RIM pays initial sum of $65 million to Nokia in patent settlement

By Adam Zeis on 28 Dec 2012 09:48 am EST

RIM and Nokia settled their differences last week in their ongoing patent case. While originally it was unsure of the actual payment amount, in RIM's 6-K filing to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, it was disclosed that Nokia will be receiving an initial payment of $65 million in addition to "ongoing payments" from RIM for use of the patents. The agreement puts an end to the issues between RIM and Nokia and will allow RIM to continue to use the patents in question while continuing to make royalty payments in the future. The $65M payment was included in RIM's Q3 earnings report last week.

Source: All Things D 

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RIM pays initial sum of $65 million to Nokia in patent settlement


These are the patents they are using.

Nokia patents that had been cited in lawsuits against RIM touched on a number of technologies including the following, according to the SEC filing: power consumption in a mobile station; a network activation service scheme using point-to-point short messaging service; and a security improvement scheme for packet-mode transmission in a mobile communication system.

- Rezaur Rahman

For protecting their IP? LOL even RIM admits they're wrong by paying up. I admire you dedication and loyalty to RIM though.

Nah Nokia is like Apple, because they can't innovate they sue the competition. And Nokia's 920 is hardly gaining traction so they have to get money from somewhere why not do as the big man and sue sue sue?


Simply greedy. another way of trying to stop some foe from rising. its not like all their technologies were originally from them. we develop new ideas out of the old ones. then maybe its not that bad to have something in common