RIM pledges to keep on loving BlackBerry devs in awesome music video

By Simon Sage on 25 Sep 2012 12:14 pm EDT

At BlackBerry Jam Americas, Research In Motion's awesome developer team blew into song to win the hearts of those making BB10 apps. Here's RIM's Alec Saunders and his crew, totally rock-and-rolling this. 

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RIM pledges to keep on loving BlackBerry devs in awesome music video


Get back to work Alec before someone hands you a lay-off notice. These shenanigans prove RIM has lost touch with reality. The time for playing is long past.

I think you're missing the point...the video is showing RIM is not a stale old company everyone assumes it to be; they're cool, hip, and forward thinking...things once associated with the other fruit company.

As a long time BlackBerry user disappointed by all of RIM's broken promises, I have to say this video is beyond embarrassing. This isn't cool or hip in any way - get back to work and don't waste time with these stupid attempts at changing an already poor reputation.

Thankfully, a voice of reason. Agreed. "Amateur Hour" is alive (sadly). Maybe this is Alex's audition for Canadian Idol.

...seriously?! You do realize this is the equivalent of Apple bringing out the Foo Fighters at their event a couple of weeks ago, right? Not meant for consumer consumption, just a tribute to the devs from RIM's dev team.

A tribute to the "devs from RIM's dev team?" The only tribute the internal development team has earned is the scorn of the BlackBerry users whom have waited patiently and been dragged through endless excuses about delays and non-promises. Get to work you miserable curs.

As for the third-party developers I am not sure anyone is developing actual applications yet, but instead waiting for the BlackBerry 10 devices to be released.

For the third-party BlackBerry PlayBook developers I say, Thank you, for developing applications which allowed me to productively use my 2-year=old BlackBerry PlayBook. Thank you and please stay for BlackBerry 10." Job well done!

Yikes, bitter much? I was definitely referring to 3rd party devs when I said this was a tribute from RIM. As for the internal team, I understand your frustrations being a PlayBook owner myself (and STILL rocking the Storm 2), but at this point if I've made the personal decision to wait for BB10, there's no reason for me to do so with scorn for the people that I'm relying on to deliver.

I am so loving the vid (take time off to enjoy life)! Alex, you could of tucked in that belly at the beginning... Not a cool look in 2012! lol

This is a complete embarrassment. But I guess RIM thinks the key demographic of their developers is the 50+ crowd who loves REO Speedwagon. What a waste of time and money. What RIM needs to do is embrace the consumer and not just the corporate environment.

Wow, you don't get it do you dude...

This makes me want to crank out a few BB 10 apps right now. Fellow developers understand what I mean.

Lol get what? Please, there is nothing wrong with saying that this is stupid. I'm not downing RIM, but its not super difficult for rich VP's to strap on a guitar and waste money on stupid stuff like this. If they really want to do something for the devs then show them how much MORE money they are going to make developing apps for Blackberry.

I'm pretty sure they've already done that and continue to tell developers how they can make money.... That's been at the core of their messaging... They've even come up with programs that GTD them to make money if they come up with good apps...

You people need to relax and take the video for what it is. Funny, entertaining break from all the travel and hard work they and others like them have been doing over the past year...

That performance was not meant for the corporate environment and its BlackBerry users. I dare say they are hoping to reach the young and stupid demographic easily swayed by a music video and the other crapola marketing stunts attempted by Real I-diotic Marketing (RIM).

I doubt you will find it on iTunes that is for sure.

Great video, message was clear and it was nicely polished.

Hey, BB9700CA, since you obviously hate RIM, RIM staff and management, BlackBerry devices, the BlackBerry OS platforms (7 and 10) so much, why oh WHY do you post your negative comments all the time? Try being uplifting for a change! I lament that there is no "ignore user" feature for the comments... I'm sure I'd get more than my share ignoring me, but that's the price to be paid for serenity.

Oh, so expressing deep rooted disappointment is not allowed on the forum? The company and BlackBerry brand are in serious trouble yet you would prefer we all smile and sing "It's all right now." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zuy7VwbfkdY I prefer living in a world where open debate is the norm and not something to avoid.

"Everything they do sucks" is not an attempt at any debate. Your only concern is to stomp your feet like a petulant child until someone confirms your ridiculous notions. "Get back to work Alex" sums up your ignorance. His job is to engage with third-party developers and this video fits the job description. If you had a sense of humour or any understanding of concepts beyond projecting your own self-loathing onto others you would understand.

@Lorax1284...because he and his friends are a bunch or ace holes, plain and simple!

That video was epic and I'm not even a developer!

Go Thor and Alec! Go RIM!

What a fun and entertaining video, and the choice of music kinda suggests that RIM (or at least the Dev Team) is done trying to play to what they aren't with those commercials about DJs and club scenes to go back to what they know. I couldn't help but notice Alec had a (small) earring in, did he always have that?

Also, I think they should have added at the end that the entire video was shot on the Playbook and edited using the modified JayCuts software. Great job guys!

If I were a developer, I'd be cheering. This video hit just the right Blackberry Balance between fun and geek. Well done!

It was very well done. They should have one of the RIM buildings/logo's in the background in the parking lot but other than that, it was excellent. To the trolls, go away. Wreck someone else's day.

I've been wasting time on Cracked.com, Chive's Daily Afternoon Randomness, and I watched the replay of the NFL being embarrassed after last night's debacle, and in spite of all that, this may have been the funniest thing I've seen all day. So intentionally cheesy, so many in jokes, so well done. It certainly doesn't surprise me that this went over the head of so many of the people here.

This video was right on the money!! The exact right message with just enough humor and to the point. OH YEAH- it's BLACKBERRY-by choice!!!!!!!!!!!

I enjoyed the humor and we'll done craft oft he music video. Quite the talent and funnies mixed in. Now had they been using development alpha or older blackberries or the 9900 to strum the guitar, that would be frigging genius. :)

I think the video is awesome!! I also can't believe some of the stupid comments that people leave on these blogs. I mean when did it become such a bad thing for a group of guys to get together and have a little fun? Several of you on here really need to lighten up! This was all in fun and I commend them and RIM for doing this. And one last thing - you don't have to be 50+ to enjoy a good REO Speedwagon song, or a good rendition of one either for that matter.

I'm 25 and I enjoyed the he'll out of this. But there are those on this site who will forever be bashing RIM. They want sweeping change and new products that blow their minds and are nothing like BB's of yore and simultaneously nothing like any other phone but somehow it has to have every feature or every phone already out there...and yet somehow we are the ones who need a reality check right? Whether those crazy people want to believe it or not, RIM has gotten their reality check and are going to coming out with guns a blazin'. Sadly that might mean their last hurrah. But I'm betting on it being more like a b*tch slap to the face. I hope it is too cuz I still see some people on this site who need a stiff one.


HA! Awesome! I was like "Is this for real?!" But I got the point. This shows a youthful RIM. They know their actual bad position, but this by no way means RIM employees and staff should be all gloomy and doomy.

RIM, you got my support!


What's with all the hate? The video is awesome! Go RIM! For all the haters out there..chilax! No one is forcing BB10 down your throat. Go nag on your preferred platform coz your negativities towards RIM won't make them quit. All the best for RIM !