RIM making much needed cuts in senior management?

By Chris Umiastowski on 29 Mar 2012 04:28 pm EDT

The globe and mail just reported that RIM has begun laying off high level staff.

The Globe's source said, ""Lots of high level people within RIM were let go today ... Quite a few. Big shake up."

I haven't yet heard any specific names, but I definitely have my own list of names I'd like to see gone from the RIM roster.  Thorsten Heins has clearly hinted that he would be making changes within the company, and it's clear to me that RIM needed to make more senior management changes besides the replacement of Jim and Mike.  

The company's Q4 results are about to hit the wire, and we'll be live blogging the conference call shortly.  

Stay tuned.  We'll be back with more updates as the news hits, or as we dig up details on which senior names are gone from RIM.

Reader comments

RIM making much needed cuts in senior management?


This shouldn't be a surprise to people as anytime your sales and marketing groups can't help stem the tide of bad press and a list of reduced revenue projections changes will be made. I am surprised it took them this long to not hire a new VP Sales and a CMO.

They still need a CMO to begin crafting a new message for Blackberries period. Not sure if they hired more programmers and designers but you would think that they would have people working around the clock to get the new BB10 devices out closer to July 2012 and not December 2012 if the company wants to stem the tide of bad news.

Bold 9900 7.0.590
Playbook 2.0.7091

The wait has more to do with chip manufacturers than RIM. Not that they don't appreciate the extra time for software development.

No way.  Yeah, they are supposedly waiting on chips.  But if the chip was already in volume production RIM would not have BB10 on the market yet.  They admitted as much by saying the dev alpha devices would be a repackaged version of Playbook OS.  They do NOT have BB10 ready.  Plain and simple.  The chip delay is a game to pass the blame.

Is it not normal for a new CEO to shake things up and get rid of the people he/she does not trust and who he/she can not work effectively with ? For every company I've ever worked for this is normal when a new boss takes the helm.

They should fire their facilities maintenance guy for not keeping the RIM sign in front of the building clean. Image is everything.

Don't quite understand their train of thought. Hard to speculate without actually being there. Apple is really hitting both consumers and business. Been reading that RIM is getting out of the consumer market and concentrating on just business. That really doesn't make sense. There both considerable markets. I have a Blackberry Tour on Sprint and just love my phone. Been patiently waiting for RIM to excite me with a new product. BB10 was exciting to hear and thought the debut of it was going to really get people back to Blackberry. Maybe it's the culture of having a new CEO from inside of the company instead of bringing someone from the outside. Maybe the board of directors have a different plan for the future of RIM? Milk it dry and walk away rich? If another company could get the same qwerty keyboard right it would make me switch but until then......