RIM opens third BlackBerry premium store in India

RIM opens third BlackBerry premium store in India
By DJ Reyes on 6 Jun 2012 08:11 am EDT

About three weeks ago we saw RIM open their second store in India and at the same time see the announcement that 15 stores have been proposed to open in India by year's end. The first store opened in the capital Delhi, and the second opened in Gurgaon. The third store opened its doors at the beginning of the week in Bangalore and was also attended by a couple of south Indian film stars Sumulatha Ambarish and Ruby Parihar.

The stores offer a unqiue BlackBerry experience where customers are given demos of BlackBerry services in special zone areas for both consumer and enterprise users. The store in Bangalore is located at Quick Connect, No. 542 Chirag, Indiranagar 1st stage, CMH Road, Bangalore – 56008 and is open seven days a week.

Bangalore BlackBerry Store
Bangalore BlackBerry premium store opening day

We'd love to see pictures of these stores so if you're ever in one, snap some pictures and share them with us. In the meantime you can check out a few photos taken at the Gurgaon store from a few weeks ago.

BlackBerry premium store in Gurgaon, India BlackBerry premium store in Gurgaon, India

Inside BlackBerry store Gurgaon Inside BlackBerry store Gurgaon

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RIM opens third BlackBerry premium store in India


I think once BB10 is out - RIM needs to open some stores here in cities like Chicago, New York and LA.

It's very economical to have stores in India and most other countries in Asia because of the huge difference in currencies. It is not economically feasible to open stores in North America or Europe because staffing is relatively more expensive. Plus local cell phone carriers have much more presence here via franchise stores than in India at this time.

"Plus local cell phone carriers have much more presence here via franchise stores than in India at this time."

If that was the case, Apple wouldn't have a store at every turn. RIM need to open at least 2 Pilot stores in two locations, NY and LA. Carriers and other Brick Stores partners not giving dedicated attention to Blackberry because they simply can't when they have other products to sell as well, plus you have some carrier and brick store employees who simply are bias toward certain products for whatever reason I dont know beccause they get the same paycheck and reap no benefit from this biasness over a certain product. They can increase the number of stores as they see fit. Even partnering with a Carrier to dedicated a section of their stores to a dedicated BlackBerry experience would a plus for them. Maybe teaming up with T-Mobile.

RIM having their own store, there will be no bias because the people that walk in the store is there to know about BlackBerry Products and that employee would only push to sell BlackBerry products. I guarentee that RIM sales figure would increase tremendously as now RIM can do direct sales without the middle-man and can properly educate and showcase their products like they would be doing in india.

The reason they are sell so well over there is because they opening stores and they getting the support of the carriers. In the US, they not getting it especially from bias employees.

Agreed. RIM needs to sell their services and promote their support not just their phones and tablets. I spent some time in an Apple store recently and the employees were selling me on the iCloud more than the devices iPhone and iPad. I found it very interesting, those stores must play a significant role in Apple's success. I'm not sure RIM is in a position or would benefit by opening as many store fronts as Apple but they need to connect with retail customers again beyond what marketing alone can deliver. Select BlackBerry store maybe the way to go in North America as well.

I was a bit creeped out by the atmosphere in the Apple store. I was half expecting to be served a pitcher of koolaid or see Tom Cruise handing out B vitamins. It is rare to see so many people with that much idle time at their disposal.

The reason BlackBerry sells so well in India and other places is not because they have dedicated stores.. The stores are just now opening.. The main reason they sell so well is because they are reasonably priced compared to Iphones & are also looked at like as status symbol.
I would totally love for BlackBerry to have stores in the US.. Hopefully sometime soon.. The launch of BB10 would be a good time I believe..
On the other hand if they did open stores in the US & didn't do good business the media would have a field day especially if it got to the point where they had to shut down stores.. That would be terrible
I hope what I wrote makes sense I'm extremely over tired.. BlackBerry/CrackBerry IV Life!! -+-BLD$HD+189-+-

PS.. Just a thought/suggestion.. At the launch of BB10 CrackBerry should change up the look of the website & change the name to CrackBerry10 or maybe even CrackBerry 2.0.. Lol time for bed

Third world countries like India and Nigeria are keeping RIM from flat lining. A blackberry store store will never succeed in North America.

Look everyone, more wise insight about RIM by one of the resident CrackBerry trolls. And I beg to differ about your OPINION that a BlackBerry store would fail in North America. I'd be willing to bet that a Berry store in Mexico City (and possibly the larger cities in Canada) would be successful.

The Blackberry/RIM has already failed in the US (fact) and a retail store would absolutely bomb. What bizzaro world are you living in?

Ohh.. I know.. How dare I go against the almighty JD (aka JustaDouche) 914 and his all knowing powers?!?! You know for a FACT that a BlackBerry store in Mexico City would fail..right? You know for a FACT that a BlackBerry store in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, etc.. would fail, right? You are obviously too smart for this site.. so why don't you go somewhere else? I hear Geller over at iBGR has a spot for you on his staff writing glowing articles about the Great Apple.

When was the last time (in N.America) you walked into a Samsung, Nokia or Motorola store for a phone? RIM doesn't need stores in N. America, at least not right now. They have other fish to fry here before ever opening stores.
As mentioned, opening BB stores in countries like India is different due to various differing factors not found here.

+1 on "they have other fish to fry"

For the rest of the stuff, the "fruit store" seems to be doing pretty well.

Thats the problem with your logic. RIM has plenty to showcase. Their phones, tablets, Accessories, Help Desk, along with other BlackBerry Experiences which include in-car technology and so forth. They dont need laptop or desktops to qualify them to have a store. There is no difference in North America and Europe than there is in India except in NA the media enjoy protraying RIM as inferior instead of understanding what RIM products are designed to do and do well.

Name one thing that RIM phones and tablets can't do that the other can do?

There is a difference though. A person has to want a BB before considering buying other accessories RIM would sell in their stores. The problem within the U.S. market right now is that the masses are not rushing out to buy a BB.
I live in Waterloo, Ont so believe me when I say , I really want RIM to succeed more than the next guy living in Timbucktoo.
The majority in K-W, including myself, still choose BB. We know whats out there and appreciate that a BB can do everything we actually need in a smartphone. We don't fall for the hype surrounding other smartphones.

You can take the one cutting the ribbon and the one with the 4D glasses for yourself. The "one in question" is for the community :)

Back off Jack.. I saw her first!! You can have her bodyguard, her mom (the one cutting the ribbon),and the Apple fan with the hipster glasses.

They should just have a dedicated BlackBerry Zones which are small kiosks that sell blackberry products and offer support and I would locate them within Best Buy and the like at first. No point paying rent for a brick and mortar store when you sell only 5 things. Remember apple has iphone ipod ipad macbook

RIM stores in Nigeria will help to sell more BB in the country. Prices of BB will be lower and also serves as motivation for people who need to do to buy.

I was just about to say, forget about the Blackberrys who's that in the front row!?!

This is true, I am Nigerian and this is wayyy to obvious. And India is a lovely place I hope to visit sometime, but c'mon, why doesn't America have this type of hoopla over a store opening?!? Or device party launches for bb!) ?

There are Blackberry stores in NA. I've seen at least two in aiports, one in Philly for sure. They are by wireless giant. Eveytime I fly though there I keep expecting it to be closed but it's still open. Hardly anyone is inside. I imagine they are waiitng on BB10 before making the decision about whether to shut down, or who knows maybe they'll shut down this summer prior to BB10.

I know it can't be rushed but October or November, I can't see them selling more than a handful of phones over the summer in the US. I don't blame Thor, he's doing his job making sure the product is done right, but man oh man the two pervious CEOs should be boiled in oil for not moving faster. iPhone came out about 4 years ago...

The important point is that India has a population 4X that of the United States. If anyone continues to believe that RIM is out of the game is just confused or delusional. Here is an article about 7 months old. India has twice the number of cell phone subscribers as the entire US population. And the US market is the most important????????????

Apple Cedes Surging India Smartphone Market to Nokia-RIM: Tech

Oct. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Apple Inc., the world's largest smartphone maker, is having trouble selling iPhones in India, a market with 602 million active subscribers.

Apple, which will introduce a new iPhone version tomorrow, ships fewer handsets to the world's second-largest mobile-phone market than it does to Norway. Nokia Oyj and Research In Motion Ltd. sell more devices in India, where smartphone shipments are forecast to grow almost 70 percent a year until 2015, helping mitigate their market-share losses in the U.S. and Europe.

Sales for the world's biggest company by market value are hindered because Indian wireless carriers, which started third- generation networks this year, have yet to offer nationwide services fast enough to take advantage of iPhone features, said Gus Papageorgiou, an analyst at Scotia Capital Inc. in Toronto.

“Networks in India are just not conducive for Apple -- 3G networks aren't quite where they are in Western Europe and North America,” he said. “RIM got the right product, the right timing, the right app.”

Apple shipped 62,043 iPhones to India in the quarter ending June 30, or fewer than to Norway, Belgium or Israel, according to estimates by Framingham, Massachusetts-based researcher IDC.

BlackBerry Messenger

Apple dropped 0.6 percent to the equivalent of $381.08 in German trading as of 11:22 a.m. in Frankfurt.

Apple accounted for 2.6 percent of India's smartphone shipments in the quarter ended June 30, trailing RIM's 15 percent, Samsung Electronics Co.'s 21 percent and Nokia's 46 percent, IDC estimates.

“The iPhone only really works when you have Wi-Fi,” said Kshma Shah, a 25-year-old interior designer in Mumbai. “3G has barely started in India, and on 2G you just can't have the same experience.”

The world's largest maker of tablet computers also shipped about 21,150 iPads to India in the same period, or 0.2 percent of its global total, according to IDC.

RIM's BlackBerry Messenger instant-messaging service is popular because it was one of the first, and it functions well on networks a generation behind the speeds offered in the U.S. and Europe, Papageorgiou said.

“Only a few of my friends have iPhones,” said Mahafareenn Sarkari, a 25-year-old dance instructor in Mumbai. “BlackBerry is where everybody is, so it made sense for me to be on it, too.”

RIM's ‘Wave'

RIM, which entered India in 2004, plans to extend its lead over Apple after expanding distribution to 80 cities from 15 starting last year, said Krishnadeep Baruah, director of marketing for Waterloo, Canada-based RIM in India.

“We want to ride this wave,” Baruah said. “This is really the time to expand into the emerging towns and cities.”

That contrasts with RIM's struggles worldwide, with its stock falling 65 percent this year on the Nasdaq Stock Market. At least five RIM executives have left since March, and the company sold half as many PlayBook tablets in the second quarter as analysts had forecast on average.

Nokia has more than 200,000 outlets in India and offers 13 smartphone models, Vilsha Kapoor of New Delhi-based Six Degrees PR, hired by Nokia to handle public relations, said in an e- mail.

The Espoo, Finland-based company is seeking to reverse its global performance. Shares are down 45 percent this year, and it is eliminating at least 7,500 jobs as Apple takes global market share and Asian competitors push the price of smartphones below $100.

68% Growth

Smartphone shipments in India are poised to jump almost eightfold, or an average of 68 percent a year, to 81.5 million units by 2015, according to IDC.

Apple products aren't as accessible in India because consumers can't buy iPhones, iPads and iTunes songs from company stores or its website. Apple sells through licensed resellers, including a Reliance Industries Ltd. subsidiary and Tata Group's Croma.

“Apple continues to invest in India as a growing market for the company,” Alan Hely, a London-based spokesman for Apple, said in an e-mailed response.

Steve Dowling, a Cupertino, California-based spokesman for Apple, declined to comment.

In China, Apple operates six stores, including its highest- grossing ones worldwide. Revenue in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong increased six times to $3.8 billion in the quarter ended June, Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said in July.

‘Pathetic' Advertising

Apple may be relying more on word-of-mouth among India's wealthy, said Harish Bijoor, who runs his own brand consulting firm in Bangalore.

“They don't see a big enough market for their products to make it worthwhile,” Bijoor said. “They've barely done any advertising. It's pathetic, really.”

Cost is also an issue in a country where the World Bank estimates that about 900 million people live on less than $2 a day.

The cheapest iPhone 4 costs $705 at Reliance's iStore, while the cheapest iPad 2 sells for about $603. In Apple's U.S. online store, the iPhone 4 starts at $199 with an AT&T Inc. contract and the iPad starts at $499.

BlackBerrys under $200 made up 40 percent of their shipments in India in the quarter ended June 30, said T.Z. Wong, an analyst for IDC.

“I don't think Apple is a brand for the masses,” said Ajit Joshi, managing director of Croma, which also sells other brands besides Apple. “It's a brand for the classes.”

The masses may be getting wealthier as India's new five- year plan aims for 9 percent growth in gross domestic product. India last year joined the top dozen countries with the most millionaires, according to a report by Capgemini and Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management in June.

Salaries in India also are set to rise the most in the Asia-Pacific region this year, according to an Aon Hewitt LLC survey released in March 8.

“It's a brand-in-waiting,” said Viren Razdan, managing director of consulting firm Interbrand's Mumbai office. “Apple is waiting for infrastructure and consumer maturity.”

To contact the editor responsible for this story: Young-Sam Cho at ycho2@bloomberg.net

The market in India is too shaky ! The whole country is actually quite spaced out. Totally corrupted ! I belive that's why Apple is not pushing that hard there just now. They are concentrating on China which is quite together and strictly controlled by the Goverment.
I am speaking from experience because I have been living in India and regularly go back every year.(been there 20 times). I would invest in China, not India, to sell Mobile Phones.

Thre are two points I've been trying to show everyone, one is the fact that internet connection in (most) Asia is not as fast as in western countries (http://www.akamai.com/stateoftheinternet/). That's why RIM have huge advantage than other brand in Asia. Second, Apple is way too overpriced here that's why it doesn't sell good in (most) Asia. While Android sells is very good here because they have products that are cheap so most people here can buy them.

If there are any company not setting their eyes to Asia yet then they are losing steps than other company that already made branch office in Asia countries.


Uhh... Am I the only one who noticed how amazing the model is that BB chose? Wow... That is some serious talent they have hired! :)

It is cool that RIM pushes the BlackBerry name so well. I'm glad they do. It's not called a Research In Motion store. At the same time, I'm glad they aren't changing their name to BlackBerry. BlackBerry as a brand is still strong even as RIM itself is restructuring. However, this is all good. RIM needs to get trim and lose a little fat.

I think Thorsten can do that well without losing key talent, but he needs to set the rumors of massive layoffs straight so key folks don't start packing early. I hope he is evangelizing and spurring on the troops to hold it together -- an enourmous task indeed!

Guys the hottie in black is smoking but before committing check out those man-hands......hope it's just the camera lens getting fish-eyed

Looking good! I'm feeling the new look of the stores. Open some of these nifty stores in Toronto maybe, I'll definitely visit. Maybe open a couple in China as well.