RIM preparing for BlackBerry Bold 9790 release

By Bla1ze on 28 Oct 2011 03:19 pm EDT

RIM preparing for BlackBerry Bold 9790 release

Over the years, RIM has managed to let a few things slip out on their website ahead of schedule and it appears to of have happened again. Now, if you head on over to the BlackBerry website and do a comparsion of the 97xx series devices instead of getting a 9700 shown to you -- you actually get a look at the BlackBerry Bold 9790. The 9790 as of late hasn't been much of a secret and with a rumored release date some time in November, it makes sense for RIM to be prepping their website for release.

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RIM preparing for BlackBerry Bold 9790 release


LOL! I was going to say the same thing! That's a 9790 because of the [horrible] buttons. Content with my 9900 and in all it's beauty.

Some kind of bold better get to AT&T. We had the 9000 then the 9700 just after tmobile. Then they never got the 9780. Everyone but them has the 9900 out already. Soi I can't really get my hopes up for this to be out with them anytime.

gimme a break, AT&T cant even give us the 9900. they gave us the the low qual torch's. it makes me sick that i settled for the 9800 last year. i have been reverting back to my 9700. so much more appealing. I hate how small the torch's keyboard is. sorry! had to vent a little

i don't like the 9790 buttons.
Stands out too much.
I like it how it was on the 9700 sleek and stylish.

Doesn't look so bad now I've seen it like that, but the other photo's make it look really ugly. Is that keyboard smaller then the 9780? Does the keyboard also have less of a curve?

Thank God I got the 9930 when I did. Those buttons are hideous. I wish they would make all BlackBerries as premium as the 9900 series. I do like the narrower form though on the 9780 though too. Just my opinion.

i actually like it it has the curve type of look but with 9700s kb looks nice but im gonna stick to my 9900

It shouldn't be labled a BOLD. there's too many things going on here. it should be part of the Curve series. nope, nope....i'll wait until summer 2012 to trade-in my 9780 for a new QNX Colt

Hahahahaha, it's like we never learn. What do you have to go by that the BBX phones are even coming this summer? It's taking RIM 2 years just for a software update on the playbook.

I'm not being a debbie downer. I'm just acknowledging that those who jumped on the OS 7 devices will be ready for the BBX phones when their upgrades are up. For the rest of you, you are doing exactly what we've all done so many times....holding on to a promise from RIM.

Shame Shame.

I don't get all the hate for the buttons. Have those who complained actually used em (specifically those buttons on the torch) or are u all just arm chair critics. They work fine, look alright and don't make things harder on you. Capacitive buttons would have have made the phone rubbish.

I prefer the traditional shape of the 9780 but it looks nice (gotta change it up little for those people who seem to think blackberry make the same phone year in year out). I would definitely look into getting this if I had the need to replace my bb.

And the person who said it should be part of the curve series? What are u drinking? Think about what u just said... The keyboard is a start...

I have the 9860 and the button are garbage...back button doesn't work and the coating on the buttons are coming off.

This will definitely be my next upgrade. Just cannot understand what all the fuss is about over the buttons. Guess your all on the funny fags.

At least the JM1 battery in the 9790 should outsmart the battery life on the crappy designed 9900.

Auto focus as well as all the other specs as on the 9900. What more could you want. This is the only new device that could possibly replace my treasured 9700.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think these phones are getting the same battery as the 9900. The camera is supposed to be better but not the battery.

Yes, your correct. As I said, its the JM1 battery which is the same as in the 9900. But it's a much smaller screen, so battery life should be much improved.

actually the 9900 battery life doubles with the .440 update. All drainage tests prove this. Just takes 1-5 battery restarts to get used to the new os.

hang on.. previously i also hated the way those buttons looked but now.. hey, it's not bad at all! in fact, i think this will be the main part that differs the 9790 to the conservative styled 9900.

yeah, i also suspect that the battery life for this device will be the best among all BB7 devices due to its smaller screen & lower pixel resolutions. and for those who are photogenics, the 9790 has retained the same 5MP camera with AF. i think this will attract the girls! :D

I want this phone so hope it comes out soon. Really hope the battery performs well on this ive given up my 9900 & went back to my 9700 & difference in battery is unbelievable. I need that trusted battery & half decent camera. Im really disappointed the 9900 let me down on these 2 aspects because i loved the phone especially the touch screen & keyboard but i love the 9700/9780 phones & have used them alot in the ladt 2 years inbetween using the Torch 9800 & Bold 9900.

Ok RIM we don't phones right now, we App's and sotfware's that can bring out the best of blackberry smartphone and where is 2.0 for the blackberry playbook come on Mike L aka CEO.

The 9790 would have been so much better without the buttons. I still think I will eventually get it as a backup for my 9900.

I can't believe blackberry and rim is considering releasing this phone with those types of button.. I guess their just looking style and making the phone look worse and worse

The 9780 is still the best Blackberry released until now. Great battery, good camera with autofocus, nice design, perfect in the hand, not to slim... I like it. The 9790 will have only OS7 and will be a little bit faster, nothing else. The 9900 is not an option for me - it has got a very bad battery and a crappy camera. I will stay by my 9780 and wait, what will RIM release with QNX. A propos QNX phones, if in 2012, they will come at the end of the next year. Look at all the delay RIM has made in all their latest products. Shame.

I literally cannot wait to get this. Love the shape and the design. Certainly a bold design hahahahahhahaha. Bam!!

Yes, I don't understand it either. I've never seen so many stupid comments over 4 little buttons. As I said before, they must all be on the funny fags.

Just maybe they've all purchased the 9900 and are now sick as parrots because this little beauty has reared it's head.


Did RIM take this down? I can't find the specs or pictures of the 9790 on the blackberry website when doing a comparison...

They didn't actually put the 9790 on the site, someone running the site, placed the photo of the 9790 in place of the 9700 on the site. It was just a photo, no specs or anything. But I went to the site this morning, and the photo has been replaced with a pic of an actual 9700.