RIM Ready to Sell the BlackBerry in China

By James Falconer on 5 Jul 2007 12:36 pm EDT

Rim ready to roll in ChinaResearch in Motion has received the OK to sell BlackBerry devices in China.

This is great news for RIM as they have been trying for 8 years to make this deal work.

RIM expects to start selling the 8700g handset in China at the end of next month. 5,000 advance orders have already been received.

This is Big, Big, BIG news for RIM! We'll stay on top of this story as it continues to develop. 


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RIM Ready to Sell the BlackBerry in China

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we've been using them for awhile there, the only issue is that most places the fastest connections is GPRS. Shenzhen is EDGE, but that's the only place I got it, not even HK is EDGE.

And I know someone has a nice new 8800 over there as well now, one of our users lost a brand new one of those.