RIM Acknowledges BlackBerry Curve 8520's Existence; Shows Up on BlackBerry.com Website

RIM Officially Acknowledges 8520's Existence!
By Bla1ze on 27 Jul 2009 03:02 am EDT

*Update* - Press release now available.

Despite that fact there is still no "official" press release for the device, RIM is openly placing the BlackBerry Curve 8520 on their main site as well as on BlackBerry.com. They have also posted the BlackBerry 101 demo for the 8520 as well. By now we all should know that T-Mobile will be getting the first trackpad device on August 5th --still no word on a Canadian carrier though which I find rather disturbing. But from the landing page RIM is touting "out of the box" Mac compatability, which really does not jive with the information regarding BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac which is rumored to be arriving in September --or will it be sooner?

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Kevin Michaluk

Wow - Looks like RIM flipped the green Send key... like we've seen on the Storm 9550 so far. Pre-production models had them both facing downwards, but now green faces up.


I'll be crossing my fingers for an earlier release of Mac DM!


Good for entry level blackberry users...


can't wait to see what this trackpad is all about