RIM Makes Two BlackBerry Smartphones Every Second; Mike Lazaridis Speaks at BlackBerry Developer Day

By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Feb 2010 02:36 pm EST

Shortly after RIM's Co-Founder and Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis gave his general assembly keynote at Mobile World Congress yesterday (view that video), he jumped over to App Planet to talk to the developers in attendance at BlackBerry Developer day.

In addition to rallying the BlackBerry developer troops with some BlackBerry facts and figures, Mike gave some advice to developers about remembering to look for opportunities in enterprise in addition to embracing the growing demand for consumer apps. Makes sense. Whereas consumers are looking for apps to be cheap (and preferably free) businesses are willing to pay for apps that add value to their organizations. In fact, just a little while ago at MWC here I ran into an individual from the IMGA (International Mobile Gaming Awards) team who gave me the stat that apparently only 9% of iPhone App developers are actually making money right now. The vast majority are still looking at iPhone apps as an investment vs. as a money maker, which adds some validation to this notion.

One other stat that Lazaridis made note of that REALLY caught my attention is that RIM makes 2 BlackBerry Smartphones every second. Multiply that out. That's 2 x 60 x 60 x 24 = 172,800 phones manufactured each day. That would equal 15.5 million phones in a quarter. RIM's official stat was that they shipped over 10 million phones in their last quarter. My guess is that Mike Lazaridis rounded up slightly to the two figure (or maybe RIM doesn't manufacturer quite 24/7), but either way, RIM is pumping out phones like crazy. In comparison, Google's CEO Eric Schmidt yesterday during an MWC address made note that 60,000 android-based phones are being sold each day and that number is growing. All in all, it really goes to show that the adoption of smartphones in the marketplace is ramping up as is the competition. It's going to be an interesting couple of years ahead!

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RIM Makes Two BlackBerry Smartphones Every Second; Mike Lazaridis Speaks at BlackBerry Developer Day


seem like a load of crap to me. turn everything on? run all the apps on your phone & you'll have great battery? how can this guy tell so many lies to those people? if i leave a bunch of apps open on my 9700 it runs slow. my "push email" (that's so reliable) doesn't always work. i've been off 3g for 2 days now even though i haven't left my area. this guy just shelled out a bunch of bull crap & i want my BB even less now.

The point is bb will last more than a day unlike other phones. If you have issues with your 3G check with your carrier...ATT? Probably too many ihogs on the network.

Their manufacturing capacity has nothing to do with their development side and why would it, that makes no more sense than complaining that their next device is delayed because they have too many staff in their canteens.

So what is your issue...his facts wrong. Your comment is pretty pointless...really do you have a point???

Actually you're right - I typed this earlier after watching, while I had a phone call at the same time (ironically!). I had originally planned to type more than just that short sentence, sorry about that! I agree with you completely though, that comment alone by itself makes me look like a real dumb*ss; wish we could delete/edit our comments here!

Anyway, everything this guy says is all just generic salesman stuff..I agree with the third commenter. I love my Blackberry but even I can admit where it fails, and it definitely does have those areas. The way this guy talks, you would think he has something amazing to say. But then, as you continue to listen, he just shells out a bunch of bullcrap. And, having my blackberry device in my hands right now; it's stuff I KNOW for a fact is bullcrap. I've had this device since Dec '08, which isn't an incredibly long or impressive time, but neither is it too short to really judge and know what's really going on. I like Blackberry, and I like RIM, but I am highly disappointed to find out that this man is also behind them both...this "Mike Lazaridis". You know that feeling you get when you go to a dealership to buy a new vehicle, and the carsalesman comes out to jump on you and practically lie his way to your money? Yeah, this guy reminds me of that to the point. He just reeks of salesman bullcrap.

THAT was point about the video of Mike L. I see from your reply to my first comment, and mainly by your reply to the third commenter above, that you highly disagree, that you like this video and you are happy listening to Mr. Mikey L. That's cool, too.

While you might want to write off what he has to say as just being the lies of a salesman, have you not considered that he truly believes in the product or is only Steve Jobs allowed to believe in his own companies products? If he didn't then it would be very easy for him to dive into a scrooge mcduckesque moneypit already.

Incidentally, rather than just having some non-specific rant, what did he actually say that was bullcrap?

i cant believe yall still falling for this bullshit . all this guy is saying to you is " Blackberry once was"

punk ass microsoft has been in the lab all this time working hard , and they actually came up with something new. Google came from out of no where , and every day their coming up with something new. i would mention apple , but their starting to get like blackberry, thinking they have this hardcore following , and they also are giving you the same ole bullshit phone after phone.

my last blackberry was the storm 2, i just couldnt take it any longer. it was the storm one all over again. so before the 30 days was up , i went and got me a droid.

after three days with it , i had to say " fuck blackberry" all things i would lie to myself and others , that made the bb so great , is the same junk i hear some of yall saying .

my email works just as good as the bb , my stock text beats the bb messenger, dont get me started on the navigation. nor web , how about apps? ,lets talk widgets , ota updates , youtube, free teathering , not having to pull the battery, ... i can go all day with this

if you cool with all of this , then all i have to say is ... your the fool i used to be !!!