RIM Announcing Q2 Earnings Today With Results Expected To Be Great

By Bla1ze on 24 Sep 2009 09:29 am EDT
RIM Preparing Q2 Results Today With Expected Results To Be Great

* Update: RIM's Q2 Financial Results Have Now Been Posted... Read Here! *

Today RIM is set to post their financials for Q2 and the outlook from financial analysts has been great leading up to today. Heading into the holiday season with updated devices on the way, investors are hoping this will give RIM a jump they need to keep them happy for the months ahead.

One thing people are watching for is to see if RIM has picked its pace back up in the Enterprise sector, as this area was showing a decline back in the last quarter. Economic factors were at play then and still are today as spending in that sector has been reduced. As of Wednesday RIM's shares were trading at $93.99 (up $3.17), on the Toronto Stock Exchange. As soon as the financials get posted, we will update the post.

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RIM Announcing Q2 Earnings Today With Results Expected To Be Great


The analysts are sure not liking the report. I however, wish I had money to put into their stock after this afternoon's sell-off. Barring any more huge litigation, FY10, q3 should be very nice for RIM.

Tomorrow may be a good time to buy more shares, since they are on sale technically. Im sure the stock will be close to $90.00 in a few months.

As usual Crackberry avoids posting bad news about RIM. First they say they expect great news, then when RIM's results suck they merely post a link. Sad. Maybe RIM should try buy one get two free? Even better they could improve their quality control and come up with an OS fit for 2009.


Not only did RIM not meet expectations they lowered guidance for next quarter. Glad I sold months ago. Expect huge movement in stock tomorrow, anything from 10-25% movement.

Time to buckle up. Let's trim some fat RIM, hire some economics to run your company, start investing, and let's get Jimmy back on track; the coyotes aren't coming to Canada any time soon.

I love the way despite the optimism and promise of results updates there is a complete intentional ignorance of rimms terribly disappointing results now two quarters in a row. Are rimms fans - and their management - so out of touch? I worry so. How about another round of vague U2 ads while apple actually explicates the values of their products for us while we sit back and remember the days when people still thought rimm actually maintained an edge...

... At the end of the quarter, the total BlackBerry subscriber account base was approximately 32 million. TAKE THAT IPHONE!!!!!