RIM patent shows new rotatable keyboard design

By Bla1ze on 26 Aug 2010 08:09 pm EDT

When it comes to patents, finding new ones is sometimes fun. Some turn out to be actual products down the road while others sit in the registry never used. The latest one, “Handheld Electronic Device with Rotatable Member” filed by Research In Motion looks rather odd but, the given description helps better understand it.

“In a first aspect, a handheld electronic device, such as a smartphone, has a first device member and a second device member that are connected via a connector. The second device member is rotatable about a rotation axis that is canted relative to an axis of the second device member. As a result, when the second device member is rotated between a first position and a second position, its orientation changes. This may facilitate, for example, switching the handheld electronic device between a text entry mode and a telephone mode."

Research In Motion has always been known for their BlackBerry keyboard design. Some folks choose BlackBerry over other devices strictly based on the keyboard alone. With the exception of SurePress, Research In Motion has never strayed far from their original keyboard design and one has to wonder if this patent here will be the start of that. Of course, it could just be something thats been filed and will never see the light of day but at the same time, it could be something they are already currently working on for an upcoming device.

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RIM patent shows new rotatable keyboard design



Stop making things like that!!!

Bring back some REAL blackberrys like the 8700 or 9000!!!
But with some great internal life - instad a dumb 360° helicopter display or so...

It's like a combo of that LG phone that had the screen that opened in in landscape but the bottom part was in portrait with a regular phone keypad and the Samsung that flips open portrait to with a standard phgone keypad and then it open in landscape with a qwerty keypad. It also has the buttons that change depending on how you open it. Think the Samsung was called the Alias, don't remember what the LG was called.

Very interesting design...

The Alias was a cool phone and would be very cool if they could make a smartphone like that. The bad part is if it's not done right I can see it breaking very easily.

In my opinion this patent is just a way to prevent others from coming up with the concept. I don't think RIM has any designs or future devices on their way, or any plans to even wanting to create such a device.

Unless RIM is really trying to come up with the next best thing, this looks like RIM trying to prevent the competition from coming up with a concept using a patent that they themselves don't know how to take advantage of.

In closing this seems like a captivating concept but a flop of a reality.

Selling out or buying in. Whatever you call it they are in business to make money. It pays in spades to have the hot new thing, I just don't personally think that this is it, but if you would have asked me I would have told you that a touchscreen phone was a stupid idea.

Blahhh. What the heck is RIM thinking? The amazing vertical keypad is a key feature that separates Blackberry from the rest of the crowd.. I disapprove.

If they had to have a qwerty keyboard they should have it slide out with wise not length wise. I like the Torch being hybrid but I think it would've looked better when it slides out from the side. COME ON RIM!!!!

The TV phone that was out for a little bit 2 years ago that you would flip just like this one to watch tv. What was it called?

I think that this design will allow blackberries to, somehow, free itself from the "exclusively for business" type...
In other word, this design, just like the Torch, is FUN-er comparing to the other devices ;)
And I think that it already looks Sexxy !!

What's this about rotatable members? Wasn't it LG who made something like this about 4 years ago? Looks retarded...lol!

Unless this 'rotatable member' (sounds awfully naughty) is made of titanium, I'm almost certain it will be weak and easily break...

Quit pissin with different designs and upgrade the processor already. The Torch would be sooooo much more appealing if it could actually keep up with the Androids. I can’t wait for my contract to be up so I can jump on the Droid band wagon. That’s where the future is. I could care less if my freakn screen or keyboard can flip several different freakn directions. C'mon now!!

Focus on what you do best...an amazing corporate phone. If you intend to compete in the consumer sector you CANNOT do it with something like this. Let me guess...a 624MHz processor.

This device has already been created by LG. No one want's complicated movement on their phone. Just make a Torch that slides up in when turned landscape with a 4 inch screen like the Samsung Galaxy line and you're in the hunt RIM. I wonder who are the product designers at RIM? I don't think RIM values the feedback from the American public because I know this is not something we asked for.

Wow nice to see RIM working hard on going retro.
Now if they could only find time to make their OS better oh wait a minute they did...OS 6, that does not run on my 3 month old device.

This is reminiscent of Nintendo DS. But what is the purpose of having two touch screens, other than, let's say, gaming? Of course you could consider TV option where you can watch TV on one screen while typing out e-mails or browsing internet on the other. Or Video Call with one screen and type on the other one? Technology is evolving but basic ideas are still being used.

Approximately 80% of Japanese mobile phones are flip-phones with rotatable screen. You flip it open and then rotate screen - not necessarily around its axes but rather from vertical position (portrait) to horizontal position (landscape). The keyboard stays vertical.

This specific form factor might be adressed to the Japanese market, as almost all Japanese people like it. Same goes for the separatable parts (screen from keyboard). This has been done for years in Japan. The newest model I know of is Docomo F-04B which is about 9 months old - and it was BADASS. I'm sure there are newer models by now.
So RIM's idea isn't new at all. I wonder what exactly RIM trys to patent here.
Watch some typical Docomo and Softbank phones on youtube and you will know what I mean.

I believe that this design will take out the professionalism from the Blackberry classic design...
it'll make Blackberries look like other cell phone companies... Which is bad :(... cause BB are too "beautiful" to me in the same category/level as Samsung/LG/Nokia/Sony-Ericson... Which is also Bad D:

The first thing I thought of was their touch pad device. I think it would be cool if it had some sort of slide out or plugin keyboard which I think the ipad lacks and looses viewing area. Plus they could name it blackberry domino

It's funny, I was thinking recently that my dream device might be a Blackberry with a horizontal-keyboard form factor! If this is anything like a cross between a Sidekick(with it's swivel screen) and a Blackberry, I would be VERY interested.

Is RIM's "R&D" run by 6th graders w/crayons? Wasn't the competition from Apple and Google supposed to make RIM better? Looks like they've curled up in the corner in the fetal position sucking their thumb.

I wonder what RIM could put together with these designs? Hopefully it will be something that is well liked. I still hope T-Mobile will get the Torch though!

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