RIM plans to open 15 premium BlackBerry stores in India

RIM plans to open 15 premium stores in India
By DJ Reyes on 13 May 2012 04:50 pm EDT

RIM has plans to open up to 15 premium stores in India by the end of the year. The first store open in Delhi last month, with a second store newly opened last Friday in Gurgaon. RIM plans to open these stores in major locations around India, including Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Bangalore.

The stores will feature special areas which will showcase both consumer and enterprise applications, complete with live demos. Sunil Dutt, Managing Director of RIM India says, "These stores will offer holistic consumer experience on BlackBerry consumer and enterprise services."

Asia, where RIM has a high subscriber base has already seen stores open in Indonesia and Thailand, so it comes as now surprise to see them set up shop in India where it BlackBerry smartphone usage is also high and has seen a big increase in subscriber numbers in the past months, especially within the youth market. 

It's nice to see RIM building these premium stores in places where there is high demand, even the Middle East saw a flagship store open in Dubai last month. I would like to see them bring these stores to the Europe in the near future, perhaps in the U.K. first? One can only hope.

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Source: Times of India, image credit

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RIM plans to open 15 premium BlackBerry stores in India


I wish they do open one or two in the UK. I would apply for that job without thinking twice.

p.s Them Indians are cute!

Damn,that chick in the middle is hot!If only...
The one in the far right doesn't seem to be Indian.

There are more women in India then there are people in North America (including Mexico), and I'm sure you could find a few that want to try something exotic and not date an Indian man.

I totally agree with you!!! I wonder why a Canadian company doesn't have flagship store in Canada!!!! I know the market is harsh but still....

Running on os7 finally!!!!!

Maybe because the entire population of Canada is about the size of a small city in India lol.

But yeah, there should be BlackBerry Stores in Montreal, Ottawa (cause BB is the favorite phone of diplomats), Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver at least.

Becuase asian marktes work diffrently, more retail focused then carriers. Most phones sold here thru carriers compare to lots of phones sold by retail stores. All manufactures have retails stores in Asia.

Come on RIM "It's more fun in the Philippines! " (Maybe Kevin and the rest of the crackberry nation should have a well deserve vacation in Boracay or Palawan). RIM should focus also to put up store here in the Philippines not just in Indonesia (1400 store in the future ). I know the law here is different, even apple doesn't have direct store here but they manage to partner with someone (Power Mac - and it's almost in every major mall). I say this because I even bought my playbook in online market ( Carrier postpaid plans was so expensive).  I can't even find a decent accessories for my phone and playbook.  RIM should also partner with the two major carrier here ( Smart Telecom & Globe Telecom) to bring the competition which is good for us the consumers. I hope the new CMO will transform the way bb was marketed here and I hope their will be a solid marketing strategy when bb10 finally hits our land.  I want RIM to succeed, I know they are listening as my experience thru blackberry beta program. Come on guys, together we will succeed, count me in as one of the owner of blackberry 10 phones when it's hit our land. Thanks!

I wish they had a few dozen music videos, big ones, popular ones, viral ones, promoting old, vintage and the newest blackberries. :D


Last time I checked, Brazil as the major ******** export country in the world. There are brazilians and latinas everywhere lol.