RIM Making Big Announcement At MWC? Enterprise Options For BIS Customers?

By Bla1ze on 13 Feb 2010 11:40 am EST
RIM Making Big Announcement At MWC?

We've been hearing for the past week now that Research In Motion was cooking up something good for Mobile World Congress. Alot of information floating around about a BIS and BES "alternative" or something that mixes the both as a free option to users that are already on BIS but still want a BES infrastructure of sorts. Seems, Boy Genius has been hearing the same stuff as well.

Anyone remember BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express? Well, going by some of the info we've been hearing and putting that along with what Boy Genius has heard. It seems as though it may be re-launched as a free and unlimited BlackBerry Enterprise Server for BIS users. Which would of course offer OTA synching, back ups and more while no longer requiring a dedicated BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Research In Motion has long been thought to not want to offer this sort of thing to its users. Simply based on the fact it could eat into Enterprise sales but I think they simply need to look beyond that and come up with an in between solution now. And maybe, this will be it. Remember nothing about this is 100% confirmed and information surrounding it has been slightly fragmented but, I guess we'll find out soon enough. Good move by RIM? Let us know in the comments what ya think.

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RIM Making Big Announcement At MWC? Enterprise Options For BIS Customers?


None of this info relates to a new browser. You won't see that at MWC maybe another acknowledgement that it exists but def not a release.

So what would be the advantages of switching from BIS over to BESX? Is there a catch? You don't sound too excited about that.

Well, if all goes as we been hearing...you gain Wireless synch to cloud and backups just like BES mostly all BES features...but you get to keep your BIS "plan" with no extra cost that would normally be assoc to BES.

It's exciting if it comes to light...but I guess I don't sound excited at the moment because nothing is sold as of yet as to what EXACTLY it's going to be. Too many iterations of what it MIGHT be and not enough calrified. If it's basically a BES with cloud storage at no charge, then I'd be thrilled.

If it meant I had to pay only $15/month more, be able to gain BES functionality without have to buy a server, I'd still be all over it.

But as you said, I'd like to see the final solution before I get too excited. However, the reals gains for RIM on this, would be in the small business segment where they would like BES functionality, but can't justify the cost beyond their own small exchange server, or don't have a server at all and use a service to host their email services, etc. This holds the potential to eat at that MS functionality which is inherent.

The potential has me really excited, but I'll simmer down until it's announced.

This would be cool. I have all the software needed to run the server express version, but I don't have a computer to spare for the server (I gave my server away to a family member who needed a computer).

I pretty much have OTA syncing anyway. The only thing I lack that I'd like to have is to have synced mail.

I wonder if the rumored changes are being done to fend off Google's attempts at getting people to use them (e.g, cloud computing).

It makes a little sense for RIM to do something like this. It'll bring more of their devices closer to doing what they are touted to being able to do. RIM could make money a few ways, such as making the sync take place every 5 minutes instead of instantly (which could be done for a price).

The only thing I would mind is if I had to pay my carrier the extra $20 per month to access these changes.

This has been my biggest beef with Blackberry over the past 2 years or so that keeps pushing me away. I have an Exchange account and Gmail, and the BB was just an inbox, nothing more. Couldnt sync my Exchange contacts, calendar, or use folders in Gmail or Exchange.

This is a SMART move by RIM seeing as all other platforms support all of that out of the box. I guess they got the news that their marketshare slipped 2% last quarter and iphone gained big with Android.

Please, for the love of god RIM, at least give us 8330m owners some assurance that it will be available for the 8330m, too.

I get emails via BIS and it takes 10-14 minutes to receive them on my BB device. If this rumored system will speed that up to the real-time of BES emails, I'd be happy.

this could bring me back to RIM/BB sooner than later... just jumped back to a Nexus One... couldn't stand the BB limitations... (non BES, I was using BIS).... Of course, they'd need a new device, touchscreen (with high res screen - NOT a Storm in its current form) with possibly slider keyboard to lure me back... but hey, anything is possible!

I have the BES Professional right now but they don't seem to be big on updating it and there is no HTML support like they offered on the original BES Express. I can only hope this is a new version of BES Express that possibly offers HTML again, and maybe this time they'll also keep improving on it going forward.

I have the BES Professional right now but they don't seem to be big on updating it and there is no HTML support like they offered on the original BES Express. I can only hope this is a new version of BES Express that possibly offers HTML again, and maybe this time they'll also keep improving on it going forward.

This would be awesome! Win Mon has been doing this for years through exchange so not having it on my Berry to sync contact, calendar, mail, media, etc. would be great! I hope its true!

The main problem I can see with this? RIM taking a year to have it released. And then many, if not all carriers taking their sweet time to implement it (assuming it's a BIS/BES update).

RIM is getting wooped on the OS front, so stregnthen what you are already best at, email. The other devices, with their pull technology and shoddy reliability on email are vulnerable to a better solution. RIM would certianly offer that if non enterprise users can get the BES benifits without needing the server. I think this is very smart.

I would love this if it comes through as rumored in the BGR link.

1) I don't need to purchase Hosted Exchange for $8 - $20/month/user
2) I don't need to pay VZW or another carrier the additional $15/month/user feature charge
3) Full PIM sync along with real time email? On my Blackberry? Without having to do the gmail gyrations? I'm loving the sound of that.
4) All this for a Blackberry hosted service on a Blackberry device. Seems like it would work. And work well.

It would be great of RIM to offer enterprise capabilities to BIS customers.
I get it why they haven't done so as of yet but with all the alternative smartphones out there, RIM has to up its game to stay on top.

How bout you give me a browser not dated from 1984 and new revolutionary devices. Give me my touchscreen/qwerty keyboard device already!!

RIM, the mobile world is passing you by....

I have been on my companies BES for the last 3 years and love it, sync'd contacts, calendar and everything else is so nice. Hopefully now everyone can share in it!

....with competitors, like Android and Palm, as well as free services and apps, BlockBuster and Nice Office, offering free back ups of PIM to a cloud for years. RIM is in a position to do this seamlessly and fast for individual users and small biz. Some of the free solutions even offer media back up (pic's, videos and ring tones)and website favorites. Some show small ads, some don't. This would be great for those who need to change devices or who had theirs stolen. Also great for small biz who want to hand their employees devices with the same info and preselected tools and info on it. Even lowering the price substantially from $15/month would be welcome. I missed my IntelliSync for my old Samsung Win Mobile devices and Treo's through VZW. Right now I back up to Laptop MS office.

RIM should leverage their server based service into the consumer side of things. Offering BIS customers remote wipe and wireless PIM backup/sync (with Desktop Manager) would be a great way to do that IMHO

If what I heard today is true, this is gonna be big...and from what I have read here and on the other site this is linked to, y'all are way way off base. If it does turn out to be true what I heard, and I have been sworn to secrecy, I will tell you if I what was told to me was right or wrong.

Would sure love this if the rumours are true. I'm on BIS (Vodafone NL) and always syncing via Desktop Mgr and then performing online backups to stay on the safe side. For my small business, this 'd be like Coke Zero; all of the fun, none of the downsides.
Ofcourse, to actually deliver on March 1st as rumoured now would go a long way to restoring faith (definately OS5.0 official before 2010, huh?). Also, I want to still be able to pass off other smartphones as kids' stuff in a years time, so get going RIM: OS5.0, OS6, browser, slider... You know what to do, go do it! Noblesse oblige...

Maybe we'll get lucky and see the grand return of BlackBerry Unite!... Except without the bugs.

This is what I'm hoping for, though I think it would be most likely that Research in Motion (RIM) will announce an Apple Mobile Me-type service, for backing-up/synchronizing data with "the cloud", available to BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) customers... It would also be a smart business move for RIM.

I support Blackberry, iPhone, Win Mobile and Andriod users. I switched from my 9700 a few months back because I was disgusted that I could not have HTML Email using BPS and there was no option in sight to update my BPS to allow it along with the fact that I didn't want to spend the $ on a full BES for my small business.

This would be huge for me and a number of my clients who are stuck with BIS only and still having to perform the antiquated process of plugging their phone in to their computer to sync it.

Come on RIM.... Show us what we know you can do!

If I still can't see IMAP folders when my Verizon contract is over and I go to get a new phone, I will be getting a phone other than a blackberry. This is a feature in 2010 I demand on a smartphone.

I hope this brings me IMAP folders.