RIM to ramp up US marketing efforts next year leading up to launch of "BlackBerry 10 phones later in the year"

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Dec 2011 05:08 pm EST

For those of you who have been saying in the blog comments and forums that Research In Motion doesn't do enough advertising, the message has been heard. On tonight's RIM Earnings Call, Co-CEO Jim Balisllie said that RIM will up its advertising in the USA, leading up to the launch of BlackBerry 10 Phones in "latter 2012".

I know what you're all thinking though... does that mean we won't see BlackBerry 10 phones until the end of the year? 

On our BlackBerry 2012 Roadmap preview we had info pointing to a March/April release, at least for the first BlackBerry 10 Phones. We've heard since that it could be more of a May/June time frame for BlackBerry London. Latter 2012 sounds even later then that though. :/

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RIM to ramp up US marketing efforts next year leading up to launch of "BlackBerry 10 phones later in the year"


I don't care as I luv my 9900 but it really is poor just sort the bloody date out and get on with it !!!

So, the ad/mktg $$$ are going to ramp up for the release of the BB10 phones. You know, the ones that won't launch for probably at least another 7-8 months. So, the BB OS7 devices will continue to be ignored, the company will be near-death, then magically RIM will have $$$ available at that time to pump up interest in a new phone that will at best be on-par with the competition? Wow, these guys need to go.

Blackberry 10, a.k.a. "Do or Die".

This is it. This is the last chance. The "Make or Break" chapter for RIM.

These co CEO’s of RIMM are liars and clowns….They PROMISED BBX/BBX/BB10 at the beginning of 2012 and now it is delayed???? THEY DON”T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND CAN NO LONGER BE TRUSTED ON ANY LEVEL….


Time to "GET REAL", Brother.....These guys have hoodwinked us all for years now....Their ability to execute on anything is always "SUSPECT AND LATE".....Reality Sucks on this one...

I'm glad they have opened their eyes to advertising, the BIG question is will they do it right?
Will the advertise like an old enterprise, or will they bring fresh, hip, multilevel multimarket advertising,

They BETTER not bring in an advertising VP from AT&T!!!!!

Marketing? Done RIM even know how??

I would welcome some OS7 marketing - might keep them alive in the U.S. for a few more months.

I"m excited about a new and significant marketing campaign.

I just really hope it comes from a new visionary. their marketing plan the past three years (if not longer) is forgettable.

Wake up Rim! You can not abandon OS7 users and expect us all to wait and buy into your scheme again with BB 10. I hope this marketing campaign starts out with the current devices. Hardware is not the big issue. OS7 devices (other than the brick issue) are reasonably good modern phones.

You need to start now by pushing more OS7 and facilitating app development. Granted, BB OS is not the easiest to develop for, but this is critical. You need to make today's devices work for your current customers. If RIM can't make a go of it with OS7 devices, you will lose much support you will need to carry over to BB 10. Stop waiting for the next best thing. You need to start the turn around now.

Show people the strengths of the BB OS. Show people how much better the new devices are. I know apps alone do not make a phone, but this area needs to be addressed quickly.You don't need a super phone. A good one will do as long as you know how to promote it and give users a good experience.

I think the only issue is will RIM get bought before the BBX (refuse BB10) phones come out.

If not all the comments are just fluff. RIM will not go broke. The company will live or die based on BBX. I know I will not rush out to get one like I did the playbook, and the 9930. I'm sobering up and will see what the reviews are before I buy.

Likely switch to Nokia Lumia if BBX is a fail. Not going to iPhone and I've heard Android phones are really crap.

seriously try out a WP7 device, most carriers give you 14-30days ... it just may surprise you at how well Microsoft design the OS

With everything that's going on today in the industry RIM's survival is in question. I'm hoping they hold it together for all of us blackberry users across the world. They have my loyalty and support until (if) the sink sinks.

I hope the are just setting an estimated time frame just to worry about the products in hopes to get it down by 2nd or 3rd quarter 2012.
I know it sounds crazy but to say you are ahead of schedule rather than consistently pushing the date does sound a lot better to share holders and the market.

But what bothers me the most is the US market is too conceited. We've seen a nd heard it all before but it feels that Wall Street thinks the world revolves around it, its ridiculous and makes me want to spit on my citizenship sometikes, that among other things terribly wrong with this country.

The only marketing they need to do is to prove their product is worth it and no more delays If they won't keep the current customers happy then forget it.

RIM needs to hire a top notch marketing firm ASAP. Works marking I have ever seen.

They should start now by touting the 9900 - I've never seen an ad for the thing.

Meh, my upgrade is due at the end of june. If it comes out in July I'm in. If it looks closer to december I just dont know. Not living with my 9650 5 months after upgrade, and sure not locking into an OS7 device with BB 10 so close.

They better take-out the big guns!

RIM - fight hard for the customers you currently have and those yet to be assimilated!

I don't understand RIM's marketing AT ALL. For os6 devices, the only advertisements I ever saw were for the 9800, which was pretty sucky. For 0s7 devices, the only advertisements i see are for the 9810 (and only for att). Seriously? No wonder no one will give Blackberry a shot! They don't know Blackberry actually still makes phones and the only one advertised is one that looks identical in a non-blackberry user's eyes to the suckish os6 one!!! BOOOO!!! :p

the only Playbook ad I've seen on TV was at 2am ... im pretty sure most of North America was asleep at that hour. c'mon rimm!!! that doesnt make any sense!

I really hope that by "up" he actually meant producing the marketing campaigns that can perfectly, effectively convey the value and real strengths of the devices to the users, and how meaningful the devices can be to the users' living/needs.
It would be scary if "up" simply means increasing $, range, and frequency...

That's it. Voting against both these clueless idiots at the annual meeting. These are living in the past and have no idea how to move the company forward. Time to send them off to a country club to hang out with the ex-CEO of HP.

I just saw a commercial on ESPN for the opening day of the NBA season on Christmas Day and it said it was presented by BlackBerry ! Looks like they're starting already !

Sigh, I think I'm now convinced. No corperate IT department is waiting until end of 2012 for a maybe phone before making it's plans, and any app developer who hasn't given up on QNX/BB10 just did. I just hoping the update for my Playbook comes at all. RIM will be purchased for parts (keyboard/patients/security protocol) within 6 months or gone all together.

Stay the course? I suppose once your corporate ship's side has alrady be torn apart by an iceburg you can yap out anything meaningless you want.

Well these BlackBerry 10 phones better be the shiz because if they come that late in the game and offer nothing new I will be annoyed.