RIM pushes bug fix update to BlackBerry Traffic in Beta Zone

By Michelle Haag on 23 Nov 2011 04:09 pm EST

BlackBerry Traffic

Just last week Research In Motion released v3.0 of BlackBerry Traffic in the Beta Zone. Today they pushed out a small update with a couple of bug fixes, bringing the version up to v3.0.0.319. 

Fixed issues include:

  • Guidance Options: wording changed to "Standard-quality Audio (2.5x larger data download)" and "High-quality Audio (10x larger data download)"
  • Battery Consumption: periodic timers disabled when in background and in arrived state.

BlackBerry Traffic is a free solution for those looking for easy navigation on the go. You can download the latest version free from the BlackBerry Beta Zone below, and if you're not currently a member of the Beta Zone, you can get signed up there too.

Check out more in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

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Reader comments

RIM pushes bug fix update to BlackBerry Traffic in Beta Zone


Good deal. Installed this earlier. Sprint includes navigation for free but this isn't the case for all carriers. I'm glad RIM is stepping up efforts to include voice turn by turn activation for all blackberry users regardless of carrier.

The traffic info from past versions has saved me hours of time over the last year. If the address search is improved this turn-by-turn voice should allow me to make this my only GPS app. WTG RIM

works great did not update yet. Bing search sucks sometimes. Why partner with Bing and not Google ?
Where is what Steve Ballmer showed us on the blackberrys ? weather and stuff on your locked screen OS 7 is out and still nothing from that was it all vaporware ?

Love this app. Use it daily for my commute. Address search needs some work and integration with Poynt would be great, but otherwise wonderful.

Integration with BBMaps would be very nice (showing route on map, etc.) - but even greater would be if it would work with Bluetooth devices that ARE NOT A2DP compliant - so those of us with previous generation earpieces would not be left out.

I'm starting to think I'm the only one who would really like maps incorporated into it like Google. I hate to say it, but google really has a great guidance system and I wish BB could match it. At least that would help some in getting people from jumping ship to Android. BB needs to stay on par with the competition.