RIM porting App World PlayBook apps to the BlackBerry 10 platform for developers

RIM porting App World PlayBook apps to the BlackBerry 10 platform for developers
By Bla1ze on 13 Nov 2012 04:27 pm EST

As most folks may already know, there is a lot of apps in BlackBerry App World built for the BlackBerry PlayBook that will transition over to the BlackBerry 10 platform with very few (if any) adjustments. To help developers out with the process though, RIM has been doing some testing of current PlayBook apps and then porting (even though it's not really a "port") them over for BlackBerry 10.

In addition to that, if you're a developer whose app gets selected to be ported over, RIM is updating the BlackBerry Developer Zone accounts with “I’m building for BlackBerry 10" badges that come with reward points. The badge will award developers 500 award points which in turn, be used on the BlackBerry Jam rewards zone for some cool BlackBerry schwag.

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RIM porting App World PlayBook apps to the BlackBerry 10 platform for developers


It worries me that RIM will be doing the dev's job. Sounds to be like they're trying to rack up App World numbers because perhaps there aren't enough devs creating apps. The biggest and best apps should already be ported over by the devs themselves.

This is Alec Saunders following through on a commitment he made to devs who built for the Playbook, that their app would also work on BB10 with no more work required on their part. He actually only said this is what he is aiming for,desiring for, and wanting to see happen, so even though he never actually committed outright to it, he knows how important it is to remove all possible stumbling blocks on the road to a full App World and successful launch of the new platform. Man, he is worth every penny they pay him!
So excited for my new phone coming in Feb!!!

Don't be so worried. This is RIM being proactive and making the BB10 ecosystem a comforting place for devs. In no way does it imply there aren't any devs creating apps for BB10. Not too long ago BB was not known for having a easy way to create apps with java, but now with the new BB10 Native SDK all that has changed, but it takes a little longer to make devs realize the new changes are good and relatively easy and this one example is to ease them on into a new platform to develop for. PB OS and BB10 OS are not exactly the same, but that is nothing to be afraid of nor is it something to insinuate that devs are not coming over to BB10.


I agree. I like their marketing approach. Especially with that "you don't have to lift a finger" - Customer oriented.

Company being restructured.

Excellent news! I was worried that PlayBook apps wouldn't work on BB10 phones. And kudos to the opt out option, which means developers actually have to go out of their way to not port over their apps rather than the other way around.

Nicely done. On another note, Bla1ze it seems there's quite a bit of lag on CB. Is that due to the thousands who entered the latest contest?

Maybe a dumb question, but why does it need to be "ported over". I thought PlayBook apps would automatically be carried over to BB10?

Also, does this mean I'll have to repurchase the apps I bought on the PlayBook?


The reason they're using this terminology is because PlayBook OS and BlackBerry OS10 are VERY DIFFERENT. In fact, they'Re not seen as the same OS at all which is why the term "ported over" is used. Furthermore, BB10 allows for active tile view whereas PlayBook OS does not so a default view will need to be added to every app making it's way from PBOS to BBOS10.

Second, unless the devs add content and force you to pay forgrade/added content to their apps, you should not worry about paying for your apps again. They are tied to your BBID so make sure you use the same one when you set up your new BB10 device! :)


90% of playbook apps won't work correctly because of screen size. Sure they will run but do you want apps with half the screen chopped off.

RIM is not "porting" the apps. they are just repacking for BB10. They are not recompiling the apps like android run time.

If you are looking at this article meaning that BB10 phone apps are being ported to PB then I believe the *proportions* of the screens are very *similar* (with the full screen phones of course).

But I think this article is about porting PB OS 2.1 apps to PB BB10... so there is no concern for size and layout.

This is some sweet news. And I don't believe that it's the development job but I could be mistaken. Just like how apple made a big deal about the ipad mini not needing to be redone or some bs like that

They are offering to repackage all PB OS apps into a BB10 user interface for free. Sounds good to me.

There are too many crappy apps in App World right now, and many of them don't work. Will they be ported over as well? And will somebody make sure that they work?

Bla1ze mentioned apps that were "selected" so I'm assuming RIM's devs are going through App World and looking at the quality apps available and/or apps with the most downloads to port over. I'm sure the crappy apps will still find a way to BB10, but at least those devs will have to go out of their way to get them there.

+1 -- Although I've found some very good apps, I've been disappointed too, there's no consistent quality control.

Found one that does absolutely nothing the very same-named website won't do, charging 10.99 for it in Canada. (Found the website later, demanded a refund from the developer. Not even sure the app developer and the website are in any way related. As it turned out, neither site nor app could save and retrieve a file from the PlayBook. They could save it, I discovered--they just couldn't find it later.)

I guess anyone with a little know-how can lift anyone's HTML code an package it as an 'app', they've made it virtually that easy. Hey, even I got 'Hello World' to run in the Ripple emulator. I've seen one in AppWorld that looks just the basic 'draw' shell from code samples. If I add a button to some code samples, can I get a hoodie?

Please, don't port everything just to have 100s of 1000s of apps for BB10. I don't understand how some of the existing apps even made it to market.

I so hope that once BB10 is released they have all or most of the IM players. (Skype, Yahoo messenger, OoVoO, Google voice and video chat)

They are probably just ensuring that the quality apps available on OS 2.1 will definitely be available for BB10 too.
I think their wording is wrong because they are referring to PlayBook rather than the OS.
PlayBooks will also run BB10.

All they are doing is adding BB10 (alltouch) as a supported device to existing playbook applications. They are not "porting" or "repackaging" anything.

Shouldn't RIM probe for developers outside of PB and BB10? Going after the android devs who have not ported yet? It seems to me that RIM should not have to ask current PB devs to port over to BB10 phones. That should be a given.....

It would be fun if RIM started sending a similar email to all iOS and Android developers :P

Hey good job RIM keep it up!. Here in Afghanistan waiting for your launch! Supporting BB news and passing it to my fellow Marines! And normally that doesn't go well but when i show them the research on BB10 they are actually excited. I mean U.S Marines don't get excited about anything but they are considering BB10. And btw are those hoodies for sale seriously i want one and the messenger bag!