RIM releases two free Spring themes in BlackBerry App World!

Spring BlackBerry Themes from RIM
By Michelle Haag on 21 Apr 2011 09:01 am EDT

RIM is back with more free BlackBerry themes! You may recall back in December they released free Christmas themes, and more recently they released a theme for those with visual disabilities. This time around they have published two lovely spring themes, Roots of Spring and Spring Blossom. Roots of Spring has a sweet tree wallpaper and flowers and suns sprinkled throughout. Spring Blossom has a pastel BlackBerry wallpaper and a more subtle look throughout. Icons in both themes have a glow to them, which is a warm touch. You can download these from BlackBerry App World for free! They're compatible with most BlackBerry smartphones.

For more information/screenshots and to download Roots of Spring
For more information/screenshots and to download Spring Blossom

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RIM releases two free Spring themes in BlackBerry App World!


Anyone know why this does not work on a 9700 running OS6?
Doesn't show in themes after the install.

I have the same issue with every theme I've tried to DL.....battery pull never works. Was hoping these might be different since they're from RIM, but no luck. :(

So what, do you want a medal? I hate comments like this. If you're so ahead of the curve, go start your own blog.

Relax child, I wasn't dissing the blog lol
Its just I was a little surprised how late this news arrived because these guys are pretty on the ball on everything

By the way, this is a online forum\blog where freedom of posts of any kind is what keeps websites like this rolling. No need to get your training diapers in a bunch if you read something you disagree with. Simply saying you disagree is enough :P

Dude, it's a theme. Two weeks isn't killing anybody. You simply sound like an annoying kid who wants to 1-up the "child" who got a shiny new toy. But god forbid a free, seasonal RIM theme slips through the blog cracks, what with all that Playbook talk going around... By the way, as you so kindly pointed out (because, clearly, I forgot what type of medium this is), freedom of posts means I can comment, and agree, and disagree, and say why, and when, and who...without you telling me how long or succint MY comment should be.

Anyway, congrats on your 2-week old theme, I'm sure she's a keeper! :-p

Yes the theme is a keeper ;) wasn't my intention to 1up anyone, but at the same time I'm entitled to my opinion like any of you guys ;) in any case the theme is great and that's all that's left to be said. Btw I posted first and this other guy jumped all over my post, I don't see how I'm the one trying to 1up lol. Anyways I don't care about this anymore, any other replies to this will go unread by me as I don't feel like arguing or defending a simple post.

lmao im loving the way how you got someone to write a paragraph about your early 2 weeks :D i feel like you deserve a metal for that :)


Just imagin if I posted something about my grandmother lol
All the kids when have broken my door down lol *joking of course*

Sry but RIM is really getting worse. Germany BB 8900 O2, OS5. All countries supported, all carriers supported and my device is listed...

I get the message: This item is not supported for your device.

RIM says we shouldn't look at its weakness and should rather look at how good they brought BBs and so on in other countries and builds a strong support...

EDIT: Now it works when I browse the App World on my BB. They should really fix this bug -.-

I can't use it with my 9650 with OS 6. Such a bummer. Some one should provide a OS 6 capable OTA download for all us that are affected.

I installed both themes and it doesn't work on Bold 9650 os6 verizon. Battery pull doesn't help either. tried to delete and reinstall and nothing. It says my device is supported but i guess its not. I love my blackberry but i would think coming from rim that things would work.

I tried it on the bold 9700 os 6, but it doesnt work, how the hell do i remove it, as its taking up space :(

Is crap, just like anything that Blackberry comes out with... I have a bold 9650 os6 and it doesn't work... Thank god I have a real phone with a real OS (android) as my main phone ... blackberry is work issued... and its just garbage !!!!

Same here... can't get it this theme to work on my 9650 OS6. Doesn't seem like I can get any theme on there besides the default. Anyone know why???

the theme with the tree,should of used colorful blackberry's as a substitute for leaves...real nice themes though

Running Blackberry 6 with Bold 9700, downloaded both themes and still a no-show, like all the other comments. I am too wondering how to remove them as they take up space. Can't find the file within the 'File Manager'!

To erase these useless themes, load up 'App World' then head over to 'My World'. Look for the themes listed as 'Installed' then hit the BB button & select 'Delete'......voila!

Here I am, championing RIM here, on Twitter, in MeatSpace--I mean they could put me on the payroll because I truly market them better than they do--AND THEY CAN'T HOOK ME UP WITH A THEME???? Took the time, downloaded, frigged around with my device for an hour and then realized I should check here and sure enough, I get better support and intel from Crackberry than RIM.

Wake the frack up laddies... Apple may be privacy-invading, toy-making creeps, but you guys are losing respect left and right with the people I speak with. I can forgive a launch of the Playbook that needs a software update down the road for things, no problemo, but wasting my time with the basics is totally unacceptable. Either release a theme and share what phones it will work with (HINT: TEST THEM FIRST) or don't release them at all.



I put this on my 8900 today, and while it was beautiful and fresh, the large font I was using disappeared from most places....that meant I couldn't read the call log, the menues, or the options lists, so I had to remove it. Glad it was free.

9700 on OS6. +1 for it not working. WTF. I've never downloaded another theme because I dont like themes and the ONE theme that I want to download (roots of spring) and it doesnt work. WTF RIM...

still no help from the developer,RIM, so sad because not working on 9650 os 6,but work on my friend's 9780 os 6 and my brother odin :(

3 things,

1. works with my 9800

2. doesn't work on my 9700 with OS 6.0

3. why do they force a large font in the menus when I clearly have it set to size 6? I won't use it simply because the font is too large in the menus, message list, etc!


Nothing special. Basically its the default zen theme but with only one row of icons on the home screen. Even RIM has problems with the bottom row keyboard cut off issues.

Is it normal not to see the lightning bolt when charging if I'm using this theme? I updated my OS last night and I went back to the old theme and the lightning bolt was flashing. Don't know what to do!:(

Is it normal not to see the lightning bolt when charging if I'm using this theme? I updated my OS last night and I went back to the old theme and the lightning bolt was flashing. Don't know what to do!:(