RIM preparing BlackBerry 10 preview for carriers, will show off two new devices

BlackBerry 10
By Bla1ze on 14 Aug 2012 09:25 pm EDT

Yesterday when Bloomberg’s interview with Thorsten Heins came out and folks ran with the "RIM Says BlackBerry 10 Will Soon Be Ready for Licensing" headline there was something in that article that struck me as different from what Thorsten had been saying previously in interviews. No, I'm not talking about the licensing stuff. We knew that. The stuff I'm referring to is the fact he stated he's now carrying a BlackBerry 10 device.

A new report coming from WSJ, which also had a briefing with Thorsten Heins, indicates RIM is soon set to take two beta devices to carriers as a preview. Meaning, in Thorsten's words, "The physical shape and feel of the new phones is finished and the software nearly complete" and "We're near the finishing line." The carriers noted in the article are Verizon Wireless and AT&T with comments coming from Mark Siegel, AT&T spokesman: "We value our relationship with RIM and look forward to working with them on existing and new products."

Over the past few days, we've heard from several people this was the case. In addition to that, independently confirmed, RIM is about to or already has started inviting internal employees to take part in beta testing of the devices as well. Needless to say, we're all impatiently waiting for BlackBerry 10 but now we're starting to see it all come to fruition. Other highlights include the statement that RIM will roll out six phones eventually, three that are all-touch screen and three with physical keyboards and will have replaceable batteries - a decision noted to have been made for the sake of the heavy smartphone user, who doesn't want to always have to carry a charger.

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RIM preparing BlackBerry 10 preview for carriers, will show off two new devices


That's the best part!
When did he say this?....I missed it, or was it from internal sources?

Very disappointed with that. It means we will continue to see battery issues with this new wave of smartphones. I was hoping RIM would take the lead and include large capacity batteries (like in the RAZR MAXX) and end the need for extra batteries and chargers.

I think you're assuming that the new phones will have limited battery life. Having a removable battery doesn't necessarily mean battery life will be short.

If we take a look at the current smartphone landscape, all the evidence points to short (not long) battery life.

Are you counting every single smartphone from 2010 and newer, not just blackberry, but EVERY single one? Okay, I see your point. But if you aren't, then where is your proof?

Haha. If that incident didn't occur what do you want to bet that a certain boy wonder would have faded into oblivion. RIM could definitely benefit from such a media smozle. I wonder if they will be cleaver enough to orchestrate such a circus.

This is hot. Screen shot looks great and I have a feeling this is gonna give android and ios a run for their money.

RIM needs to get off its ass and get BB10 to market...yerterday!!!
Playbook, the one and only

It's nice to have that camera quick access on the right hand side but hopefully it won't be hit accidentally. That would become a huge distraction.

Don't think so. I have it on all my BB devices in the past. Never an issue. Love having that quick access to the camera. Need it!

I agree, it is becoming rather slick! I think they must be getting close if they are having beta units tested internal by select groups within RIM. I just want to purchase one at Christmastime!!!


Glad to see carriers on board, they will now get hardware and see the first glimpse of the new BB10 UI & UX and of course the up-to-date relevant hardware! This is a milestone!

They better have some rock solid NDA's and ironclad security in place while they show these things off. I know it's standard practice in this business but the big boys will want a peek if only to see if they have anything to worry about next year.
From my Neutrino powered Playbook

Other than a breach of contract lawsuit from signed NDA's what recourse is there for RIM should key info about their product get passed along the competition?

Are you kidding? You can be sure Apple has people inside RIM. They probably have a BB10 in their "innovation lab" where all their amazing new technologies get stolen from others.

Samsung probably does as well.

Ah. The conspiracy theorist arrives. Now I get to walk over the edge of the earth because Armageddon is near. All will be revealed! [Cue the music] ... Tan-tan-tah! Behold! The double agent. He liiiives!

Oh brother, Android and ios has the market cornered and have their next gen phones comming out in the fall finished and are being produced for lunch as we speak. At this point the compition doesnt care abouf Rim as its currently way behind what they offer today, Rim is the one playing catch up and I would not be one bit surprised that they skimmed stuff from ios and android. Also its a certinity that these new bb10 handsets will leak tovthe publuc sooner or later by the media. So please stop with all this secracy bull. Rim has to worry about there ability to get stuff done rather then havingvthe compition stealing their ideas.

Get out the clippers for Kevins hair!

Link to article

RIM's First Test: A Preview With Carriers - WSJ.com

Perhaps T.Heins is using the BB10 Dev Alpha Device B leaked a few weeks ago?


I agree with this statement.. They are only seeding one type of device. And they are saving the best for last, the UX and UI blend!

I believe he is carrying a beta BB10 phone which would be the finished hardware with the beta build BB10 OS. So pretty much IT.
From my Neutrino powered Playbook

I don't, but connecting scraps from interviews and articles it seems to connect the dots to that conclusion. I have zero inside knowledge.

That makes sense. A great way to do some advertising would be to have the product on hand to tease the media.


The difficult, we do immediately. The impossible takes a little while longer.

I'm not sure why you would hate someone for that, especially the reasons you gave, lol. It's okay though it's your opinion. I think he's doing a good job, choosing to focus on long term strategies while transforming the company, it's vital to consistently give the right press to the public. I think he's a good speaker and has really reached out to everyone to make sure RIM's transparency with the decisions regarding BlackBerry are understood.

What's up with you? Fell on the wrong side of the bed? You don't even know the guy. Yeah, you may not like what he says or does, but you hate him?

I think he's managed RIM well considering everything they say or do is put under a microscope and critiqued. Mikey L picked the right man for the job, and under TH's leadership, RIM will be reborn!

Pictures a school boy in short pants stomping his foot on the floor and shouting" I hate you!" at the teacher lol

So if employees are just getting the invitation for beta testing what does that mean for the release date?

I remember when the 9900 was released in August, internal beta testing for that started end of February early March. So that means it took 5 months to release. If we add 5-6 months from today that means a late January to February release.

@Neila: I know and even after those 5-6months of testing the 9900 STILL isn't all that great. It freezes alot and it slows to a crawl sometimes in your the middle of things I'm doing. On a good note: I don't worry about viruses and what not, the desktop software is awesome to restore or transfer my data, love the keypad, the touch screen (for the exception of the freezes) and how simple it is to work.

P.S. Love connecting my PlayBook with my 9900 when I travel to get free bridge Internet.

Don't know what your talking about. My 9900 rocks. Never had it freeze or slow to a crawl.

I have had it act a bit buggy a couple times, but this was fixed with a battery pull

Mine still freezes all the time. I was really shocked. Started uninstalling apps to free space but still freezes so I had to soft reset mine. I can't wait for BB10 to leave this aging OS.

Mine works great with 7.1. It is rock solid. Best phone I ever had and that is the same for everyone in the company who has one.

I love my 9900 too but I have to do a battery pull once or twice a day which makes me frustrated. Hopefully BB10 comes out more refined.

BlackBerrys are not toys with idiot proof limitations that prevent you from shooting yourself in your own foot -- I'm referring to iPhones ;) BlackBerrys will allow you to do dumb things because it believes you know better :) We all will make those same mistakes from time to time.

Here's a small bit of advice:

1. How many apps do you have installed? Go to App World --> My App World. Delete the ones you don't need until you have enough RAM on your device for it to operate well.

2. How many are currently running? Press the BlackBerry button for 2 seconds and count 'em. The browser, mail, BBM, and phone are always running, and so is the Home app. Any others you don't need? If so, tap on them and Exit/Close.

3. How much RAM do you have free? Universal-search "Storage" and see how much free RAM you have. If it's less than 100 MB, then you will have some lag as the BlackBerry Java VM tries to find memory to run your apps.

Unlike the PlayBook (and BB10), which simply won't allow you to run apps if resources are low, the current BlackBerry OS does allow you to run as many apps as can fit into RAM. You must remember to close the apps you don't need to make room for the ones you do.

Some one just please tell me the size of the screen on the physical keyboard one :) Love my iphone but sure do miss the keyboard at times!

It's all about how it's marketed... for example, in the eyes of Apple and how they market it, there is only one phone, the iPhone. Even though there are truly 2 models, one for GSM and one for CDMA.

RIM release the Curve 9300.... then you have the 9310, 9320, 9330.... becomes a real s*** show real quick.

Just say 3 devices and be done with it.


This has been bugging me ever since I had my first blackberry years back. For me, I have no problem with a bunch of model names, but for marketing, its the worst thing you could do. Its extremely confusing for anyone outside of the users here at CB. I really do hope they drop those model numbers for good. For all intents and purposes, its the same phone regardless the carrier; Keep the numbers for the internal docs where they matter.

Well, as far as consumers are concerned it likely is more like three or four.

1. UMTS/LTE L-Series

2. CDMA/LTE L-Series

3. UMTS/LTE N-Series

4. CDMA/LTE N-Series

5. 7" LTE Playbook

6. 10" LTE Playbook


If Playbook Tablets are counted separately

5. UMTS/LTE M-Series

6. CDMA/LTE M-Series

So don't worry, RIM counts CDMA and UMTS devices as unique devices so it really isn't going to be 6 totally different models.

Considering RIM owns Paratek and plans on using their antennas in the BB10 phones, I don't think they will have CDMA and GSM variants. I think the 3 models per design are different storage sizes (16, 32, 64 gb). This is just my guess

Actually, this does not make sense, they will use paratek to increase antenna performance without increasing the size of the devices, there are just too many bands in use worldwide when it comes to LTE to just make one model.

The 6 models will probably be three for all-touch and three for qwerty made up as follows:


This makes no sense though. 3 touch and 3 with keyboards they said.

Assuming the L-Series UMTS is the same device as the L-Series CDMA, and so on with the N-Series and the M-series, that would be a 4 touch:2 physical or 2 touch:4 physical ratio. They are saying a 3:3 touch:physical ratio in terms of device types.

Nice theory, just doesn't make sense with what RIM said.

Have to build a few extra models for those pesky CDMA carriers that haven't switched to GSM yet.

Curves for business that need simple models for it's employees, Bolds for the managers, torchs for teens and other cool peeps.

6 works when we know its all the same OS. The amount of models shouldn't matter then.

Yes, "That is a very good thing." (My heart is pounding and my knees are weak.) Half kidding, half serious ! Has any other device ever generated so much excitement?

Hope I can hold out until Q1/2013 !


"Other highlights include the statement that RIM will roll out six phones eventually, three that are all-touch screen and three with physical keyboards and will have replaceable batteries - a decision noted to have been made for the sake of the heavy smartphone user, who doesn't want to always have to carry a charger. "

Maybe it's because I'm a few hours past my regular sleep time but what exactly is this paragraph saying? Does it mean that the devices are going to have bigger batteries? Or is it saying that the devices will have removable batteries, indirectly to appease extended battery makers (Seido, Mugen, etc) ??? So tired....

I am probably being mr negative here but I read it as......we are giving you 9930 battery usage so you will need two batteries lol! Let's hope thats not the case!

I really dont see what the big deal is. I have 2 extra batteries and a charger at home that charges both the phone and the battery. Always have a small battery in the handy charger case in my bag. If I run short of battery i just change it giving me another 12 hours of life. WTF how hard is that? My coworker with her Android thing has to keep it plugged in all day at her desk.

So my expectation when buying a phone is to automatically prepare to buy extra batteries and chargers? That's dumb. I don't want to carry around all that extra stuff on a daily basis. It's should be only for the occasional trip.

Mark Siegel, AT&T spokesman: "We value our relationship with RIM and look forward to working with them on existing and new products."

*cough* bullshit *cough*

I have a few questions back to Mark regarding their "valued" relationship with RIM 1. Why does it take so long for them to release BlackBerry handsets? Case in point, 9900 released on AT&T at least 2-3 months after other major carriers in the US. 2. Why hasn't AT&T released OS 7.1 for any of the BB models they carry? 3. Why is it that you can go in an AT&T store and they scoff at you for asking about a BB and pretty much ram an iPhone down your throat?

coach, I'm proud of you for making a comment (not a reply). But if someone else spewed out that negativity, you'd call them a troll. What gives?

BTW, I love you and Pete so much!

Why has AT&T just read about Apple's profit margin in the Apple/Samsung case and realised that they have been completely ripped off by Apple, and that Apple's stock valuation translates as "ha ha, suckers"?

I imagine AT&T wants a big price cut from Apple, and one way to get that will be to show that they have an alternative supply of top-end phones that is selling well, and isn't Samsung.


However, I don't think RIM needs 6 BB10 devices. A problem for RIM is already too many devices, that really don't differ from the other.

They should focus on fewer devices, say 4:
1) Bold
2) Slider
3) Touch
4) Pearl (smaller phone) OR a flip.

Colours should be the variety for uniqueness.

Really, once the OS is the same on all devices - where's the difference? A la "galaxy" , "ones"..

SUPER EXCITED - I hope Someone (BIG HINT CrackBerry team) leaks the preview to YouTube...

I doubt they are 6 distinctively different devices...more likely radio variants of 2 devices (lte, cdma, gsm)...even if it were 6 different devices then they're obviously thinking down the road 6, 7, 8 months after L-series and N-series are released.

I really hope your guess is accurate. Six different devices would be too much. Fragmentation of that level would kill BB10. Two screen sizes (all touch and qwerty) is more than enough to deal with; I truly hope RIM doesn't shoot themselves in the foot. :/

While 6 devices does seem a lot at first and might simply be regional variants being counted more than once, if the first two turn up Jan/Feb next year, you get a more expensive niche model mid-year and then right at the end of the year you could have a new qwerty, new all-touch and the first bb10 curve without things being over-crowded.

What are the chances of an early (before end of 2012) delivery? My bet is on a November release date.

Er, try zero. It's already been decided. Done. Finished. January at the bare earliest, probably February by the time it gets into people's hands.

AT&T with comments coming from Mark Siegel, AT&T spokesman: "We value our relationship with RIM and look forward to working with them on existing and new products."

What about updates?

I really hope the new bb10. Devices are top of the line specs and the battery lasts longer than my 9900, say...all day! Rather than half a day.

What version of OS 7 are you running? Do you have any apps running that you aren't using? The reason I ask is because I get a good 7-7 day out of my 9900 battery.

I use my 9900 with all day long and always have over40% battery life left after 10 pm. Sounds like someone still uses 7.0!

I'm sooooo getting the keyboard version on day 1. I don't care of the cost.

The last time I overspent on technology was an $800 dvd player :) one of the first. Now you can get them for $15. I'm just as excited for a neutrino phone and will pay anything!

Hmmmm Replaceable batteries. Two things come to mind when I read that. They either know that the battery life is going to be poor on the phones, or the system, in spite of it being built brand new from the ground up, is going to have freezing issues similar to it's current devices

Agreed kind of. I've never had a freezing problem with my 9900 however. 9000 was another story and also years and years ago.

You do know there is a keyboard shortcut that does the same thing as a battery pull? If the PlayBook is and indicator of battery life, I would tend to think you are right about poor battery life.

Since the latest update, my PB battery drain in standby has dropped dramatically, even when plenty of emails are arriving. In fact, I keep forgetting to put it on recharge at night.

The third option, far more likely in my view, is that experienced phone users know that the battery is the least reliable part of the system. There is a big difference between battery fails, plug in spare, and battery fails, wait for new phone.
Also, if the phone gets wet and you pull the battery quickly it will almost certainly survive. Do not drop an iPhone into water.

Yeah, I don't think so on that one. RIM is looking to include removable batteries to make the phone more reliable is laughable. It is likely that they want to appease their aftermarket battery makers and that battery life will be like most other smartphones (unfortunately).

Maybe they have run the numbers and know that the heaviest users of pretty much any smartphone can kill their battery in under a day and so they are giving people options beyond simply being chained to a charger all the time.

Drawing a negative spin from a decision that does nothing except improve the flexibility of a device for a fractional increase in thickness just makes it seem like you are looking for a reason to complain.

I like that we are finally seeing something from their Paratek acquisition:

"specialty is a technology that allows phones to transmit and receive on multiple frequency bands using just one antenna. This, Heins said, will help improve call and data quality, but will also help control costs by allowing RIM to manufacture fewer variations of its phones for different wireless markets around the world."

I'm sick and tired of seeing the BB10 Dev Alpha Device. It's soooooo ugly. Glad it's just a prototype or whatever for developers.

Pumped to hear that they are not cloning the iPhone with a fixed battery. How about a hot swappable battery? No rebooting.

When BB10 comes out I will be one of the first to buy it and then I will use it to try to convert everyone to BB. Please do not disappoint me RIM!

I don't know how many Apps are in the Blackberry Store but how much work is it to make them all work on BB10? I read something about It being a big job for Microsoft to recompile? all the Windows Phone 7 apps to work on Windows 8.

Aren't most/all current PB apps forward compatible (or can be with minor tweaks) with BB10....but most/all BB10 apps aren't backwards compatible with OS 2.0?

Virtually all PB apps should run on BB10. The issue is if the apps were designed for only one screen size in mind; meaning, they would need to be modified to run on the smaller phone screens.

Here's an excerpt related to timing:

"Wireless carriers also require that new devices pass various tests to make sure they operate on a carrier's network and meet certain performance requirements for battery life, call quality and Web browsing and many other factors. On average it takes about four to eight months for a carrier to test a beta version of a phone, said a person familiar with the process. One additional challenge for RIM will be that its new smartphones have a new operating system and design, which typically requires additional checking and time for testing."


You are pretty accurate, depending on the priority and what issues they push back on, the minimum is about six weeks to get a device authorized on the ATT network. I work for a company that has been through it several times.

On a side note, the major carriers in the US, ATT and Ver, internally are really, really looking at ways to cut the subsidy pricing on the I phone, it is way too expensive. This is not just a rumor, they hate it.


Given the carrier approval process, the need to ensure the software is awesome and polished (which T.Heins said still needed a bit more) a January release date is pretty bold. They are working very hard to get to it.

I am very happy that they have a replaceable battery. Smart for consumers.

I'm glad they will have a physical and a virtual keyboard.

Looking forward to a great 2013 for RIM.

I'm getting the 4G LTE Playbook and the new BB10 with a keyboard.

Life is good!

what do you need clarification with? the keyboard models will have replaceable batteries. What else is there to explain...?

Simple answer is that we want replaceable batteries. Didn't we just have a poll about that not too long ago? I believe with current batteries and current phones the days of going days without charging are gone, and while we bb users are a little spoiled in this sense. Where I work there are 3 BB users, the rest are split between several android users and a couple iCrap users. Well, we BB users are the only ones that don't have a spare charger at work. And really, why call iPhone's mobile phones when they spend most the day plugged in to the wall? So, if with BB10, we lose the ability to go all day without a charge, then it puts us in the same boat as those android and other fruit users, but, we will have the ability to swap out batteries and keep our phones on us instead of leaving it plugged in to a wall, which as a BB user, I can't imagine walking away from my phone! So, in other words, Yay!!!

Apple got a patent for concept of "disappear when not in use" vertical scroll bar. If Apple can get a patent on this RIM should also get replaceable batteries patented, he he :)

What about a device like the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx? It has a 3,300 mAh battery as stock. That's pretty significant and given how thin it is, I don't see why RIM (or any other OEM) would  not be able to achieve the same results. I'm all for swappable batteries but why can't these batteries be 2,000 mAh or bigger? We as users are strongly getting screwed on battery life.

Yes, going multiple days without a charge are gone (for now) but getting through an entire day is not a far fetched idea. The Razr Maxx has proven it can be done. I want Blackberry to follow in their footsteps and make bigger, long lasting batteries. Especially for a brand that promotes heavy usage.

EXACTLY! Research In Motion my @$$! This is a simple ploy to make more money and appease aftermarket extended battery makers. If they really wanted to hit the homerun that they need, they would have emulated the RAZR MAXX and harken back to the great battery life days of years past.

Wait a minute! A friend of mine has a Razor Maxx and he does NOT have battery Nirvana. He is a heavy user and by the time he comes by my house around 7 he is looking for a charger. Give me removeable battery any day of the week!

If it's a removable 3,000 mAh battery, I'm all for it! Don't know what's up with your friends phone but the multiple upon multiple battery tests done on the Droid Razr Maxx show that the phone can at the very least go 12 hours without a charge.

What''s to understand? Heavy users and people who work long hours away from the office like to carry spare batteries that are charged and ready to go; more convenient than carrying a charger and being stuck tethered to a plug-in. That doesn't mean the battery is crap.

wow... 3 all touch and 3 with keyboards. awesome. i'm curious what the difference is between the 3 all touch models? very exciting times people.

I had bold 9700, then the fabulous 9900 and now i only have the playbook and i dont know why. had to move to android. Why? The apps for blackberry are terrible! cheap, homemade apps, cack, If BB10 dont get the best apps ike the ones you can get on android or ios, say goodbye to RIM. No matter how hard they try, if BB dont have a proper app store. its finished.

You had a BB and you didn't realise the BB "apmosphere" (note to all who read this henceforth... Apmosphere is a term coined by the user of this account (email address attached to BruvvaPete) on the date and time recorded by the owners of this web site - CrackBerry.Com)... [carry on].. was lacking apps.

"...and now i only have the playbook and i dont know why. had to move to android. Why? The apps for blackberry are terrible! "

....and I don't know why... Why? The apps...


Are you illiterate or are you typing from your Android device? Perhaps you should get a blackberry with the autocorrect. It's worth a mountain of Android apps. LOL.

Oh please, the app thing is so overblown. The RIM app store is quite reasonable. I have never felt disadvantaged. And before you blather on about Netflix and skype, let me save you time. Netflix's is absolutely nothing special. Go to RIM's video store. Better up-to-date selections and when I average out my usage, it is cheaper. Frankly, I have found Skype next to useless. Reception is just terrible.

Removable battery? So I guess that's just in case the spinning clock comes up right LOL How come I never have to do that in fact can't on my iPhone(which says a lot about performance) and I have to every day with my Blackberry?? But I like the excuse er.. I mean reason given "a decision noted to have been made for the sake of the heavy smartphone user, who doesn't want to always have to carry a charger." Cause apparently we never heard of portable chargers LOL But seriously if there isn't at least 10k apps and I keep revising this in hope that RIM doesn't screw itself over more than it has done already from the 100k I hoped to see.

So for now I strictly use my Blackberry for BBM will BB10 change that lets see.

Isn't the whole idea of a smartphone to increase mobility? If you have to plug in every 5 minutes, it sort of defeats the purpose. Have people not figured this out in Apple land?

@lotuslanderz, I have the Bold 9930 running, I get the spinning hour glass but it's very seldom and when it happens it last no longer than 5-7 seconds. I do however have a lot of apps installed, which is probably why it happens.

CrackBerry Is My Choice Of Drug

LOL.. I get quite the chuckle from your comments.

1. I can't remember the last time I have physically pulled the battery out of a BB.. other than to replace it (which you can't do with your great iPhone). Ever heard of alt + ^ + del?

2. You have to do battery pulls on your BB daily? Really? Are you running an old 8300 Curve with OS 5?

3. How is an "excuse" to provide additional functionality for users (i.e. removable batteries)? Yeah, I don't want to be able to replace my batter after it wears out (which they do)..ala Apple. I also don't want to be able to buy a spare battery, charge it, and carry it with me so I can just pop it in my phone if I need to. Granted, I do have a battery pack, but even those can get expensive and can be a PITA because of the additional cables that you need to carry to connect it to your device.

4. 10K apps? Really? If I remember right, there are approx 26K PlayBook apps in BB App World right now. People like you make me laugh though.. "We need a million apps or it is an utter failure" Oh really, because how many apps do you really use on a daily basis? I can tell you that I have over 200 apps/games on my PlayBook. I probably use 10 of them daily. 10 .. not 100... not 1,000... not 10,000.. 10. And that isn't because the rest are crap or not useful... most people just use a handful of apps regularly.

5. Since you hate your BB (evident by your comments through out this article and this site) and iMessage is so great (according to Apple fanboys), why are you still using BBM?

I like the idea of removable batteries. I didnt read the entire article but is this for the all touch version as well? Encouraged by what some bloggers are saying about their first glimpse. Will be curious to see what happens in the Sept earnings call. By then we should get an update from Heins regarding carrier testing etc.

woo hoo! all that's missing now is apple suing them because its a touchscreen! but wait what do i see ... dang the icons corners aren't rounded!

Hahaha. Unfortunately for Apple, touch screens have been around since before they made it popular in a hand-held device. :)

My hopes are that the platform it's self if ready as Thorsten Heins says it will when BB10 rolls out early next year. I do believe that the wait will be well worth it and BlackBerry as a whole will say someday "we almost went down but for the die hard fans and the integrity at RIM we made it out of the hole". I have without a doubt in my mind that BlackBerry will be a high end smartphone that anyone will be honored to just hold in their hand.

CrackBerry Is My Choice Of Drug

My mouth is watering! :-D
I'm afraid, though, that only the big carriers will have the new BB 10 devices.
VZW and att for sure, but I think I'll be out in the cold for years to come. :-(

RIM please don't forget the little guy.... :-)

My biggest interest is to see how RIM matches true multi-tasking, running multiple apps in real time, and battery life. In the worst case then I am glad the option for replaceable batteries will be there. Hearing the phones could be in the hands of the USA big 2 soon - just another tangible mile post passed, means BB10 closer to being in our hands!

How can anyone here criticize Apple or Android? Blackberries are running dated software, period. The hardware is dated (a real screen size would be nice) and the capabilities outside of email stink.

All the features that people want including the app store is one reason why RIMM keeps losing market share. People can poo poo useless apps but in an arms race, numbers count. It’s one of the reasons why Nokia’s new phones didn’t take off as well the company hoped. With the new Windows Mobile OS, they plan on offering a wealth of apps (into the hundreds of thousands).

I can’t believe people are excited about a 5-week road show, replaceable batteries and reviews of crummy low end devices rated 8/10.

I know you there isn’t much tangible news on RIMM but can we stay away from this blustering until a real device is released.

Was a full review of the Playbook 4G LTE ever completed other than boot up times? Seriously, seriously!?!

This whole thing is amusing, RIMM is for serious business users but the adoration of this product goes against common business sense. A simple tech hedge would suffice.

Umm . . wow . . thank you for your insightful commentary, I for one certainly feel enriched . . you are an awesome tech god among mere mortals and we are honored to bow to your presence among us.

Blackberry 7 is nothing more than an incremental upgrade of blackberry's existing software since OS4 or 5 by the time BB10 gets here it too may be out dated funny how Windows 8 looks similar to it doesn't it LOL

Marko - if you have such an issue with BBs, why are you here? And speaking of incremental upgrade of existing software.. how are the incremental updates on the very bland iOS working for you?

iOS - the new dinosaur of mobile OSes come January.

He's here to respond to the hate/criticism for Android and IOS. Why don't you go and defend BB on the other sites where they really need it? C'mon be brave!

Well then, why can't Apple or Android fans squash the trolls here? You know, what's good for the goose......

the BIG difference is CrackBerry is a pro-RIM site while the others should be neutral (I know you could argue that iBGR is a pro-Apple/anti-RIM site).

Wishful thinking:

RIM better make the phones like Quad Core, 2GB RAM, Gorilla Glass - Anything to attempt to Trump the latest smartphone (Apple, Android) that is on the market at the time BB10 drops.

RIM should try to "leap frog" in terms of hardware specs...

I'm still here; rocking my LEAKED 7.1 Scorch (Torch 9860 a.k.a Storm 3) ;)

They are not going to try and leapfrog anyone's spec just for the sake of it, you only have to look at how badly that tactic works for most Android manufacturers to see it is a bad idea to only have that approach open to you when trying to compete against Samsung.

They need to be picking the right spec for their devices and finding ways to distinguish themselves from the competition through their software.

I know this is a bit off topic but i continue to see people complaining about their BB phones freezing and acting slow. Let me give you a tip. Go to blackberry app world and download/install QuickPull. This app will allow you to schedule daily reboots which would eliminate the need for battery pulls when your phone acts up. I've never had issues with my BB since setting this up on my phone. Try it. Thanks.

BB10 is coming soon...Brace yourself!

That's not a solution to the problem. The problem is that it still require restarts (whether they are due to freezing or low memory issues). My iPad goes weeks/months without need to be restarted. In fact the last time I had to restart it more then once was due the FB app.

My understanding is that there are going to be three levels of phone. High end, middle and entry level. I would assume 2 of each - touch screen and keyboard but don't know for sure.
Not sure about the various cdma/gsm variants though.

I believe we will be seeing these come Sept. at BB JAM Americas, the site did mention something about beta devices being ready in time. I also hope they wouldn't show those developers the same 3 features we've been seeing since May, that would be a waste of their time ..It will also be a good time as the Iphone5 will supposedly be dropping that week and Nokia will be showing off their WP8 weeks prior to BBJAM

"...Considering RIM owns Paratek and plans on using their antennas in the BB10 phones, I don't think they will have CDMA and GSM variants. I think the 3 models per design are different storage sizes (16, 32, 64 gb). This is just my guess.."

OK, then 3 levels of touch screen and three levels of keyboard.

I can wait! I am selling my Lumia 900 and I already sold my Focus and just got a Curve 8520! BlackBerry all the way!

They may produce a slider at some point (tougher to do as screen-size expectations continue to rise) but the first qwerty is a dead cert to be a bb10 evolution of the 9900 because that is a far more popular model than the 9810.