RIM release Parental Controls app bringing the feature to all OS versions

By James Richardson on 17 Jul 2012 02:08 pm EDT

The Parental Controls app from Research In Motion popped up in BlackBerry App World last week and may well be a very good idea if you have children with a BlackBerry. Depending on what version of the OS your BlackBerry is running, Parental Controls may well already be installed by default. Adam posted recently about how to use them. The BlackBerry Curve 9220 I am currently reviewing already has the controls installed but none of my other devices do, including the Bold 9900. So if the parental controls are not present already you can download the app for free and make full use of the features.

As Adam pointed out; setting up the app is simple. Just select from the list which applications you wish to be assessable by your child, set the four digit password and you are off.

With so many youngsters on Team BlackBerry these days I give full kudos to RIM for enabling the feature to allow everyone to take full advantage.  

More information/Download Parental Controls for BlackBerry smartphone

Reader comments

RIM release Parental Controls app bringing the feature to all OS versions


Good, I hope they will remove it from OS 7.1 so that it is not baked in with an IT policy ...

Sorry, I don't understand why you don't want it baked in. Please elaborate. This is for parents not for IT, but it is IT-like :P

When it's baked in I don't have the option to remove it... I have no need for this kind of application.

When it's baked in it's done so using an IT policy..

Yeah... Cause we all need it on BB10 today - joking aside, I hope it... And ALL the bbOS apps we're used to (travel, bbm, protect, etc) make it to BB10 - AT LAUNCH... It'll be a shame if we lose features in the transition from bbOS7 to BB10... I hear ya bro, I hear ya...

I would love it on my PlayBook! My kids use it almost more than I do, and they are too young to see all the world has to offer.

Not available yet on my Kid's BB 8530s. I for one thought it was a great idea. More for the older ones that tend to be hand-me-downs. More for the idea of limiting times etc