RIM now offering all BlackBerry PlayBooks priced at $299 for a limited time

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Sale
By Bla1ze on 2 Jan 2012 04:18 pm EST

If, for whatever reason you've still not managed to get your hands on a BlackBerry PlayBook and want one -- you can still get one at a discounted price. Right now, on the BlackBerry website all PlayBooks are still available for purchase with the kicker being -- no matter what size you want, be it a 16, 32 or 64GB, it will only cost you $299. The date listed for the expiry of the sale is 2/4/2012 but that's still plenty of time to get your order in. Have you ordered one? If -- let us know in the CrackBerry forums.

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RIM now offering all BlackBerry PlayBooks priced at $299 for a limited time


Which sucks. I'd gladly make a 64GB my 4th PB purchase (32GB tablets for me [on launch], my Father-in-Law [his birthday], and my wife [Christmas]).

That extra C-note is enough to hold me off.

This is a strange offer, I mean who would buy the 16 & 32 gb if they are all priced the same .

In Canada the 16 GB are 199 and 250 for the 32 GB. There is tons on Kijiji sites. I have been trying to sell two for 400 so their deal is not a deal at all.

Free shipping to 22 different countries is the BIG news, it about time our international friends got in on the deals..

Hey where is that possible? I live in Germany and would love to buy a playbook at that price. Could not find a way though.Would be great if you could help me.

Why can not you buyonline from blackberry US or cdn site and get it shipped to your german address.
Have you tried bestbuy.com, futureshop.ca or amazon?

Talk about kicking the early adopters in the 'nads,,, :(
I can sort of make peace with retailers slashing prices.... but this takes the cake....
hope they get out the promised goods soon....


Just picked one up for my wife for $199CDN, 16GB. Boxing week sales. I dished out $499 on launch day. $199 is a great deal. This is what the prices should have been on launch day.

Just paid $400 for a 64GB about a month ago during the last round of big sales. Kinda annoying that now they're available even cheaper.

If u think that's annoying, imagine how all of us feel who bought it at regular price. Wish I could get a refund for the difference somehow :/

Seriously? Most technology rapidly drops in price... that's nothing new. There's normally a cost to being an early adopter... enjoy your PB and stop worrying about it!

^^^EXACTLY, 46" Samsung LED TV $1399 in April, now $799 during boxing week at BestBuy.ca
PlayBook follows the same rules of retail discounting.

RIM could keep charging regular price, and consumers could keep not buying tham, and then RIM would just discontinue the Playbook. At least they are shipping Playbooks and gaining market share, which attracts developers.

Ummm..... electronics prices ALWAYS drop, look at DVD players when they came out. No one is whining because they are $25 now. People paid $400+ for one when they came out. 3D tv prices have dropped soooooooo much within less than a years time span. Don't buy electronics if you cant hack the price drops.

As did I. The price cut from MSRP was what made me pull the trigger. Now that it's a hundred dollars cheaper, I still have no regrets. I was anything but an early adopter, but like some of them, I have no regrets about paying what I did when I did (Black Friday).

I bought one just now. Offset my cost when i bought on release online. One of the first. This will give my wife one and it softens the blow!

Is the sale good until Feb 4 because that's when the OS 2.0 update is coming out...? Dare to dream :)

I picked a Playbook up for my daughter and one for me. The device works best on plain web browser and the experience is more like a laptop than a tablet: browsing is smooth and fluid and the web pages scale evenly on the screen.

It is unfortunate that the device has had such a bad press because the build quality is phenomenal and the basic app package is adequate. If you like the Blackberry experience, you will like the Playbook.

Hi @Terry_in_Hali,

Alex from RIM here. Great call on picking up a PlayBook for you and your daughter! I agree that the web browsing is smooth, and its ability to multitask is also pretty cool and very useful. For instance, you could update your Facebook page or edit a document for work while you’re listening to a track on Slacker Radio and downloading a new book or video for later – all at the same time.

If you two need any help getting started and mastering all the PlayBook has to offer, this handy interactive guide is just a click away: http://bbry.lv/fbcgeG. Enjoy!

Alex, RIM Social Media Team

could mot agree more with you. I purchashed at $199 as well and my kids dropped it twice already but still working fine. The only catch is apps but that should be resolve in feb as well. I looked at Kindle and it does not even come close to PB.

why pay 299 when a lot of places are selling for 199 still lol
but 299 for a 64 gig is nice

Wow! Just bought a 16 New Years Eve for 199. Had i known this was gonna happen, i wouldve waited to get the 64 @ 299! Geez!

As soon as they come to Canada (which is where RIM is based, for Pete's sake) at that price, I think it might be time to pick one up.

I hate people who complain about prices lowering. It happens with everything. Items decline in value over time. Deal with it.

Excuse you. It does not happen with the iPad, 12+ months and still keeps same price and sales like hotcake. Bottom line is, if people wants to buy something and not having buyers remorse due to price drop, then buy a apple product.

Very true. The iPad 2 has not dropped in price. I think what is annoying is that RIM/Retailers are doing varying price cuts. First $100 off, then half off, then $199, and now this. They should have cut the price to $199 a while ago and left if at that price. Honestly, I only bought mine because of the Blackberry Bridge feature. Otherwise there is no real reason to go with this versus the Kindle Fire/Nook Color or iPad. Unfortunately, I don't think OS 2 will remedy any of this. :-(

Wrong. iPad prices dropped prior to the release of iPad2. So apples does drop prices on their products when it is in their best interest.


iPhone 4 prices have dropped over time.

All tech product prices drop over time. All tech products.

Early adopters like me get to use the products as soon as they are released, warts and all, and the enhancements are added and prices drop over time. If price is a concern, maybe pick up the product a year after it is offered for sale, or after the follow-on product is released. Embrace the trailing edge!

Couldn't agree more! I am also a proud owner of an iPhone4 that spends most of its time sitting in the trunk of my bike as an mp3 player! When i need something done, I grab my blackberry. I paid then, and I am still paying for my impetuous actions.

There is a difference in a product dropping maybe 10% in price because a newer version is coming out shortly as opposed to a product dropping more then 50% in price in less then a year because it was 1) incorrectly priced to begin with and 2) is an utter failure.

iPhone 3GS is free with contract. iPhone 4 is $99. iPad is over $100 less than original price. This is far more than 10% reduction, more like the typical reduction of tech prices over time. No drama, just the business cycle.

So let me get this straight. You prefer that a retailer keep prices high and not lower them as a product ages? Only lower them when they're releasing a new product? So you support companies being greedy?

Unrelated question, well sort of. Why do people insist on telling us they "picked one up for the wife"? Does that have any bearing on anything?

because when it comes to wife, everything is justified. when it comes to electronic gadgets, we men just buy it and say it's for our wives then we are excused to spend the money. ha-ha.

Trying to order one but it won't accept my order. I keep getting an "order failed" message. Anyone else running into that?

I won a 64gb on ebay three months ago. Immaculate shape with all the extras. $335.00. I am waiting for my Christmas in February ....2.0.

Don´t bother buy in shopblackberry.com Its a nightmare, when I first bought them a playbook in blackfriday, they cancelled my order a few days later.
Before that cancellation I called them and it took hours to contact with them, only they said was due to the large amount we will ship later your order and nothing. This not RIM, it is a retailer and a not good one, don't buy in there

I was thinking the same thing. If this price does come to Future Shop or any other retailer other than SBBCA I'll grab one for the house (insert wife AND kids).

I promised myself I would never order through SBBCA ever again and a promise is a promise.

after all the price drops I'm going to just tell myself that I paid extra to keep RIM running ha. At this point I don't see the reason to complain anymore. They just need to come out with 2.0 and give me a reason to buy the ten inch. I hope they do something to the ten inch that makes it worth having both the ten and the seven.

Off topic, is anybody else having issues with bbm music?

This is where the price for the 32 and 64GB versions should have been from the start. The Playbook is generally seen as a failure because the price has been too high considering what buyers are [not] getting.

TeaBoy you're a Jack*%*, your comment could have been avoided. We all understood what he/she was trying to say, that is all that matters.

CES 2012 is next week (Jan 10-13). Perhaps RIM will be making an announcement of the PlayBook 2? Clear out the old inventory this week.

OK, Kevin, where are the leaks?

Wasn't it supposedly speculated that there were over 1 million Playbooks sitting as inventory for RIM? If so, I don't think these price cuts will clear it. What they need to do is permanently price at $199 and/or bundle with an entry level handheld running BBOS10.

If this is true, wonder where these PlayBooks are sitting. The website says it will be 7-14 business days (2-3 weeks) before they are shipped. If they were sitting in a warehouse it seems they could ship them in a day or two, like units used for warranty replacements. Even overseas storage can be shipped pretty quick. Are they being assembled based on the orders? Send the lot to Amazon and let them handle the shipping!

this is not RIM, it is a retailer, dont bother buy in there, when i bought one they cancelled and it said the will ship in max 7 seven days, imagine 14 days, you are going to wait for a cancellation.

mmm i think the end of playbook OS 1, here in my country 9 of 10 young people have a blackberry phone so it is not the end of RIM, we have to wait until the OS 2 arrives and get Android apps, I love my playbook, nothing to envy the ipad, the browser is the best like a PC

I am a huge supporter of BlackBerry and paid $699.00 for my 64GB Playbook as soon as they hit the retail market in Canada. I am not thrilled that I could have bought my Playbook for half or less than half within five months of the release. I want BlackBerry to continue to grow and continue to supply leading edge mobile elcetronics. The truth is, that my Playbook is worth every dollar I paid. "Go BlackBerry"

I'm in exactly the same boat. Bought the 64GB PlayBook in Canada on launch day. I understand that technology always improves and prices drop, but lets be honest here: RIM isn't dropping the prices because technology has become inferior. And I don't like bringing Apple up since folks are so polarized in their opinions, but I recall that when Apple dropped prices on the first iPad right after iPad 2 came out, they gave a $100 back to folks who bought the first iPad in the prior month. Would have been nice to see RIM do something similar or at least give some app world credit to early adopters.

I'm in the same boat as you as well. I've been saying for the past few months that us early adopters should have been given something. RIM should have taken a page from Nintendo and given early adopters - the ones that purchased their products based on lies and half-truths I might add - a carrot to keep us happy. I recognize that products will drop, but the Playbook has dropped like a rock. Had I even waited one month from the release date, I would have knocked 100 dollars off my purchase! I am annoyed by the price drops and the lack of recognition and appreciation from RIM regarding those of us who took a gamble on the Playbook during the early days. Oh well, lesson learned - when it comes to RIM products (notice I didnt say technology products) - dont buy anything for at least six months. As the price will just fall and fall and fall and fall and fall..............................................

Sigh Blackberry is hopeless, they will never get close to ever competing with other tablets.. The constant low pricing is not because the parts inside are old, rather because most people wouldnt dare pay retail price..

I really wish i hadnt sold my ipad for this.. I just hope Playbook OS 2 is released on time with the promised features then ill be happy..

Kinda just said to myself: "wow that's a good price" and bought it.. Not positive what I'ma even use it for but it was too good of a price to not buy bahah

This makes me afraid, I fear that the PlayBook may not get long-term support and as much as the PlayBook is a capable device with lack of support from RIM and the Dev community it may just turn into dead weight.

To be honest, buying the 64GB version for an extra $200 was always ripoff, just as it is for Android or iPad tablets. The cost to RIM is WAY less than $200 for the extra memory chips, maybe $20-30, so they are probably just clearing out the 64GB versions that would never sell in volume at $699, or even $499. A good move, and there is probably an accounting reason to do so as well.

They're probably running out of 16 and 32GB versions so this is just a way to clear the rest of the stock before OS2 and a new production run with cheaper parts, so the new permanent price will be $249 or less for the 16GB I would guess.

I think some people are reading WAAAAYYYY too much into price drops. They just need to move product out to mitigate losses, doesn't mean support for the device is going to end anytime soon.

Relax and enjoy some of the positive aspects of the device until the next improvement and upgrade.

Hey guys, I am from Germany and I would love to buy a playbook for this price. Is there any way I could get it shipped here? I checked on the US and Canadian site and they do not offer it. Some guy mentioned earlier that they now offer shipping to 22 countries but where?

It seems to me that with the previous sale they probably went through a lot of 16GB inventory and some 32GB models as well. Now they are trying to move the 64GB model. I'm more concerned at the length of this deal. It will set expectations and make it harder to sell at non-discounted prices. I am curious if the date was chosen due to the OS2 release, but somehow I think it will be closer to the end of February rather than the beginning.

Still, getting the Playbook into more hands can't be a bad thing. It might prompt developers to finally get on board.

They ought to give a break to those of us who supported the playbook early on. $699.....that is what I paid. I love my PB, but really? $299 now? Way to kick in the teeth those of us who kept the PB going......

Got my 32 GB PlayBook at staples.ca in December and paid $249.00. Just checked the website and this price is still in effect. The 16 GB PlayBooks are going for $199.00. BUT, these prices are for Canadians ONLY!

- CB

While I don't mind what I paid for my 32GB PB the week after launch, I do think RIM's biggest mistake on launch was pricing, and I'd really like to know which executive can be held accountable on that.

The Playbook was unquestionably a great piece of hardware, but they had no business pricing it comparably to the iPad. Had they priced it at even $50 off, initial sales would have been much better, and the cascade of fail that ensued would have been mitigated.

Couldn't agree with you more, said it was overpriced from day one. not having native email, BBM, and calender hurt sales also. Rim should have paved its own lane for its line of tablets instead of trying to dethrone apple in the tablet business. think about all the tablet that could have been sold with the right marketing and proper pricing.

16GB $299

32GB $399

64GB $499

Sigh... the site is down. Has anyone successfully purchased from shopblackberry without getting their orders canceled and a whole lot of run around? I really wanna snag one of these 64gb.

I am starting to believe this is a big Scam!!! Website just went up again, tried to place an order for the 64 GB. It returned the same "order failed" message I was getting yesterday. I think it's either a joke or some kind of marketing scheme. Crackberry, Look into it!!!

OK first let me start that I never post on forums. I am neither a MAC Fan-boy or a Blackberry Fan-boy. However, I do own a MAC notebook and also use one for work and also use an iPad. All my Apple devices serve specific purposes and my phone is a Motorola Razr. I have been in the IT industry for 25 years and truly believe the Playbook has potential that's why I just bought a 64G Playbook. I hope I am not wrong, but for $299 it is worth the gamble. After all I lost more than that in the Casino on News Years Eve.

I just purchase a 64gb and receiver an order confirmation email immediately. I know that means very little, but my fingers are crossed that everything goes through.

I had recently bought a 32GB one from OfficeDepot for $250. I just returned it and ordered me a 64GB last night. I'm still waiting for confirmation that it was shipped and I really hope they don't cancel my order as others have experienced.

Mine now says "Inventory Hold" too. Does anyone know what that means? I don't mind it so much if it's back order as long as they don't cancel my order.

I just talked to Customer Service and they confirmed that they are in fact in back-order at this point. They didn't know the ETA but assured me that my order will not be canceled. I don't know, but I don't have a good feeling about this. We'll just have to wait and see.

Ordered my 64G on Wednesday and it arrived today. Apparently it was shipped from MA and I live in NJ. I am impressed. Now if 2.0 comes out next month I will really be impressed.

My order status now says shipped! I hope mine arrives sometime next week. Does anyone know what other state they ship from besides MA. I live in WA state.