RIM partners with Sydney based Tapit to promote NFC in Australia

By Adam Zeis on 14 Dec 2011 12:04 pm EST

RIM has partnered with NFC marketing company Tapit in Australia to promote the NFC capabilities of the new BlackBerry 7 devices. The Sydney based Tapit is known for delivering content via NFC tags, be it movie trailers, tickets, coupons or other deliverable content. During the campaign, users will be able to tap tags on NFC-enabled posters as well as tokens that will be given out by BlackBerry street team members.

"We believe NFC will be increasingly used in Australia in a variety of ways including making mobile payments with your smart phone, transferring information or even using your smart phone as a digital key," said Adele Beachley, managing director for RIM Australia. "Partnering with Tapit will allow us to showcase the power of NFC in marketing." 

NFC is a pretty big selling point on BlackBerry smartphones, so it's good to see RIM being proactive and making use of the technoiogy. Hopefully the NFC buzz will spread and we'll see much more from RIM and other ways we can use NFC down the road.

Source: NFCNews

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RIM partners with Sydney based Tapit to promote NFC in Australia


Been in Australia on business for almost a month now, and something I noticed was the complete lack of bb's floating around... EVERYone I see is sporting iPhone and a few with Android, the ratio seems to be like 50:1 (1 being the blackberry), in the Brisbane area anyway. Sydney had a few more, maybe a 10:6 ratio, and that's only during the week when the business class is walking the streets downtown. Is this seriously how it is in the land down under? I also noticed the cellular stores up hear hardly have blackberry's on display, is RIM really losing this badly in Australia?

You are not wrong!
BB do not have a good image in the land of Aus. They have the perception as being business phones and with no retail consumers users. I often get the 'do BB have apps??'

RIM also has to compete with what I call the sheep effect.... Where if my mate has one I need one. This same phenomenon was seen with the old Nokia 3300.
A great example of this is when I ordered my 9800 from Optus online and they sent me an iPhone!! That resulted in a couple of free months of service and the explanation I was given "the guys must have assumed it was an order for an iPhone".
The cellular providers also do not make it that easy to get BB, up until this year we had to wait over 6 months from launch for new devices.

BB really need to improve their marketing in australia... And to RIM australia has more than one city! Sydney is not the only city.

Wow! Yeah a few times I thought I saw a blackberry, only to take a closer look and find out it was a nokia - lol

Something I was very happy with was how cheap the blackberry service was, I paid $29 for a sim card that gave me 6 months UNLIMITED blackberry data, email and bbm. Then $19 for prepaid minutes which I hardly used. That's so dirt cheap... And that's on Vodafone H+ network... Wow I say!!!

I'm down here for a year in Perth and have been on Vodafone and Optus and might be switch to another depending on how it goes. Both don't have a great network over here. Still waiting on H+. As for spotting phones I see tons of Nokias, Androids as well as iPhones. RIM needs to get all those Nokia users switched over to BlackBerry phones. They use a keyboard, so they must like it. Get them to try a BlackBerry keyboard and they would love it.

I wasn't in Perth, but Brisbane and Sydney both had H+.... Was nice... Especially at that cheap price. I'm used to Canadian pricing, which is pretty much the worst in the world...

where are you guys at? because i live in Melbourne and second only to iphones, i see BB's everywhere. Of course you'll see alot of android phones but there are about 624 of them. not so much with the nokias down here though.

and Telstra all the way.

now all we need is for blackberry to bo so real advertising for consumers to get these phones in the market place.

Nice, except for the fact no BlackBerry is shown and, instead, a device (iphone) which doesn't have NFC is being used to "Tapit".

I mean, come on! More apple advertisement, for free and, when they don't even have NFC?

What the hell man!

Hi Guys,

Just so you know, the video posted above was an early promotional video for Tapit who are the company who implemented the NFC marketing element for Blackberry.

The phone shape and make for the video was meant to be non branded but obvious enough that consumers knew that it was a smartphone.

We're looking forward to partnering with Blackberry to bring NFC to life for consumers in the future.