RIM outs BlackBerry Bold 9790 and BlackBerry Curve 9380 - device model numbers now showing on BlackBerry App World dev portal

BlackBerry Bold 9790, BlackBerry Curve 9380
By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Sep 2011 11:01 pm EDT

On last week's RIM Earnings call it was noted that more BlackBerry 7 Smartphone Models have yet to be announced and released. On the unofficial/in the wild side we've known for a while about the upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9790 and BlackBerry Curve 9380, and now we have yet another piece of evidence that these two devices should be getting officially announced sooner rather than later. As the image above illustrates, on the BlackBerry App World developer portal the model numbers for the 9380 and 9790 are now both showing up.

Of course we've already seen plenty of stuff leak for these new devices, including a tutorial video, the UAProf document, and hands-on photos of the Bold 9790, which features a narrower form factor than the Bold 9900 which is more 9700/9780 like. The Curve 9380 is the first BlackBerry Curve to sport a full touchscreen and no keyboard, and we've seen it pop up in photos and video already. 

I know our own Adam Zeis is super excited for the BlackBerry Bold 9790. Any other CrackBerry readers out there jonesing for the new Bold 9790 or Curve 9380 to hit?

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RIM outs BlackBerry Bold 9790 and BlackBerry Curve 9380 - device model numbers now showing on BlackBerry App World dev portal


I would go for the 9790 but not if it uses the same battery than the 9900... that is the only advantage that I see together with he af camera on the 9900

I went off on this on our last podcast. I don't understand the point of the 9790 if it has the 1230mAh battery. Leave the 1500mAh one in there and then it would make more sense. 

does look like it`ll use the same JM1 battery, but reality is the screen res is lower, so it`ll be pushing less pixels, so even if everything else is the same spec as the 9900, it`ll still (in theory) give better battery life

Now I'm torn between the 9860 and the 9790. I wanted to try the touchscreen but the 97xx series form factor is so good and fits me perfectly...

Yes I've seen device already in Toronto at one of the high end retail store 2 months ago. It looks great and very thin. The guy let me swear that I didn't saw the product and asked me to forget about it. The screen looks very sharp. This great for people who prefers a smaller and thinner device.

At the right price the 9790 will be my next Berry. UNLESS a significant price drop of the 9900 makes it an attractive option...

I agree with Kevin, the JM1 battery doesn't make sense. Keep the bigger battery but upgrade the guts of the phone so its as powerful as the bold 9900 and we got a winner. I'll be sticking to my 9900 though. I like the size to be a bit bigger, especially when you got a touch screen.

hope the 9790 comes to att but i won't hold my breath cuz we all know att is a total joke. man i need to make the switch to tmobile.

I hope the 9790 has the same specs or better than the 9900! Also, I'd like more space for Apps, better battery life, and less crashing than my 9700 please!!!

I'll only get the 9790 if it gets to AT&T before the 9900. But hey they never released the 9780 they haven't released the 9900. Maybe AT&T is just anti-BOLD.

i'm curious about the resolution of screen, and what could be the usability of such a small touch screen

The 9790 is my next BlackBerry for business use as well as to compliment my PlayBook... I will be giving the iPhone 5 a try as well.

The 9790 is what I was hoping the 9780 was going to be. It would be the perfect follow-up to my beautiful 9700, to date the most ideal combination of form and function for my purposes.

Nope definitely not interested in the 9790 mainly because its too small and i love the 9900s keyboard. Ive handed my 9780 to my missus and she loves it as she has small hands.

But i just dont get RIMs thinking on this??...a touchscreen on a phone that small??...just does not compute lol...i can see it being fiddly as heck really. But each to their own i suppose.

The touch curve??...again im no fan of the curve range, loathe their keyboard but i wonder what cpu this will be running??..anything less than 1ghz will mean lag/hourglass galore.

Nah am happy with my 9900, hopefully RIM keep the 9900 line going for some time but add in QNX in teh future.

So how many devices are RIM trying to juggle at a time? 6, 7, 8, 15? An ordinary buyer looking in would think "Nah they still making the same devices from 4yrs ago? I'll pass". Why is it that when a device is superceded it doesn't stay superceded? Let's have one current model of each line Bold, Curve, Torch etc. It gives them space to concentrate on development. What are the chances of a casual buyer emerging with the right handset in this environment? Pretty slim. What does it do for the marketing team? Create chaos. The kind of thing that killed Nokia. Christ even the numbering system is now in the 9900s. Meanwhile our beloved BB are losing market share. RIM are you listening?

im happy with a non-touchscreen phone - 9780 but if the 9790 can get roughly the same battery life then that would be awesome.

9930 is 140 better than the 9790 ;-) 40 for the bigger screen and 100 for the amazing keyboard. No way I would go back.

Why on earth is RIM spending time, energy, development, and other resources to produce and then market the 9790 when they have the 9900? When the entire industry is moving to screen sizes that are easier on the eye, RIM is developing phones with the same old 2.4 inch screen they've been peddling for years. The 9900, with its bigger screen & perfection of keyboard is exciting. But RIM insists on taking one step forward & two steps backward.

The main reason RIM produced the 9790, even though they have the 9900 is to save their high margins as the PB, 9900 and 9860/9850 have reduced their margins (44% in Q1, 39% in Q2, projected 37% in Q3).

RIM is reusing existing parts that they have from their 9700/9780 models in their new 9790 model. This keeps margins higher and also gives them the ability to market this product across various markets in the world. The Torch2 has some parts from the Torch1, the Curve 9380 reuses the LCD from the Torch1 and parts from the 9350/9360/9370.

The 9790 price point will be significantly less than the 9900, it will NOT be their flagship product; allowing for greater sales around the world.

Not everyone can afford a BlackBerry Bold 9900.


I wanna see how the bold 9790 is gonna look like.. Interesting and the curve touch.. I seen leaked pics and the phone looks like but I know its gonna be low quality build compare to the OS7 phones.. But I wanna get a bold 9900 white if it comes out in the near future or ill just wait for the qnx based phones coming next year

Quite simple what RIM needs to do, simply stop taking out useless Devices like these and take the bold, increase processor, ram and autofocus camera ans stick qnx on it. This will increase sales simple as that. I came from ios and android to bold 9900 and i love this device. Just wish i didn't have to install BES to make it work properly (sync with exchange).

Useless?...not everyone needs a gigantic keyboard..my girlfriend has a 9900, because she has just upgraded from a Storm...she finds the bigger, spread out keys as a nice introduction to keyboards.
I won't be upgrading my 9780 until this phone is released in UK...

"This little guy is an update to the Bold 9700 / 9780 and brings along a 1.2GHz processor, touchscreen, 5MP camera, NFC and 8GB of storage."

Doesn't sound mid range to me, check your 9900 specs...

I don't understand the role of the 9790 either. For the money spent in it's development why didn't RIM give the 99xx series of Bolds the proper camera.

For several years, post iPhone, RIM seem to have been operating in an alternate universe, producing devices that have never challenged the android/iOS market, and only grudgingly acknowledged it with features like 3G and GPS being added.

While they continued to rely on their business customers to keep them afloat, the disparity between their products and the competition eventually led to customer's jumping ship for more exciting shores.

This year, RIM has finally responded with a bewildering array of new devices. While the 9900 has been pushed with considerable fanfare, it represents a gamble by going up against iPhone & Android head on. Given the choice, at the same price, will people choose a BB or an iPhone? Only time will tell, but I'd guess most new customers will choose the latter.

In a strategy reminiscent of Microsoft, RIM are announcing several versions of the same thing to leave no customer uncatered for. For this reason, the 9790 is the handset that could, if priced right, well outshine its big brother and give RIM that much needed shot in the arm.

I've had my 9700 for a few years & with OS6 onboard, not really seen a reason to upgrade until now. I like the 9900, but with the knowledge of QNX phones on the horizon, would prefer getting something cheaper to tide me over until then. If the 9790 can retain enough of the 9900's features with a mid-range price tag, RIM could well shift a huge amount of them, boosting much needed market share and continue doing so once QNX phones arrive.

Let's all hope this handset delivers on its promising rumours.