RIM purchases "BlackPad.com" domain - Is the BlackBerry Tablet now one step closer to reality?

RIM purchases "BlackPad.com" domain - Is the BlackBerry Tablet now one step closer to reality?
By Bla1ze on 28 Jul 2010 06:29 pm EDT

Interesting. The folks over at MobileCrunch earlier today posted that Research In Motion has recently taken over the domain name "BlackPad.com". Now, despite what you think of the name itself, many folks are eluding to the fact that this URL could be one of many used for the rumored upcoming BlackBerry Tablet. Now while we here would like to believe that as well, the fact is Research In Motion owns over 4,000+ registered domain names already.

Practically every single device that Research In Motion has put out they have taken the domain name for, even the code names and numerical versions of such. For example, the most recent iterations are that of BlackBerry9780.com, BlackBerry9800.com and finally, BlackBerrytorch.com. It's Research In Motions right to protect their Intellectual Property from cyber squatters, they've even been known to ask domain registrars and ICANN to hand over domain names from their owners if they are even remotely related to BlackBerry.

That said, from the information available to us; Research In Motion appears to have no trademark holding over "BlackPad" and while yes, it's possible it could be used rumored upcoming BlackBerry Tablet it's not such a far stretch of the imagination to just assume Research In Motion just wanted the domain just to have.

Source: MobileCrunch

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RIM purchases "BlackPad.com" domain - Is the BlackBerry Tablet now one step closer to reality?


Why not just call it the "Blackberry Tablet?" Why follow the same formula for product naming Apple does?

I hope they find a better name when and if they come up with a tablet. It's going to need all the marketing it can get to succeed. I'll admit that I don't get the point of a BlackBerry tablet. The applications available for the Blackberry are pretty much always available for the iPad or Android tablets as well, usually in versions that are much superior to the BlackBerry offering. That even holds true for 1st party BB apps like the Facebook app. I don't see much of a market for a BlackBerry tablet. I think the efforts invested in the development of a tablet would be much better spent elsewhere.

i agree completely. It's RIM though and they don't do anything right. This thing is going to fail big time, knowing RIM it'll only have 512mb of space cause that's all anyone ever needs right RIM?

If the tablet is to be called the Blackpad then I guess I own a Blackphone 9700. So instead of a crackberry addict I am a black
-sheep. Ha ha

The registration of the domain is not necessarily conclusive of the name of the rumored tablet. It may just factor into RIM's marketing of the tablet before/after it is released. Other manufacturers and industries often register a specific domain for marketing purposes that is not the exact name of the device/movie/laptop etc.

You did make the point quite effectively. It was my intention to re-emphasize that point because the initial comments seemed to be leaning towards the conclusion that the name of the device was "blackpad" because of the domain registration. I should have connected my comment to your earlier points.

I wonder of SNL has done a routine using a BlackPad, a CrackPad, or a BlackCrackPad.
PadBerry is a bit easier to say.

Except that trademark has nothing to do with intellectual property. It has everything to do with preventing consumer confusion.

Can bb come up with somethnic new? First it was the hotspot like the DROID. Now it's the black pad like the iPad. Be original. Upgrade the weak ass phones first

Now that's one dumb thing for any phone to have as a feature, being a WiFi hotspot for other devices. Unless it's plugged into a car or wall outlet, the battery drain has got to something awful.

first off, the Palm Pixi Plus and Pre Plus had the mobile hotspot capability before the droid did (still doesn't officially, the only one with it is the Droid X)

secondly, I can't speak for the droid X's battery consumption, but, the Pre Plus we've got set up at the store will run for about 4 hours on the hotspot mode before the battery needs charged....while the phone is also being used occasionally by customers...

While that battery consumption sucks compared to what you expect from the phone, the battery life of what the device is then emulating (something like the MiFi) is perfectly matched as it only has a 4 hour battery if connected and surfing.

for those of us with iPads, the mobile hotspot option is perfectly acceptable, so that I don't have to lug around any additional equipment to have a net connection on it when I'm out and about and need something.

Try alluding. *Completely* different meanings. Love the website, despise the egregious grammar and spelling errors. Never seen it fixed after attention has been drawn to it either. It cannot be that hard to revise mistakes.
As far as the tablet's name goes, I'll believe it when I see it in a press release or similar official announcement. Too much speculation on the name, capabilities, etc. Even crazier than the normal device name guessing.

You complained about the spelling and grammar in a blog post? Maybe you should have tried to become the CB Idol. Although, since you seem to have a problem with sentence structure and punctuation, maybe we're better of without you working for CB.

So unoriginal. blackberry/RIM always playing catch up. So RIM couldn't come up with a more non-apple/ipad name? i'm sorry but who's wants a big ass bb to carry around. I understand the ipad since the itouch is popular. but the BB has nothing, AppWorld is not all that so what's the point.

This company is so freakin weird. they need younger people to run crap. This is right up there with that blackberry watch, another wtf why moments.

Perhaps if you'd bother to read before mindlessly troll-slamming, you'd have understood that RIM grabs domains for anything that might remotely relate to its products. So the fact that RIM took this domain is a far cry from RIM announcing that the product actually will be called the BlackPad. Not that it's a bad name. You would perhaps prefer BloodyMaxiPad?

If anyone here is a long time listener to the crackberry podcast kevin stated that there was a rumor about a blackberry tablet long before there was an ipad. So this is not them playing catch up, its just rim being late to the show.

The 'Blackpad' is not going to be remotely a widely used product. This idea is a joke! RIM does not understand its consumer market at all...
Tablet devices serve three main purposes - Internet browsing, media, and well... applications, such as FB, NYTimes, etc. Also, as another necessity, it must be portable and well, usable (smooth interface, fast) - that is why Windows tablet devices never really caught on, because the operating system was too buggy, sluggish, and just had several compatibility problems. Also, it was running an operating system that was made for desktops and laptops.
The iPad was built in a manner that only included what was necessary and usable in a tablet device - that's why it succeeded. It had a large consumer market, of people that did not need expensive all-purpose machines when they had single purpose interests such as just using a browser.

The reason that the 'Blackpad' will not succeed is quite simple - You are comparing the Blackberry OS/hardware to the iOS/Hardware - when it comes to the OS coding, Apple programmers makes RIM programmers look like people struggling to code 'Hello World!'

This is a horrible company decision - the Blackpad will not sell as intended, and it draws even more support away from Blackberry Smartphones...

Apple doesn't have a lot of features that BB has, added to that RIMM now has the best Real Time OS (QNX RTOS) acquired from QNX, RTOS is built on Unix and C. Did you know that Apple's OSX was acquired or developed on a code base developed by NeXt and also did you that Apple was dependent on a OS maker called BeOS and at one point they were desperate to acquire BeOS. The intent of the story big companies sometimes struggle and RIMM is a fairly young company and they grew exponentially over last few years, it is obvious that they have some loose ends which are being worked out and being streamlined and that doesn't mean they are not innovating. Give RIMM sometime and they are gonna show their magic. RIMM is a company which grew by working around the day to day problems faced in the business world. That said and I welcome their move..

You seem to not understand the consumer market for tablet devices. I am going to try to explain this to you again...

People want tablets that are fast, and perform all of the functions that they need. What benefits would a Blackberry Tablet offer over the iPad or several Windows Tablets? RIMM has still not even addressed running applications from memory cards, so it is still rather questionable of whether we would see this ability in its tablet. RIMM's main selling point for its cell phones is the security, physical QWERTY keyboard, BBM, and of course, the email (*coughs truncated emails coughs*) - there is not much of a reason why people would buy a tablet for these functions.
Bottom line is this:
This tablet would only provide for a faction of BB users - those that would actually buy an essentially larger touchscreen (if this is a touchscreen tablet..) blackberry...
= Mainly storm (Perhaps holding the lowest mindshare among blackberries, and will apparently drop significantly as the Storm II owners do not get some type of OS6) and torch users (this device does look good... but the browser's 'checkerboarding' is unappealing)

We will see how it will turn out :)

All I know is this, if I was interested in a Tablet and if I had a choice between Ipad, android tablet and a blackberry tablet, it would have to be the blackberry tablet for the simple reason that it would integrate much better with my smartphone of choice ie blackberry.
There will be an explosion of "pads" soon, why shouldn't Rim have one on offer?
The Ipad is quite expensive, out of many people's reach.

and the iPad shuts down when you're using it outside and the battery overheats to a point where it will burn you. Have a look at the lawsuit being brought forward against Apple and their iPad.

Does not mean you dont know how to use it....it means you would rather cut your arms and legs off before using it


If you dont understand that...you blew it.

The only thing apple has over blackberry is web browsing. And that will change as soon as the webkit browser comes out. Lol. Got to luv the fanboy fights.

A lot of these possible names are pretty good. I am leaning towards BerryPad myself.

>> UPDATE: of course, now that I roll the various names around on my tongue, I'm thinking PadBerry is more euphonious... and rolls off the nicest :-)

of course, now the reason that BlackBerry 6 is being developed to be so touch-screen friendly is clear...

Using it on the 9800 slider will be incidental to its use on a tablet/pad - which looks like it could be the main game.


I think you guys (RIM) have a good chance in the tablet market but only if you play your cards right of course. And those cards are factored in by your marketing department more than most other factors. It starts with the naming of the tablet. I agree with many other people that have commented on this article about naming it too similar to Apple's iPad. First of all, i hope it's only a speculated rumor by the people and not a marketing ploy on your part. But if it is a company-sourced rumor, then if your cards are being played right now, you just busted and lost your chips. It's clearly not creative, makes RIM look like their giving in to Apple's imperialism and not to mention that BlackPad sounds....stupid. How about the "Blackberry Slate"? As "slate" by definition resembles that of a tablet and sounds a lot cooler too, way more than what a "pad" resembles and sounds like (and that's a meta analysis speaking for everyone). So RIM....save your potential Slate name for your new tablet, not your OS 6 phone....and jam a couple gigs of space in it, give it a generous screen size, give it wifi capability, BBM and 1st-3rd party app capabilities, and some other bells and whistles you know we'd like. Just make sure to use Apple as a template of what NOT to do focusing on their flaws and mistakes.

Just don't name it "BlackPad" for the good of your companys image and the people that will be using your device. I work hard for my money and don't want to be wasting it on something that sucks and a name that reminds me of female menstruation.

Name it Blackberry Slate.

A devoted RIM customer

Did anyone go to the BlackBerry site? It's called the BlackBerry PlayBook. This is a bit of an oxymoron, seeing as BB's market is mainly for business... Having a device called PlayBook can go either way: Fun, or, like a football playbook, business.