RIM Official Statement Regarding Rumors of Poor Battery Life on the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Dec 2010 08:42 am EST

RIM Statements

Wow. RIM has wasted no time in squashing the rumor that popped up the other day about rumored poor battery performance on the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook. So says RIM:

"Any testing or observation of battery life to date by anyone outside of RIM would have been performed using pre-beta units that were built without power management implemented. RIM is on track with its schedule to optimize the BlackBerry PlayBook's battery life and looks forward to providing customers with a professional grade tablet that offers superior performance with comparable battery life." 

The original story/rumor traces back to Kaufman Brothers analyst Shawn Wu who claimed the battery life wasn't yet up to par with the Samsung Galaxy Tab or Apple iPad, which could see the launch of the PlayBook delayed until May. Looks like this isn't the case (I actually held off on blogging that original story as I didn't think it was an accurate statement and to be honest have way more faith in my sources than Wu's). Awesome to see RIM put this out there just like that. They obviously have a lot riding on the PlayBook and new QNX-based BlackBerry Tablet OS. So far everything about both the hardware and software has been really positive, so I'm glad they killed this negativity immediately.  

PlayBook Release Date Update: As for the release date of the BlackBerry PlayBook, which is the big question on everyone's mind right now, hopefully we'll learn more next week at CES in Las Vegas. CES is the biggest electronics show of the year, and CrackBerry will be there reporting back the news. We've already seen the PlayBook show up at Developer sessions, so we're hoping to see it next week in Vegas for ourselves finally. RIM promised first calendar quarter delivery, which gives them until the end of March to deliver it without being late. Personally, I'm *hoping* RIM will kick off the marketing efforts for the BlackBerry PlayBook with a half-time commercial at the Super Bowl.  Think about it... Black Eyed Peas are the half-time act (RIM loves the BEP), and football is all about having a playbook. It would be the perfect place to start advertising. The Super Bowl this year is February 6th, which is coming up fast. If I'm right on this theory, RIM would have to start actually selling the device not too long after the advertising starts. Worst case, by end of March, but hopefully sooner. All I know is that if April 1st hits and I don't own my own PlayBook, I'm gonna be pi$$ed!

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RIM Official Statement Regarding Rumors of Poor Battery Life on the BlackBerry PlayBook


RIM knows how to make a comeback and make quality products. We won't listen to the doubters and haters. When the Playbook reaches the hands of the real Crackberry addicts the truth will be told and RIM would have done it again.

Come on Kevin, you KNOW you are getting your review unit a LOT sooner that most of us regular folks! ;) But I know what you mean. ;)

I agree with Kevin, I want this thing soon! April 2nd is my birthday and if I haven't gotten myself a birthday gift by then(I'm getting myself the PlayBook) I'm going to be very unhappy with RIM!

I am hoping for earleir than March.

I have deliberately not purchased any other 7" Tablet as I am waiting for the Playbook.

ALthough I have been seriously considering the jump to Android, I am hoping that the combination of my Torch and the Playbook will keep me in the BB camp.

Am also hoping that 2011 sees the QNX OS on RIM smartphones. I want more from my BB and from all appearances, QNX could deliver in spades!!

I would love to get this for my boyfriend's 21st, which falls on March 23rd, so *fingers crossed* for an earlier release. That would just make his birthday superbly awesome!!

April 20th is my birthday, but hope to have this before that date. We are hoping to use this for in home and walk in sales presentation program.

I'm getting my family in the USA to get this, use it for a bit themselves (so that it looks used), and then pass it onto me (after I pay them back for it). $499 is probably round about £310-320 so that'll fall quite nicely. Depending on how much birthday money I get, I might even ask them to top it up to a 64GB $599 one.

I guess "comparable" is the key word. I'd be expecting 8-10 hours of battery life. RIM has been slow to see phones and therefore probably tablets as batteries with tiny motherboards attached. 10' is the size of the iPad as they couldn't go any smaller while fitting their two huge batteries in it! I think if RIM can pull off a smaller tablet with genuinely "comparable" battery life it will signify a real hurdle overcome for RIM that will indicate leaps in their cell phones too.

RIM should pay attention to the facilities on BBPB (BlackBerry PlayBook), because the rumor said Apple will release iPad 2 on April 2011... Until now BBPB is the best tablet ever! (well just seeing those on youtube), but we haven't heard about iPad 2...

Hope it will be a blast.... A free tethering from phone to BBPB would be another kick in the ass for the Apple...

The media is itching for a playbook vs ipad 2 fight but we already know how that will go. Even if playbook blows apple out of the water ipad 2 will "win" becuase it has more apps.

What is really important for RIM is the corporate sector. For this the playbook needs 6 to 8 hours of Run time. For most tasks.

BTW if the short battery time is because it can play full HD movies in the back ground while surfing the web that's just stupid anyway. Even a moron wouldn't do that. It's cool that it can, but let's not be ridiculous.

It would be good to get this out by March 1. Not good if Playbook gets trampled in the ipad 2 hype that is sure to come. Again I say I hope RIM ad budget for this thing is a billion $$$ i.e. total media saturation.

The iPad will NOT have more apps than the PlayBook. Because the PlayBook will run Flash, it will have access to apps and full websites that the iPad cannot access at all.

This whole "app" thing flies in the face of modern computing and is just a "hiccup" in the ecosystem. The future will be web-based, not app-based.

Agree but it will not be reported that way. It will be reported that the playobook has a few hundred apps at release. That's why I say RIM will need a blanket marketing campaign to blow through all the biased apple hype.

this thing is taking to much time to roll out! my friends have tablets and i keep saying,"Iam getting bbpb" how lame is that!! while thier playing with thiers!!!!!!!!!!! COme on already bb crap or get off the pot !!!! IT'S MY BBPB AND I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is very simple for me... I thought the Storm was supposed to be the wholly grail. It was not. A good phone but no where near a masterpiece. Two years have gone by and HTC, Apple, Motorola, Microsoft, LG and Samsung have leaped forward. The market is now flooded. Two years is a lifetime in technology. If the next BB devices are not carrying two years worth of development - I'm done. If I hear more talk of a smittly little 5 meg camera, I'll actually be thankful that RIM made my choice easier to go away! I also feel they made it a double whammy for themselves with risk. Now, I have to decide if BOTH the Playbook AND their next Smartphone are magical or I will get niether!


I've worked in and with crappy companies enough to know that there's a good chance RIM will not move forward and in fact may crash if they don't get rid of Basille and Lazardis. The idiocy of those two is and will continue to corrupt the moral of the staff and progress of the products. I'm sure staff had been tolerating the stupidity of those two for a long time - but after Basille publicly stated, after the release of the Storm 1, that it should be expected to be the norm that devices are released with bugs - the staff probably started feeling their embarrasment and value drop! If you're a developer working for RIM and looking for another job, whose gonna hire you if you willingly worked with a company that has that attitude? I had excused that statement as a BB lover... but... lately... I'm beginning to feel like a cheap date to RIM. If RIM brings me diamonds in January, then they have me heart and sole. If not, well then, I'm back to the dating game and RIM will be last on my dance card.

I don't think RIM is too worried about losing customers like you so just make it easy on all of us and leave Mr Know It ALL LOL

I'm with you. Been with BB since the 8300 now have the Torch, the new phone with the old technology. I have been accepting mediocrity too long now. When I compare my phone to my friend's iphones and droids, I feel like I have a 2D phone in a 3D world. Like you said, BB has made it easier for me by not being competitive. When I am eligible, I'm probably done. As for the tablet, you would think that by releasing theirs last, it would be best, but I'm willing to bet that it's not.

you are just falling for the media hype. I've owned iPhone and BB Torch. I really ennjoy the torch and I hated the iPhone. Despite the nice graphics the iPhone just realy didn't work well for phone and email. I was also frustrated by many of the apps that just didn't work. - none of this ever gets reported.

Gotta love the BB haters. RIM knows what they are doing and I am sure the Playbook will be great. I'm sure that I will own one!

I just want them to release this so they can focus on the phone lines. I'm still baffled why they didn't make it standalone capable. Basically it would use WiFi, cellular network, or bluetooth connection to Blackberry phone.

So where is all the talk now haters. It seems any news about RIM and the PB no matter how bad or good there is a post about it and a ton of dumb people posting non-sense. I say this if you are not working directly or have some first hand knowledge of what RIM is doing than I would say nothing because as we have seen assuming anything these days about any company just make an ass out of you.

Funny, RIM responds to select, few critical comments through press releases. However, the masses are craving a bone to fall their way in the form of any information regarding the possibility of new devices.

Instead a few renegades must pass a, "RIM is working on 4 new devices!!!!" crumb through 4th-hand information scalpers to get to the beloved CB nation.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Wasn't "it's pre-release software" the excuse they gave for all the pre-release problems on the Storm, only to have all those problems persist in the final release too? I used my launch day Storm for all two years of my contract, but there's no denying it required a large amount of tweaking and installing leaked software to get it right. I'm willing to roll up my sleeves and get under the hood of the PlayBook, too, to get things running the way I like it, but a lot of other folks aren't and its their business that RIM should be worried about holding onto.

AFTER the Storm 1 came out: (notice he says 'subseqent' meaning after release.)

"Balsillie said the companies made the crucial Black Friday deadline 'by the skin of their teeth,' after missing a planned October debut. Mr. Balsillie said such scrambles -- and the subsequent software glitches that need to be fixed -- are part of the 'new reality' of making complex cell phones in large volumes"


Suck on that blind BB lovers! I am a BB lover - but not a blind one. Bring me diamonds on January 6th baby! or else...

Oh you hehehe sorry loser a multi-billion dollar company would not issue such a statement unless the analyst was 100% wrong.

get your iPad to wipe away your tears tonight.

Just a hunch I'm playing, but I have a feeling that the PlayBook won't be out on time, and if it is, it will have some bugs that will need fixing right away. RIM is banking on all of this, and when anyone banks on anything so much, it's bound to go a bit (just a bit) awry. I have a feeling that a fully working PlayBook won't be around til the second or third quarter of 2011. Here's hoping I'm wrong, but then again, who knows?

I love the way you stompped that one out RIM!!!! Keep doing what you are doing! If people like you, they will stick and if not, they will move on. That is the case with anything in life. Now, I'm patiently waiting for the PlayBook. I'm sure we will see other test before its arrival. Please hurry so I can buy one! :)

Hi everyone!

Here's my opinion on the playbook and the current BB policy:

First of all, you should know that I'm a big fan of BB for few years now, I have had all of the latest BB (Curve then Bold, then Bold 9700 and now the Torch) and I definitely hate Apple!

The thing is that I really think about living BB for other platforms (Android or even iphone). Why?

Regarding the Playbook: It's true that the Playbook definitely beat the ipad regarding specs. But when I saw people writing it will be the best tab available, it is not true: Motorola and LG will release their own tablet in the same time than the playbook. So will do other brands... And all those tablets will have Nvidia Tegra 2 platform and Android Honeycomb, the new release of Android OS which aims tablets and will be able to tether with a BB or another phones.

So NO, the Playbook will not be the best one regarding specs.

Then what will lead my choice? The apps. And I can anticipate all of you that will say, you'll have flash so you don't need apps. But on an Android Tab I will have flash too. But I will ALSO benefits from the 200,000 apps available on Android Market. I baught an Archos 70 Internet Tablet to my sister for Christmas and I've been impressed by the number of apps available on the google platform.

For what I've seen now in the video of the playbook running Flash against the ipad, it seems that flash is not running smoothly on the PB and one of my criter will be the rapidity to run everything... So it will be smooth enough to surf on the Net but not enough to run or play little games in my opinion.

With all my love for BB, I'm sure there will be only few apps when the PB will be released while there will be so many on the Android.

Another thing is what i need a tablet for? Basically, I will need it to avoid taking my laptop when I'm travelling! So it should have all the functions of a laptop on the go: surfing the web and checking my mail as on a labtop: both android and PB will allow this with flash, working on my docs (Word and Excel): both will be able to do that (Documents to go is available on both platforms), listening my music: both again will do that.

But here are the 2 points that will definitely make me go on Android: I also need a tablet to watch movies and to play a little bit on the go. And first, I'm not sure that the playbook will be able to play 1080p mkv that I'm downloading while for sure Android tabs will be.

And gaming: there is so many HD 3D games already available on Android that will benefit from the Nvidia Tegra 3D graphic chipset (angry birds that don't want to pop out on the BB platforms, Smurf village, Field runner...). Even all the classic one for the kids on ipad (Tom the cats, Dora etc...) are also already on Android... So to play Android will give me more games than BB will ever do, and that as soon as I will buy it, I'll not have to wait for developpers as I'll have to on the PB...

I will also like to have skype on it to communicate with my family: it's already on Android but not on blackberry (only for few US customers on one or two carriers but without video calls!)

So that's my point of view. For sure, I'll never buy an iPad

Then why I'm thinking about leaving my BB for the iphone too (while I'm hating Apple's f***ing marketing)?

Again because of the lack of apps: I baught the Torch with Flash in mind. But after 4 months no sign of Flash on my Torch...

I'm French and while BB is still increasing its market share in France and with so many BB you can see in Paris' streets, none of the french apps are about to be developped. All the US newspapers and radios for instance have a BB app but none of the French one are developping app for BB. While of course they're all on iphone or even on Android.

I just want to read my fav newspaper on the tube, just want to check my banking accounts (HSBC and Amex, not a small French bank!) on the go, just want to play a little bit with funny games on the go. But no, the developpers don't want to loose their time on BB platforms. And we can't blame them for that with the three BB platforms available (OS5, OS6 and QNX OS). They need to develop 3 different apps everytime!!!

So for sure Flash will be a good thing, but yet, it will not be enough...

BBM? Yes it's a really nice app and I'm addicted like everyone here. But what's app made a lot of improvment and even if the graphics are not yet that good comparing to BBM, the app works exactly as BBM now. So why a BB now then?

And a little really interesting thing on iphone : visioconference. I'm not talking about facetime that works only on iphone. But skype (again yes!) just release an update that introduce video calls on both wifi and 3G on the iphone! so I will be able with an iphone to see my family on the go when they'll be in front of the computer!

So I'll miss my physical keyboard but yet it will not be enough...

The bad thing is that I don't expect things to change... And I'm seing RIM going directly on the wall!

Sorry RIM, we had a real love affair together but I think you didn't take the good direction for keeping our relationship in the time...

What do you thing about my point of view? Am I that really wrong?

so to conclude: please don't only compare the PB with the iPad but also with Android tabs that will be there too when the PB will be available...

And Motorola already confirm they'll advertise their powerful tab during the superbowl ;-)

I think rim wil succeed with the pb. When corporate execs see death coming, they react quickly, decisively, and risk it all... Sometimes with great results. Look at palm with their pre (though that didn't really save them). Motorla came back from the brink by taking a huge risk and pulling it off gracefully. Rim I believe can do the same with their pb.