RIM opens BlackBerry Tech Center in Brazil

BlackBerry Tech Center
By Adam Zeis on 12 Dec 2012 12:06 pm EST

RIM has opened another tech center for students/developers, this time in Brazil. The center is located at the Federal University of Alagoas in Maceió - Alagoas and will provide students with access to resources including equipment, test applications, developer support and much more.

"The opening of the first BlackBerry Tech Center in Brazil reaffirms RIM's commitment to the country. We are looking to tap into the large talent in Brazil and invite them to come innovate with us to create the future of mobile computing," said Joao Stricker, Managing Director for Brazil at RIM. "By offering training and tools, a unique combination of startup culture and product excellence, we are supporting the innovation of the mobile developer ecosystem in Brazil." 

As part of the BlackBerry Academic Program, the new tech center will give students access to create and test mobile applications for BlackBerry as well as help generate business opportunities. Keep reading for the full press release. 

BlackBerry Launches First Tech Center in Brazil

The first BlackBerry Tech Center in Brazil is designed to help students and developers take dvantage of the growing global mobile ecosystem

São Paulo, Brazil - December 11, 2012 - As part of the BlackBerry® Academic Program, a global outreach and support program aimed at students and mobile application developers, BlackBerry® maker Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM; TSX: RIM) is opening the doors of its first BlackBerry Tech Center in Brazil today. The program will serve a dual purpose: to provide ongoing training and the space and resources necessary to help students and developers create and test new mobile applications, and to nurture their entrepreneurship by helping to generate business opportunities for them.

"This is an important milestone in the global Tech Center program that started several months ago. Brazil has one of the most active and passionate developer communities and the first BlackBerry Tech Center will give students and professors the opportunity to become specialists on the BlackBerry 10 platform. The center will be able to provide support to developers around the country and help generate new business opportunities focused on app development," said Demian Borba, BlackBerry Developer Evangelist for Brazil at RIM.

Maceió - Alagoas will be home to the new BlackBerry Tech Center, the first such center in Brazil, providing students and the developer community in the country with access to equipment, test applications, expert developer and technical support, and training. Developers will also be able to participate in a variety of activities and get familiar with cutting-edge wireless technology and the tools to help them develop applications and start their own business.

"The opening of the first BlackBerry Tech Center in Brazil reaffirms RIM's commitment to the country. We are looking to tap into the large talent in Brazil and invite them to come innovate with us to create the future of mobile computing," said Joao Stricker, Managing Director for Brazil at RIM. "By offering training and tools, a unique combination of startup culture and product excellence, we are supporting the innovation of the mobile developer ecosystem in Brazil."

Through the BlackBerry Academic Program, RIM is committed to strengthening the information technology industry in Brazil, broadening and empowering the local developer community, and fostering the skills and competitiveness of local providers. The project is intended to drive innovation, increase the number of local BlackBerry platform developers, and nurture local businesses growth and entrepreneurship.

The BlackBerry Tech Center will be located at Federal University of Alagoas. It will be open weekdays, has complete office facilities, and staffed by specialized technicians who can provide support to developers working on the BlackBerry platform.

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RIM opens BlackBerry Tech Center in Brazil


Some love for Brasil? Noooo... Can't be!!!!

Now give us a factory so BlackBerry devices don't cost 3x the price of an Android!

Maceió, in Alagoas state is a city in northeast coast from Brazil. It has many, many beaches with warm and clear waters. Winter is very "cold" 23-28 Celsius (73-82 fahrenheit) and in Summer between 31-35 Celsius (88-95 fahrenheit ). So Maceio is a eternal summer for Waterloo standards. Long life for BB.

Torch9800 - 2 PBs 64/32 GB in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

Thanks Message

As everyone knows, yesterday we launched the BlackBerry Tech Center in Maceió-AL, located at Federal University of Alagoas (UFAL), coordinated by the Laboratory of Pervasive and Mobile Computing (COMPE), where I'm the director and the Computing Institute (IC), sponsored by BlackBerry/RIM.

Today, at December, 12, 2012, I would like to expressed my sincere thanks.

In October 2012, RIM launched a campaign called "10k Reasons to Believe". People should describe a reason why they believe in the success of the new BlackBerry platform, the BB10. I, Demian Borba, Rodrigo Peixoto, Márcio Ribeiro, Evandro Costa, Marcus Braga, Larry McDonough, Nicholas Fazio, Gustavo Costa and several others show precisely why we believe in this success. We easily let people know how happy we are with this historic achievement for IC/UFAL and for our state.

In informal conversations with Larry yesterday, I could tell him, "I had the opportunity to participate in the World BlackBerry 10 in April 2012 and the BlackBerry 10 Jam Americas in October 2012. I also had the opportunity to win some competitions and we know that this is very exciting. Both events were fantastic, but it's different for those who participate and those who only listen to talk about. The better is to feeling how these events are, the great energy and smart people we can interact with. Considering this, our proposal for the opening ceremony of the BlackBerry Tech Center was to make people feel what is the BlackBerry proposal, while showing the world what our institution can offer. I'm sure we reached our goal, mainly because we realized that people feel a very positive energy that will be always present in our Tech Center."

As the professor coordinating BlackBerry Tech Center, I'm very happy to be able to contribute effectively in the process of helping BlackBerry by promoting various research and development opportunities for our students and professors. To start, I can quote the exchange of students in our Tech Center BlackBerry and others around the world, starting with the Plug 'n Play, recently opened in Silicon Valley, California, USA, in addition to receiving students from other centers.

Like us, many other persons, such as the secretary of science and technology in the state of Alagoas, Eduardo Setton, and the magnificent rector of UFAL Eurico Lobo, also have 10k reasons to believe that our BlackBerry Tech Center can help people to achieve their goals and BlackBerry to become even better.

Warm regards,

Leandro Melo de Sales
Professor at the Institute of Computing - IC / UFAL
Laboratory of Pervasive and Mobile Computing - COMPE
BlackBerry Elite Member
BlackBerry Tech Center (Maceio / AL / Brazil)

Is Brazil in Europe? Just saying. And to think that the masses of Brazilians that will be buying a BlackBerry will be of the non European hue.

Wow! This is quite cool move from RIM betting like this on the brazilian market and on its developers. There are good chances of profit for everybody involved. I hope it works very well.

The only thing I hope it doesn't happen is that the COMPE and IC/UFAL turns into a RIM-only education institution. It would be sad if a young student joins the University to become a Bachelor in Computer Scientist but becomes a RIM Specialist instead. But this can be avoided if IC/UFAL offers a proper academic curriculum that favors the student over the enterprise.

This could bea challenge to achieve because some public brazilian universities have quite limited budget from the government to split between its faculties; so they must get external funding. And then when the companies come with the money that the faculties desperately need, they kind of become the "boss" that guides - or misguide - the institution.

Let's hope RIM doesn't become the "boss" enterprise that dictates what the institue must do in order to keep the cash flowing. But like many other out there, I believe.

Congratulations Mr. Leandro Melo de Sales. Meus parabéns.

Dear Billbsb, your words are very important.

As a leader of this tech center and professor at Computing Institute and director of COMPE Lab, I really wish to make our students develop their skills learned during the computer science couse in context of our tech center. At the same time, we know that they are very excited to what is happening here and we need to use this great moment to celebrate and make them know that we can even better.

Our course is the 2nd best course in computer science of the northeast of Brazil and the 27 best computer science course of 347 courses in Brazil, based on ENADE rank. We are working very hard to improve this even more. With this in mind, we really want to make our students ready for the market, be prepared for any company and/or project context. We don't want bosses, we need partners.

This is our view for the tech center and RIM knows about this. I'm very glad to read your comments as an advice for us to keep in mind that we are an education institution so that we have to prepare our students to become better in both professional and personal aspects of life.

Thank you once again and we when possible, keep in touch and visit our laboratory.