RIM opens a dedicated after sales service center for BlackBerry users in Indonesia

By James Richardson on 5 Sep 2012 01:34 pm EDT

We all know that the people of Indonesia are mad about BlackBerry and the platform holds the number one spot. We saw how crazy they are when Kevin went to Indonesia and was flabbergasted to see how many BlackBerry retailers there were inside shopping malls. RIM already has 56 BlackBerry Expert Centers in the country, but it seems they are kicking off some extra help in after sales service. Located in the Duta Merlin complex in Central Jakarta, RIM has opened a dedicated center specially designed to help BlackBerry users with after sales enquires.

All electronics tend to go wrong at some point, and Research In Motion is at least being pro-active about this as the Expert Center will provide consumers with dedicated repair staff to try and ensure that problem handsets can be fixed on site rather than being sent away -- which is still the back up plan.

It is fantastic to see this level of commitment from RIM in one of their strongest markets. I would love to see something like this here in London but only time will tell.

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RIM opens a dedicated after sales service center for BlackBerry users in Indonesia


im sorry to say there isnt enough tech support people in the world to solve that problem. I should know i had to support worldwide working at RIM Waterloo head base only country to give me issues day in and day out was US. other countries are amazing to work with they are not snobby and accept help when its needed.

As Indonesian, I see this move is too late.
More than 60% BlackBerry devices in Indonesia sold from a 'grey market' distributors.
While they not officially or authorized by RIM to sell BB devices in the market, they got legal permit to sell.

At first, BB devices sold by carrier, but since the demand is TOO HIGH, such 'gray' distributor came. RIM came out late. As, perhaps, they didn't see the potential market growth in Indonesia.
I am happy to see they open dedicated service center like this. But as you can see from the video, it only covers devices sold by authorized dealers.

That's why it's common to see people in Indonesia using BB devices with US or Canada carrier logo (AT&T, T-Mobile, Rogers, Sprint, Verizon, etc).

That's why I'm able to purchase my old Curve 8330 (from Alltel) and Bold 9650 (from Verizon) while both wasn't officially supported by our CDMA carriers. (Only 8330m and 9630).

Wouldn't it be great to see such centres open up around the world. Too many of my friends don't know the great range of products that are available in the BlackBerry range as most carriers try to push the cheaper models. Apple has done well by showing off what they do and by offering good support - go on RIM, do the same albeit on a smaller scale.

when u come to Indonesia Kevin?let me know because i am here and ready to guide u in Indonesia. As u know that Indonesia is the countries which has lowest satisfaction level for Blackberry after sales service. Most of us feel we are just only ordinary customer who could pay for blackberry without guaranteed for the service centre. For example, my friend has a 9780 bold and it has broken 3 months ago, it has been complained and fixed by blackberry centre, but they gave refurbished device to my friend. What is the indicator? there were so many people that add my friends bbm and he did not who is them...i think RIM should pay attention for Indonesia service centre or we will try migrate to others...

Where is the survey or report that says it has the lowest satisfaction level? I would like to read it! Also its pretty common for manufacturers to replace any "broken" device with a refurb product even in the U.S. The point here is that manufacturers guarantee that you get a working product but does not guarantee you get a brand new product. You may be lucky if you get a new product but don't expect it. Its like winning a lottery and if you are lucky, you win it but you shouldn't say its lousy if you didn't win the lottery.

Having said that, I do understand your frustration. Do note that these service centers are not operated by RIM directly (correct me if I am wrong) but they outsource it to TAM. Try to call their service center printed on the box of your phone and you'll discover how unprofessional they are by the way they pick up the phone to the way they talk to you.

But I am glad that at least they are doing something, working towards a better future for Blackberry in Indonesia. Next we just need to complain about the network providers not delivering up to their QOS.

dduuhh.. Indonesian talks to indonesian but not in bahasa. hehehe.. kidding.

Appriciate if I can buy PB 64gb from official distributors these days.
last time I check, PB 16gb around Rp5 million, (currency rate Rp9500/USD)

hhmm.. so it is common that replacement unit come from refurb unit #sshhh

at that time you just saw the grey market :) you should check out the black one too Kev..
also the market of used/second-hand blackberry devices, refurbished devices (not handled by factory or appointed agent) .

Kevin I am in indonesia right now on java ( in carita, seeing krakatau tomorrow). I am going back to jakarta on saturday. Can someone please tell me the closest place to the jakarta airport that has an actual blackberry store? I live in, and my hometown is waterloo so this facinates me that there is blackberry stores.

I'm not Kevin (*doh), but will gladly to help answer your questions.
There are currently 3 locations where you can find official BlackBerry Lifestyle Store in Jakarta.
First, is in 'Mal Kelapa Gading'
Second, is in 'ITC Roxy Mas'
while the last one, and the biggest, is in 'Gandaria City'.
The closest one to the airport is in ITC Roxy Mas, but it's always crazy with traffic and the environment is so crowded there. If you chose to go there, you can also see lots of stores that sell BlackBerry devices as it is the number one place to get smartphones.
But my suggestion is, you better check out the one at 'Gandaria City'. Not only it is the biggest in Jakarta, it also have a more friendly and comfortable environment.

Enjoy your stay, and hit me up in the forum (PM me) if you need more information.

mantep cuy
kemarin ane abis klaim apollo TAM
gara2 lampu kiped ga rata
semoga ga lama2 deh
dan kalo di swap dapet unit bener2 baru