM. I come from there and 85% of my 800+ BBM contacts are in Europe. Moreover, BB is the brand of choice in many asian countries (Indonesia the first, Phillipines, India, Arab Gulf countries) as well b/c of the BB Messenger phenomenum.

You hit the nail right on the head. And wait till the stats in the U.K will be released as well as the Arab world. It will BLOW everyones mind.

The flashier parts of the U.S. are pro RIM, but the skummier parts are iPhone and Android.

Check out the Hollywood stars. Can you picture Tom Cruise or Paris Hilton with an iPhone? Yea right! It's RIM's BB all the way. !!!

RIM is cool. Nobody wants to be non cool, do they?

I agree

Blackberry is getting killed in the US right now, it is doing well internationally. It's quite popular in Europe & South Asia. In South Africa it was voted the coolest Smartphone on the market!

Alas although all those people love their blackberrys, it is the US market where investors look. Americans are the ones who are more likely to be buying apps ect. That being said…EVERYONE talks about how there is so much $$ to be made by developing for iphones. However, if you take the profits & divide them by the number of apps available you will find that on average developers make more on Blackberrys then they do on iphones.

Beginning to think you have it backwards.

Working and living in NYC I can tell you a completely different picture. While there are droids and itoys to be seen, there are equally enough, if not more Berries lurking in the pockets of working commuters, texting teens and bored college students.

In fact, its becoming a ritual on my commute that someone goes gaga for my playbook and then once they see the logo on its case (black leather envelope case) they pull out their own blackberry with a big grin. I've even had to give demos...

Just because BB users aren't advertising like fandroids, or are not as vocal as fanbois, does not mean they aren't there. Crackberry nation is everywhere ;)

You are soooooo right.
You want to see first hand?
Just go to Las Vegas (in the nice hotels), and watch what type of phone people are using. I did. The cool sexy people have BlackBerrys. Those with iPhones want to be cool and sexy .... but they just can't. You can't be cool carrying or using an iPhone. It's just the way it is.

And just as a FYI - The BB being released in the forth quarter ...... mama mia ...... they are SEXY !!!!

I would argue that the current Nokia phones are what's called "feature phones" & not true "smart phones".

Yeah, alot of these so called 'analysts' and 'tech experts/bloggers' who are always panning RIM and their products seem to forget that there is actually a smartphone market outside of the USA. In many countries, like Nigeria where I spent several years, if you dont even own a Blackberry its like you dont have a phone at all. Its Blackberry or nothing, BBM is very popular down there. Very, few people own iPhones and if they do have one its just as a secondary phone to their Blackberry. One thing you have to remember is that its not in all countries where the telecom networks offer highly subsidized phones on 1 or 2 year contracts, you have to buy the phone at full price from an electronics shop then buy a SIM. The cost of iPhone is too prohibitive for most people in most developing countries, you cant even use the iTunes store or the App Store because Apple does not even support these countries, while RIM does.

As a proud omo Naija I can confirm that its BB or you don't exist. If anyone uses an iPhone its more likely because they are inbetween BB or they busted their BB and are awaiting a replacement.

You are so right. The American analysts only look at the U.S. They are scared to leave their country and go elsewhere for fear of being spit at. They have 'Blinders' on.

RIM will help remove their blinders.

It's more like you guys have the blinders on. RIM is falling behind. Smartphones are fairly new and just started really taking over. Only peopel that use blackberry's are the ones who dont quite have made the transition from dumb phoen 2 smartphone. RIM is right in between that space. Ans since bbm is so easy ,alot of girls and teens now use it aswell. But that wont last forever. HTC and samsung are really making great efforts over here in europa and this blackberry fad is only now been around for 2-3 years or so. Gruadually you now are even starting to see girls switching up to a iphone 4 or samsung. so even here in europe RIM fame was shortly lived. AND their "superphones" will come to little to late for anyone to care. Kinda like nokia.

Seems 80% of the people I know have a blackberry, the others are iPhone users. What surprised me is that only a 1/3 of the cell phone users have a smart phone? both Montreal and Toronto anywhere I go I see at least 80% BlackBerry, and just a few iPhones and crap flip phones here and there. BGR and all the anti-RIM-everything bloggers can suck it.

Doesn't at all. Bluetooth hotspot (internet hotspot via bluetooth), fm radio, data capable, e-mail capable, etc.

She is close to owning a blackberry, but for one, she doesn't know texting, doesn't want to text either. She's simply a "phone" only user and a complete novice lol (I got her the phone, switched her from telus)

I'll be sticking to blackberry, it's nice to have a qwerty keyboard, beats the touch screen only devices. Glad I made the switch half a year ago.

No, I think Canadians are just smart enough to not buy a defective phone (i.e. iPhone with its defective antenna).

No...the majority of Canadians live in a climate similar to people from Chicago to NYC. There are even a few million on Canada's west coast who rarely see snow at all.
You are right about one thing...a physical keyboard is always better when using your smartphone cold or warm.

Yeah, there are two phones in Nigeria; BB and other phones.I got just 2 friends that got iphone,and its their back-up phones.

Everyone I know has a BB, one now uses his iPhone solely as an iPod Touch.

Also, I drive by that building... and about 9 other RIM buildings every day... if anyone has been to/seen the RIM complex, it's like a city within a city. Very cool. We are currently building a new Data Center just down the highway in Cambridge as well.