RIM preparing new desktop synching software dubbed BlackBerry Link

BlackBerry Dev Alpha
By Bla1ze on 2 Oct 2012 08:00 pm EDT

For a while now, we've been hearing rumors of RIM working on a new sort of desktop and device synching software solution for upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices and now there is a little bit more information out there to support those rumors.

BlackBerry Link as it is referred to has been in internal beta testing for a while and has since been spotted on BlackBerry Dev Alpha devices at BlackBerry Jam Americas. Right now, there isn't much more info out there other than a screenshot and a name for it but, we're expecting to hear more about it soon enough.

As it stands, BlackBerry Desktop Software / Manager is the go to application for synching media, information and apps but it's notoriously slow and cumbersome. A refreshed version of such an application would certainly be welcomed by everyone I'm sure.

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RIM preparing new desktop synching software dubbed BlackBerry Link


Yes, Yes, I still miss the ease and convenience of Palm desktop as far as syncing and having a desktop program where all data was accessible. Yeah, I know someone will give me a load of crap for saying that.

You certainly won't get any shyt from me for saying that! I've been posting for some time now that I want DM to be more like Palm's desktop software. An integrated calendar where I can color code different appointments (and have them stay color coded on my phone), integrated contacts that don't require tweaking to ensure they copy correctly into Outlook/whatever and back, etc.

BB10 really looks like it will be amazing. Now if RIM can make Desktop Manager as good as BB10, I'll be overjoyed!

Needed. Desktop Manager does fine with OS 5-6-7 device but with PlayBook It's notoriously slow due to the Gigs of data. With BlackBerry10 And it's bigger apps better video and camera, this was a no brainer. DM just isn't suited for next generation BlackBerry devices.

For the love of god please let us manage our groups on the PC and transfer them with ease to our handhelds. Group Marketing is a nightmare on pre-BlackBerry10 phones.

I've been thinking this would happen for a while now.
I think RIM should do what Apple is doing and offer an integrated marketplace in their desktop software.
I think they should do something like Apple TV as well, however, call it the "BlackBerry Media Gateway", this isn't fully needed though because micro-HDMI is supported.

The market place idea makes a bucket load of sense. Right now DM is for back up, updates and preciosu little else. If they can allow it to open the PC based BB Protect services then it will even be a winner.

I seriously hope that BlackBerry Link will allow you to backup/restore individual apps instead of just the whole thing for BB10 (like how it works for BB7 and older). For PlayBook, DM is all-or-nothing. I also hope it won't take hours only to crap out at the end, consistently, when trying to make a backup (like DM does with my PB).

It would be nice if it could automatically send things like photos you take to your PC through your 4G data and as long as your PC is running and has the program installed, it'll automatically all go to a folder you specify for all of your Blackberry photos...

I am hoping this is a cloud based system and never requires me to physically plug in my BB10 phone to my computer. (instead something more like a two way version of RIM's Print To Go, but for all file types).

A cloud-based service with encrypted backups makes too much sense; we will never see it from RIM. There should be no requirement for a desktop computer / notebook computer just to back-up your smartphone or tablet.

BlackBerry Protect is incomplete in terms of not providing a full device backup. Not acceptable solution.

I'd really like RIM to develop a Desktop client that will chat directly with BBM and in the future the video chat (I guess Skype will take care of that) but I'd really like good direct desktop to handheld communication capabilities.

Honestly ever since RIM announced that BBM would no longer use device PINs but BlackBerry IDs instead, I became convinced a cloud based desktop BBM client was around the corner. Now with this 'Link' announcement, I feel even more sure this is on the horizon and I couldn't be happier.

RIM never said they were getting rid of PINs for BBM. They said blackberry ID or PIN in one of the videos of the developer alpha devices if you even paid attention to it.

I wouldl like the new desktop client/handsets/etc to be able to sync contacts/calendars/etc. so I don't have to maintain data in two different places (ie. on my 9900 and my PlayBook). Makes sense to me.. anyone else?

Ditto.....as I do not use Google to sync any data for a BB product. Don't understand why RIM did not take this opportunity to address calendar and contacts sync with DM within 2.1?????

Anyway that would sync without a cable would be great. The iCloud way seems to be a nice way although it might be missing a couple features.

I understood the need for this with the current BIS - it is the only way to update Calendar and Contracts, but if BIS is going to be ActiveSync based I don't see the need for this. I agree with the others I would prefer something cloud based than tether based.

There are a couple of programs that will do most of the important functions of wireless syncing. I was using Google Apps for a while. It worked well, but was painful to install and they stopped servicing BB.

Yesterday, I switched to Microsoft 365 (about $4.00 per month) and Blackberry Enterprise Express (FREE!!!). This took about a day to link up with my email server and talking to the VERY helpful Microsoft techies several times. Afterwards, I was extremely impressed with this. I gather it is coming with BB10 from what I am reading, but if you want it now, the Microsoft 365 solution is worth a look. Unfortunately it does not do the file syncing to my knowledge, but all email, calendar, tasks, contacts and so on are immediately sync'd over the air. Also, the Outlook on both my laptop and desktop are in sync.

Haven't been able to get either of my PlayBooks (32 and 64GB) to even connect to Desktop on two separate PCs (Vista and XP) for months. This cannot come soon enough - once it works.

Heh, same for me on my desktop. Reinstall windows from scratch, it's a windows thing. It hasn't happened on the netbook or tablet pc to be honest.

I suggest a complete reinstall (factory restore), then reinstalling desktop software + device software.