RIM offering $100 prepaid gift cards for BlackBerry owners who purchase PlayBooks

PlayBook offer
By Jared DiPane on 7 Sep 2011 04:46 pm EDT

This isn't the first promotion we have seen around the BlackBerry PlayBook, and we are sure it won't be the last, but it is nice to see RIM continuing to push the PlayBook to users. It started with the free PlayBook for developers offer, then we saw Staples giving $100 coupons, then Best Buy discounting it and now RIM is offering $100 prepaid giftcards with the purchase of the PlayBook for existing BlackBerry users.

This offer is only available to residents of the US and Canada, and is limited to one claim per PlayBook and three claims per household. If you have been on the fence about snagging a PlayBook, be sure to grab one before Sept 22, as that is when this promotion will come to an end.

More information on the offer at BlackBerryatSchool

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RIM offering $100 prepaid gift cards for BlackBerry owners who purchase PlayBooks


I think it has more to do with the Touchpad blow killing off some demand, the upcoming Amazon tab and other tablet prices coming down.

Earth calling RIM

There are Blackberry users outside the USA and Canada, and you wont fall off the edge of the earth if you looked outside these 2 countries!!

Give the other 160 countries something as well please

They can't have discounts where the device didn't start selling yet (yes RIM, we buy tablets in Brasil too). ¬¬

Other tablet makers are doing similar things so in order to stay competitive RIM has to follow suit. It's not a desperation thing.

Come out with OS 2 and then hopefully you won't have to push the PlayBook as hard and discount it.

Would be nice if RIM had some sick commercials for all that they do. Why are they making commercials just to post online and you barely see those? LOL. I love RIM and my BB but damn.. Most people don't even know about the PlayBook or new BB's.

TIme to start searching for the best deal on a BlackBerry PlayBook.
We have a little over three weeks folks, lets do it!

Right?! I'd love $100 off the 9860 I'm gonna buy (if AT&T ever releases them). I guess our discount is just the tradeup program

Awesome deal for anyone who can get one on the Staples 50% off sale. I'd love to upgrade to a 64GB for $349-$100 gift card...

Wow! I am very happy with my BB PB and so is my wife. Now, I can get one for my brother( by the way, the promotion for Stapples was only for certain institutional clients) this may be the best offer.

Either way, the product rocks! RIMM is not the best marketing organization but they did a great job with the PB.
I'm probably going with the 32GB because the 16GB got filled quickly and I can manage the rest on BlueBox or other cloud stuff.
The PB works well with the desktop manager as far as back-up goes and the Bridge app is awesome.
Hopefully, the OS 2.0 comes out in the next thirty days or so. After the android player gets released, I'd be surprised if there are any sales.

wondering if this deal can combine with Staples 50% off offer. I just ordered a 16GB and 64GB this morning.

Not RIMs fault that Quebec has it's own rules for abolutely everything and they can't offer the deal. Thank your government and constant striving to be different and considered separate, not the companies who struggle to comply.

yeah thanks gens du pays...pff
I wish I thought of moving out of here before that offer lol

so what if you bought it when it came out and lost the receipt? ahhh!!!! this is why i always save mine jajajaja gosh receipts.. they are they for a reason i guess ;)

Nope, you have to buy a new one. Doesn't count as an early adopter because apparently, RIM hates early adopters like me.

Saw that some stores have them at $50-100 off. Add in the $100 discount and that is a great deal!

Are any other current PB owners getting as MAD as I am to see all of the discounts being offered??? I paid full price for my 64GB PB at time of initial release and what's my reward for being a loyal BlackBerry customer???

There hasn't been a product in the world that doesn't get discounted months after the initial launch. Please compare events to reality before sounding off.

i'll sound off if i want to, dude. no other premium product gets its price slashed in HALF only months after its launch. can you name another 'product in the world' with a similar launch model, genius?

i'll sound off if i want to, dude. no other premium product gets its price slashed in HALF only months after its launch. can you name another 'product in the world' with a similar launch model, genius?

Man you're bitter!! I guess this should be a lesson learned for you:

1. Don't buy consumer goods/products if you're expecting ANY financial gain - they're NOT investments!!

2. Don't purchase consumer products if you cannot afford the price half-way into the warranty period.

3. If you bought on impulse - forgetting about #1/2 - then you bought a device you're passionate about. Don't blame the manufacturer following pricing trends to stay competitive -> they ARE in it for profits. That said the market swing towards the early leader and MANY users selling the PlayBook early (I sure did) because its features were sub-par and did NOT live up to the quality hardware is you're fault for not following.

All in All if you're PlayBook continues to have applications with features you DO use and you do NOT have eyes for a competing product in the same market segment then you obviously are getting bitter over either #1/2.

I currently want the PlayBook and the 9900 again ... but I need more powerful applications with better features (even if segregated from sharing data from one another). If it wasn't for learning coding for iOS I'd utilize my experience in BES support for BB's and own BOTH 9900 and PlayBook.

Of course I'm bitter. But where exactly did I express my desire for "...ANY financial gain..."? It was affordable to me so that's why I bought it. I'm expressing the same emotions any rational person would experience when the price of a recently purchased premium product is slashed in HALF. Again, tell me what other premium product has slashed its price in HALF months after launch? I'm a huge consumer of electronic products and have never had this experience before so please put your analytical skills to better use and try to impress people in another forum.

Please tell me where I can buy the PlayBook for half price???? Please provide me with a link. If you can't provide me with a link, then you're full of $hit.

Please read prior and later posts, bro. Simmer down and have a drink. Maybe have that drink while reading the prior and later posts. Sheesh. What's the matter with you?

No, we all know that we're paying top dollar to be first. Next time you should wait if it bothers you that much.

I got two on launch day and one more later for my mother in law. I never looked back or expected anything. The PB is a great product and I believe it was well worth it. We have enjoyed it.
Now that it is at a better price I am going to buy one for my brother.
I would not be upset because with tech, everything goes on sale.
I would look at it as an opportunity to give someone a great Christmas gift. Not too early to start shopping for it.

Nope, I waited and got mine at Staples when they had the $100 off coupon. Besides, I have been an early adopter on other products and then within 2 months there were discounts. Really how old are you that you did not realize that it would? This almost always happens, notice I said almost. I bought my Bold 9930's on the first day and was surprised that there was a rebate. But I know around Christmas season they will be lower, but I will have had mine and enjoyed them same with you an your PlayBook.

Not sure why people thing it's doom and gloom when there's a discount.

The PB imo was priced too high in the first place. I'd call it an adjustment more then anything.

I should have purchased my playbook when it launched. If you start to think about it, not much has changed since its initial launch. The best update has been the leaked android beta player, which wasn't even an official update.

So as usual, the early adopters get screwed. No discounts for those of us waited in lines to get it on opening day. No discounts for those of us who have been with RIM and the Playbook for day one. Anyone suprised?

What would have been nice to see is a rewards program that included early adopters - even something as simple as $20.00 credit applied to our Blackberry ID to purchase apps would have been nice and would have gone a long way to restoring people's faith in RIM to deliver on its tablet.

Oh well - live and learn I suppose. In any event, this was the first RIM product I waited in line to purchase on day one. It is also the last.

Oh before someone comments thats the risk early adopters take; Nintendo just gave all the early adopters of the 3DS credit after they announced a price drop for their failing 3DS. So companies can in fact give discounts to early adopters.

"this was the first RIM product I waited in line to purchase on day one. It is also the last."

And you say this because??? You don't like the product? If not, then you should have returned it.

I agree they should be doing something for the early adopters. Maybe a one-year subscription to BlackBerry Music or something

What infuriates me is that they won't let me try the native development kit beta, and that they would ask for justifications for it. WTF? I want to develop stuff, just let me!

I guess I should develop for Android instead and use the Android player. Serves me well for not getting a Galaxy Tab or an iPad.

I don't understand why anyone's getting upset about it being marked down half price. Try to go into Staples and buy it for half price...you can't. That was a very limited promotion for select customers. I'm a business customer and I was not able to get the deal. Lighten up.

Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

And now it is finally coming down to what the Market will bear. I personally held off because I refused to pay the same amount that the entry level iPad 2 costs, for a 7" tablet.
RIM put the initial price too high to garner any appreciable sales and it showed with the lackluster sales figures. In today's market, $350 is about what most folks would pay for a 7" tablet. When it gets down to that by Christmas (hopefully), I will buy one.