RIM patents charging holster for phones

BlackBerry Charging Holster
By Adam Zeis on 16 May 2012 01:49 pm EDT

RIM seems to be on a bit of a patent kick lately (more than normal at least) and this time around has landed one for a phone-charging holster. The device is pretty much a standard phone holster that has a second battery for charging your phone. When your phone is in the holster, it would be charged from a second battery so you would always have some extra juice on the go  -- of course that means charging two devices instead of one before you head out. We've seen some third party options that are very similar, but this could be something cool in the RIM arsenal.

Source: USPTO Via: Engadget

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RIM patents charging holster for phones



I see RIM being a force to be messing with in the next 18 months, if they can manage to release atleast 75% of the things that have been rumored/showcased since the new CEO has was announced.

Its nice to have for some people for sure. I have seen similar cases in existence, but not a holster (which makes more sense). Might add a bit of weight, but its better than adding it to the phone itself.

I could see this type of device being used in applications where the phone has to last all day with frequent use, especially data. For example a Policeman on a beat with the phone having some applications on it specific to his duties.

We all have great ideas but these days unless you work for a large company, you will never get the credit for having an idea. Access to a lot of money is another thing too. I met people in third world who came up with great robotics inventions later forcefully brought by Japanese or American companies for less than $500 USD!

I think we're going to see some VERY big things from RIM in the next couple of years. They revolutionized portable communications once already, I think they're about to do it again.

*yawn* Low bulk in my pocket/holster is more important than low bulk in my hand.

In other words, if it meets my needs for low bulk in my pocket/holster, then it will be fine in my hand.

I'd rather have a big/fat battery on the phone itself than a normal phone plus a big fat holster. Plus, if I need that extra battery capacity, having a big fat battery, instead of a big fat holster still allows me to carry the phone in pocket, instead of in a holster.

Not to mention, I'd rather just have one battery to deal with. How many charging cycles is my battery going to get if it goes "on charge" every time I put it in the holster? That's just going to kill the phone's battery even sooner.

And if I like to put my phone in a charging cradle at night, so I can use it as a bedside alarm clock, then I have to have that plus now another charger to charge my holster?

L - A - M - E.

you don't have to get it, its not for you. but i wouldn't go as far as calling it lame, its a good idea.

Much as I'm rooting for RIM, I think prior art will make this a problem if push comes to shove. my wife's Bluetooth headset a couple years ago had one of these.

My Plantronics headset has a charging case, and it's a very very handy thing to have, especially if you travel, or have to do interminable conference calls. I think it's a great idea to have one for my BlackBerry as well.

"When your phone is in the holster, it would be charged from a second battery so you would always have some extra juice on the go  -- of course that means charging two devices instead of one before you head out. "

I would guess that you would keep your phone holstered and connect your holster to the power source rather than charging both separately. That's what it looks like to me anyway.

This is perfect... and Patented?! I think @gorang is spot on with the charging idea. A power switch would be nice too. Maybe an auto on/off at a a predetermined phone battery level. A charging holster would be a big deal for me, and the fact that RIM has the concept on lock is great news.

Edit: I should have read the patent details from the link first. RIM is way ahead of me.