RIM partners with TomTom for real-time traffic data and mapping

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By Adam Zeis on 8 May 2012 09:32 am EDT

RIM has announced today a partnership with the well known mapping and navigation company, TomTom. TomTom offers real-time mapping, navigation and traffic data and will now power the popular BlackBerry Traffic application. This is a sure sign of good things to come on the navigation front for BlackBerry 10, and I for one can't wait to see what's in store.

Press Release

NEW ORLEANS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--TomTom today announced that Research In Motion (RIM) is using TomTom's award winning real-time traffic services for BlackBerry® applications. BlackBerry® Traffic is now powered by TomTom HD Traffic, giving customers access to the most accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date traffic information on the market. Additionally, TomTom maps and location content is used in BlackBerry® Maps, and for BlackBerry® Locate Services, which gives 3rd party software developers access to the mapping and traffic information for their own apps.

"Through our strategic relationship with RIM, we are enabling the future of mobile travel with powerful location content and real-time information, including HD Traffic," said Nuno Campos, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for TomTom Licensing. "TomTom's market-leading real-time traffic information will provide BlackBerry customers with the best mobile travel experience."

"We're thrilled to work with TomTom to leverage their industry-leading traffic and travel content for BlackBerry Traffic and BlackBerry Maps, and to enable access to those capabilities for BlackBerry developers as well," said Martyn Mallick, Vice President, Global Alliances and Business Development at Research In Motion.

According to a recent study, TomTom's traffic information saves commuters 50 minutes of travel time per week or approximately 40 hours per year. With HD Traffic, BlackBerry customers will be able to select the best route to their destinations in an effort to not only save time but also fuel.

Source: Business Wire Via: TNW

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RIM partners with TomTom for real-time traffic data and mapping


LOVE BB TRAFFIC! This is going to be great!!! They're also enabling the Tom Tom features through APIs! Looking forward to this in BB10!

BB Traffic is GREAT. It's only big problem is that it doesn't have an intergrated map. This will fix that :)

I had a feeling something like this was coming when Thorstein said that RIM is not a mapping company durring BB World

A good first step to a comprehensive mapping a navigation app. The fact that this is 3 years overdue only dampens my enthusiasm slightly. Pat on the back RIM.

Have to agree, BB Traffic is great !!! I use it all the time, missed the maps at first, but now, I couldn't care less. Hopefully future updates will allow us to turn maps on or off. I can see maps being handy at times, but for the most part the turn by turn, traffic alerts etc. are all I need. My garmin now sits in the closet collecting dust :)

Personally like GARMIN lot better, BUT I am VERY VERY HAPPY to see this partnership with RIM & TOM TOM!!!

It's so refreshing to see RIM open up like this :D - Cant wait for BB10!!!!

Ian B
Bold 9900 & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

Garmin doesn't have their own maps. So the only other way they could have gone would be Navteq which is owned by Nokia.

Well, TomTom has support for various languages. I would HOPE this is what RIM needed to make it worldwide...

Wow this is big!!! Rim is going for the gusto!!! Love it!!! I am now officially hugging Thorsten's Nutz!!! I'm very proud to say that! Go Thorsten! Take us back to the promise land!

Even before DASH was bought up by RIM --- DASH already killed its own GPS hardware business and went into the API business --- which RIM bought DASH's API to turn into Blackberry Traffic app.

TomTom is supplying the map and the traffic data --- which TomTom paid $4.2 billion for when TomTom acquired Tele Atlas.

I saved 35 minutes this morning with a traffic detour from Blackberry Traffic.

I'm not kidding.

I love this app. It'd be a slam dunk if it paired with the maps - but as long as i get turn-by-turn via bluetooth, it's good enough to never get lost - and never be later than you have to. :)

I agree, this is a killer app for blackberry's and so few people know about it. It's saved me countless hours so far.

Add to that, the fact that I can take my 9900 off the charger in the morning, use BB traffic (which uses GPS, backlight on all the time, data and bluetooth) for an hour each way on my commute and still have battery left at the end of the day, is nothing short of amazing. It is the sole reason I will not move to another platform any time soon.

The traffic app is pretty nice as it is. Hopefully this will make it even better. I would have preferred Garmin, but Tom Tom's a nice partnership too. Can't wait to see what the BB10 Traffic app will bring...

I love & prefer Garmin too....HOWEVER I was in NYC last month for a week. We were driving around NY in our rental SUV & were using both a TomTom & Garmin GPS. The TomTom kicked Garmin's Ass. It was just more precise..........An interesting note. When it came to finding stuff My BlackBerry was better then either of the GPS's....Once we had the street address of whatever we were looking for we would put that into the GPS units as BB doesn't (currently) have a turn by turn map...

At the 2011 BB World, didn't Balmer come on stage and they basically indicated a partnership between RIM and Microsoft, which I thought included Bing Maps (which comes stock on the PlayBook). So I thought they would be killing BB Maps in lieu of that. I thought maybe that was why BB Traffic didn't include BB Maps (because it was going away). This announcement sounds much better.

A few weeks after that announcment was made Microsoft screwed over RIM & announced a Nokia & Microsoft secret deal that meant that Bing maps would start using Nokia maps & 3rd parties who used Bing Maps would have a Nokia logo on their maps............I bet RIM was pissed at that...why would they want to advertise the competition?

About bloody TIme. I sold my Bold 9900 because it only had Wisepilot for the U.K., which is utter bollocks and requires a constant daa connection. went back to a Nokia E7.

RIM need to get an offline maps option included for Europe or its not worth toffee as we roam so much. Nokia nailed that years ago and it's kept them a boatload of users who would otherwise have switched.

i got around the constant net connection by using a mifi portable hotspot but cached all the maps there and set it as a personal server. One it worked and my mas were good, two I never used any data charges... But a TOMTOM gps on BB would be nice, bring it to the playbook.

"Additionally, TomTom maps and location content is used in BlackBerry® Maps, and for BlackBerry® Locate Services, which gives 3rd party software developers access to the mapping and traffic information for their own apps."

"We're thrilled to work with TomTom to leverage their industry-leading traffic and travel content for BlackBerry Traffic and BlackBerry Maps, and to enable access to those capabilities for BlackBerry developers as well,"

Quotes taken from TomTom's website. So, yes!

Has tomtom finally switched over to navteq maps? If not they should have left traffic alone which used those maps since tom tom flat out sucks! Just my personal opinion/experience.

Will this be available for BlackBerry users in Mexico? or US (and sometimes Canada) only?

There's no reason for this not getting released here, since TomTom portable GPS car navigation systems are available here, hopefully RIM will start looking to give this kind of benefits to users outside the U.S. too.

I use Google maps on my 9800, i hope that Google brings their maps natively to BB10, but that is looking less and less likely. TAT and RIM really need to implement their Horizon 2D-3D Map concept with the TomTom BB10 apps

Here's to hoping that there will be some true innovative integration between Maps, Traffic, and Travel. All RIM made apps really.

I would have preferred Garmin just because of my own personal preferences, but I'm thrilled none the less! I want to be able to use my Playbook or BB10 device for automotive GPS and this should finally be a reality soon. Heck of a job Thor, you are making me more and more optimistic about RIM's future every day.

Both of those used the navteq mapping. Garmin you had to keep updating to get the newer maps while traffic didn't need to be updated it seems. TomTom uses TeleAtlas which is good for overseas but sucks for North America.

Love it!
This is totally the right move!

The other bits they need to be ready for BB10 launch:
1. Skype
2. Whatsapp
3. Amazon MP3
4. Kindle
5. Instagram
6. Google Map
7. Pulse / News 360
8. Flipboard
9. Flixster
10. Zeebox
11. Path

I think that's it. haha

This is great news. But why do you think a picture of a GPS would be a photoshop? It is just a picture.
/Device agnosticism or bust!

BB traffic was already great. Now it will be even better. I hope this comes to OS 7 as well though, not just BB 10

I hope this will BB traffic to India and other Asian countries. Bring it on RIM. Tiered of using third party applications (Google maps)

I hope this will BB traffic to India and other Asian countries. Bring it on RIM. Tiered of using third party applications (Google maps)

I think it's pretty cool to read the comments and see posters from Mexico, UK, Asia... I'm sure even if it is initially only rolled out for Canada/US, they must eventually add international support too

EDIT: I was wondering when this would be available, I just looked at the "About" in Maps and Traffic and both say "(C) 1984-Present, TomTom" so it's already in there... Well I'm still hoping for integration of the two so that I can have both a map and the voice guidance in one app...

If you hit the menu button in BB Traffic, select options and then select about, it tells you right in there that the program is TomToms. So how is this news? Was BlackBerry just stealing the program before?

I know its VERY unlikely to happen would be awesome for netflix to work on...BB :( Anyway this is exciting news and I'm VERY happy to see this

For me to switch from Android back to BlackBerry I would need something as good as Google navigation. I do want to switch back! Do it RIM!!!

Hey that's great news. I was thinking that mapping/navigation was something that had to be spot-on in BB10. Dump BlackBerry Maps, and put mapping into BlackBerry Traffic with TomTom. Looking good, RIM.

App wishlist for BB10:

an SSH client
BeBuzz (or have that kind of functionality baked in)
RSS Reader
Podcast App
Files & Folders for BB10
Profile Changer (or baked in)

No doubt, just as with the existing BB Traffic app and the Podcast app this will be North America only which for me is the biggest problem with RIM and their attitude to the non North American customers. We have been shown such massive disrespect that you wonder if they are deliberately trying to alienate customers.
If they are going to make this worldwide then they need to tell us that.

I'm excited to hear finally RIM is getting a REAL Navigation app but I have 2 concerns: 1) I really hope you don't need data to use this as it would suck if you're travelling and you're somewhere where you're out of coverage and 2) I really hope they bring this to the PlayBook!

How does Tom Tom compare to Telenav? I've not used this before but hearing of this news and possible implamention to OS 7 device would be cause for change. ;-)

I really hope this comes to the UK. We don't have BBTraffic here yet, so have to reply on Google Maps, and Telmap (which I've just started using).

Waiting (patiently) for BB10 in the UK too.

WTG RIM!!! My favorite GPS company supporting my favourite GPS app on my favourite communications tool. :)

For a guy who's on the road every day this is a big, big win. :)))))

I hope there's a way att customers can get it on their bolds. Not being able to get garmin on my 9900 but my brother can get it on his 9930 is a joke!

You know, this is why it's no surprise that RIM's stock price is still tanking...All this article talks about is how great this deal means to Blackberry 10. Everyone's talking about BB10...why in God's name will anyone go out right now and buy an OS7 device when it's none-too-subtly currently being tossed onto the rubbish heap?

Because there are seven billion plus people in the world, and the USA is not the be all and end all...FML

When is BlackBerry Traffic coming to the PlayBook???

Imagine using your PlayBook like a gps running BB Traffic

Although I own a 5" TomTom navi and my car has navigation
I still use BB Traffic its accuracy is superb.
BB Traffic is the best and now teamed up with Tom Tom cant be beat.

Well played, nice one RIM. First pacemaker, now tom-tom.
Next, my wish list for apps and fuctionaliry
-a point of sale kiosk
- inventory management input device using camera for scanning
- upgrade acrobat to search and browse for files
- improve file management (native not third party) that allows me to change my organization criteria
- ability to view network files directly from device
- Netflix
- oscilloscope ( I have a great way to do this if there's any developed interested in working with me)
-improved text interaction. Selecting words is far too slow and clunky
-give me a job helping develop
Good work guys, none the less. Please keep it up

Love BB Traffic. I have a Garmin, but BB Traffic is much better app. Way to go RIM. Looking forward to seeing more improvements.

Great to hear this !! Go RIM !!! BB Traffic is a great app and will become ever better with MAP integration ;) very very much looking forward to BB10 release.

Seems Apple also signed an agreement with TomTom. I thought it would have been an exclusive thing with Rim, guess not.