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RIM now a part of the Digital Living Network Alliance, DLNA capable devices in the works?

By Bla1ze on 15 Feb 2012 02:39 pm EST

When the BlackBerry PlayBook was first announced there was a lot of folks hoping that it would support DLNA out of the box. DLNA support would have allowed for the PlayBook to connect to various other devices so that content could be shared between them. That didn't happen though and later on down the road there was speculation that it would be added in later. RIM was never signed on previously for the Digital Living Network Alliance and because of that, they never showed up on the Digital Living Network Alliance website. Though if you look now, they are listed among all the other manufacturers. We recently caught a glimpse at some slides that showed RIM was working on wireless media server capabilities for their smartphones but we have to wonder if that will also make its way to the BlackBerry PlayBook.

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Source: CrackBerry Forums; Thanks, Superfly_FR!



another positive step.... can't wait for BB 10 and OS2.0
First :p


I've practically been assuming it WILL be on OS 2.0. This bit of news leads me to doubt it, though, unfortunately. Sounds like it's just "in the works," while 2.0 is fully baked by this point.


Can DLNA be activated via only a software update or does it require certain hardware capabilities?


Then an update MAY be released to OS 7 as well?


I hope DLNA comes as part of playbook OS 2.0


Does this mean Itunes movies and videos will be on playbook, or they still are DMR protected by Apple?


UMMMM Really??? DNLA is completely different than DMR. So no, movies and videos from Itunes will NOT work. And never will.


DLNA is a standard like metric and imperial system for calculations, DLNA is a set of rules for companies that manufacture AV devices. If a company make their products DLNA compatible, two or more products made by completely different companies can communicate with each other. Example of this would be, you can buy a Sony system and send music wireless using wifi or Bluetooth from you Blackberry to Sony.

I have a Windows Server at home with DLNA which communicate with PlayStation and xBox.


cool this should connect playbook to ps3


pretty please!!!!!!!!!


I think I just came, been wanting this for soooooo long, let me temper my enthusiasm a little


They bought NewBay so this kind of thing should be happening anyhow.
Speaking of which, what do they plan to do with those guys anyway?

Dave Hong

Would be awesome if RIM could bake DLNA support into BlackBerrys out of the box... I miss the days where I could control a TVs in bars with my Palm.


haha! That sounds like fun...imagine the fun you could have in a sports bar during a championship game lol


Sweet!!! Can't wait to see it on the PlayBook. I'm also glad they posted this on the main Page.. Definitely news worthy.


RIM, please add DLNA to the PlayBook and BB10 devices!!!


It will be introduced in BB11 and Tablet OS 3.0.


Your Moma is plugged into my DLNA right now. Trolling..trolling..trolling, kiss my a.. keep going..rawhide


Wow I don't think even my two sons that I gave Blackberry devices to are this immature. I weep for the future. As a longtime Blackberry user and Playbook owner I have found that sarcasm makes dealing with RIM's failed deliveries easier. I guess anyone who says anything negative is a Troll.


*ahum* it's already in leaked 7.1.258, still not have the certification stamp on it.


Love IT! Perfect feature for them. I Already love the Wireless music Sync on my 9850 - but this will take it to a whole new level!




I am almost certain DLNA was promised for the original release of the Playbook. Here we are nearly a year later. Really hope this happens. Can't wait to stream movies from my Windows Home Server to my Playbook.


Great news... now I can stream from my DNS-323 NAS to my playbook, just like on my ps3, but portable.


haha, this is great news. hoping we'll see this in OS2 or shortly there after. Will be one more thing knocked off my wish list :) Two more to go. Go RIM !!!


It's in 7.1! see the discussion thread


maybe these digital living people don't use email....


If you look at the source screen and actually execute the search on RIM, it says no results found,


yes, no DEVICE listed.
Yet, RIM is a member of the alliance ... You'll find on the thread several more screen shots and answers from on facebook.