RIM to make use of Snapdragon S4 Pro processors in BlackBerry 10 devices?

By Bla1ze on 22 Aug 2012 06:18 pm EDT

With RIM tucked away working on BlackBerry 10 there has been very little coming out of Waterloo regarding specs for their upcoming devices. Sure, RIM has shared some information surrounding device resolutions but other than that we've not been offered much else to imagine. New rumors are now suggesting that RIM has chosen the Snapdragon S4 Pro processor to power some of the first BlackBerry 10 devices.

The Snapdragon S4 Pro processor is ARMv7 based and packs the Adreno 320 GPU making it ideal for HD content, multitasking and gaming. We've heard RIM speak plenty about how gaming will be great on BlackBerry 10 and this, combined with QNX and how RIM has it set up makes BlackBerry 10 as game-friendly and powerful as the iPad or new Android tablets, provided they include an appropriate amount of RAM as well. Throw in that 1.5-1.7 GHz Dual-core Krait CPU and you're golden.

Taking it further and looking into how the Snapdragon S4 Pro processor could fit into RIM's plans, you need only look at the protocol support. Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11a/b/g/n (2.4/5 GHz), and multiband support for global compatibility across networks (LTE FDD/TDD CAT3, SVLTE-DB, TD-SCDMA, Rel9 DC-HSPA+, GSM/GPRS/EDGE, EGAL, 1x Adv., 1x EV-DO Rev. A/B ) all there and ready to be used.

If you're not into all the technical stuff behind the info here, no problem. It's simple. If this turns out to be true, RIM will be working with a damn fine chipset. For now though, grain of salt until it gets confirmed in a more solid way.

Learn more about the Snapdragon S4 Pro

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RIM to make use of Snapdragon S4 Pro processors in BlackBerry 10 devices?


Good News indeed.... If you don't follow the current occurrences and live in the past! RIM lose again. China just released a couple smartphones, the Xiaomi Mi-One S and Mi-Two, and they are stacked up with what BlackBerry hopefuls are wishing for here PLUS MORE! RIM IS F'ing weak and waste too much time releasing devices, and when they do its yesterdays technology.

BB10 wish list: Snapdragon S4 Pro processor; ARMv7 based; Adreno 320 GPU; 1.5-1.7 GHz Dual-core Krait CPU; hopefully enough RAM to run this baby; and HD games finally on a blackberry smartphone. - Wow this is excellent for a person not in tune with life.

Mi-One S actually has: Snapdragon S3 chipset; its CPU overclocked to 1.7GHz dual-core Krait CPU; Adreno 320 GPU; and it does everything RIM is wishing their stuff does when finally out. And wait for it... this is the budget friendly phone that will cost roughly RMB 1,499 ($235, €190). Now imagine that, the budget friendly phone is comparable to what Blackberry is gonna be in 5 or so months. We know how budget friendly BlackBerry flagship phones can be, not to mention how UNDERPOWERED budget friendly BlackBerry smartphones are.

Mi-Two: This one will also be released soon, so its gonna be out way before BlackBerry 10 devices get released. This is this companies flagship, so the price point is probably more BlackBerry-ish; first phone to have a Snapdragon S4 Pro chipset; quad-core Krait processor (wait u got me there, you are telling me something is already out with quad-core Krait and BlackBerry is banking on dual core... u gotta be F***ing kidding me); Adreno 320 GPU. This already Blows what RIM is going to release in 5 months. Imagine by the time BB10 and those devices are out, this shit will be outdated and it will be facing even bigger monsters.

The competition at that time will eat RIMs hope for salvation alive. I'm hoping they are just trying to get attention away from what they are truly going to come out with, and not throw this shit on their devices. I know BB fans are just hoping and excited for something this decent on a device, but let's face it, RIM is dying. They need to bring out something groundbreaking and new to stay alive. This shit just will not cut it. The Technology of today is going to be RIMS technology of tomorrow. This means tom BlackBerry will still be a fucking dinosaur when it finally comes out.

The Mi-One S still has the Adreno 220 GPU, not the 320 GPU.

The original MI-One was originally sold in small batches for around $310, but then China Unicom announced plans to sell them for around $420 on 2 and 3 year plans.

The Mi-Two is announced for the fall.

The latest rumors say the BB10 phones will also use the Adreno 330 GPU (thus, the MSM8960T processor). With LTE, of course.

The Qualcomm processors with the Adreno 330 GPU are probably not yet in mass production. The Mi-Two is the only announced phone useing one of these processors, the BB10 phones are the only other phones (as far as I know) rumored to use them. They can run a single processor at 1.7 GHz, or multiple processors at 1.5 GHz.

Thanks for your corrections and knowledgable insight sir. I had certain specs wrong and you straightened them out for everyone to know. I just got info from other sources, but thanks for your input. Much appreciated you did not bring down someone just to get your point and corrections across.

Dude your level of ignorance almost made me cry. First S3 is not Krait. It is the older scorpion processor with Adreno 220 and is no where close to match the performance of the S4. Try searching wikipedia before you start trolling next time please. The Mi-two you are talking about might be a dream phone if you can get it outside china. If you somehow do get it outside china it is gonna cost you an arm and a leg right now. On a side note BB10 is not android. It is gonna be a highly optimized operating system which will use the dual core most efficiently giving you proper performance and good battery life unlike most andriod phones where you have to put a monster battery in a phone to get any decent battery life.

Yeah i admit... i probably made some little posting mistakes, but its what i got from a couple sites. So if they got the same info from one source and i referenced them, then does that make me ignorant? Anyways back to my entire point, before the super INTELLIGENT, read wikipedia for everything, computer/smartphone/technological Geniuses who can dissect everything to a T but still live in their parents homes just wasting out their super human Intellectual capabilities instead of being RIMs top guys moving them into Alien technologies of the future interrupted me. RIM needs to stop trying to use todays technology or maybe even next months one on something that will be released NEXT YEAR. They should do their own thing and keep it under wraps till they release it. Then when they finally announce and showcase the shit, release it no later than a month after. Not this 9900 bullshit where we found out about the phone 4 months before its release, and when it is finally released it is blown out of the water by everything else out. I'm just saying, how can apple and samsung and others do it? They keep everything under wraps until the announcement and introduction of their new shit to the world, then they are released a week or two later. Why can't RIM do this shit. and the MI-TWO is being released in fall like u said right GENIUS? Ok that means that it is still being released before the fucking BB10 devices are even announced (not released) right? Can u search wikipedia for the dates to make sure please!! Ok... so that means that this technology is available already, so by the time the BB10 devices are released how many more would have milked this technology by then? Can u please tell me sir... i think you should know the answer to this and everything else. Not a poor ignorant person like me who browses little info here and there and try to put out a little point and get destroyed for it. By the fucking super Geniuses!! So by the time BB10 devices are relased... won't their also be newer and more advanced chipsets and processors for phones? Please help me out here sir. I was trying to make that my point not the specs. Sorry for letting everyone else down and getting some of the specs (that i got from other sources i might add) wrong! I'm so sorry i let everyone down with my post. So answer these questions and make us a little more knowledgable. Help us out super wikipedia, know-it all, Genius!

Having the best hardware isn't everything genius. People will buy bb10 for the os experience. We just need GOOD hardware, not "alien" tech.

Or they will not buy BB10, not because of better or worse hardware, but because it does not run a more popular OS. Consumers don't care to research and find what best suits their needs. If something appears better that's what they go for.

That's what Big Box store salesfloor people will push too. The twenty-something salesperson will not care that you have an awesome real-time stock ticker for BB10, even if that is what you want and is a big decision in purchasing.

Most of the Droid names "sound cooler", than the version numbers RIM uses for its phones. The iPhone "seems easier" as a choice, even though there are several versions of iPhone.

Programs and Applications are, in today's mobile lingo, "Apps"... that certainly sounds cooler than the more appropriate names.

Since you are looking for answers, here are a few possible ones.

RIM cannot do what its competitors are doing because it is behind in the software game. It's stock is under severe pressure. RIM is under pressure from its big corporate clients for a roadmap that indicates it will soon have competitive phones. These clients have large investments in RIM infrastructure, phones, trained personnel, etc. -- RIM just cannot go off into a corner and secretly develop its new architecture.

RIM's Android competitors can obviously roll out phones faster, because their operating system is already there. RIM is buidling it's own, and that takes several years. Isn't that obvious?

As for Xiaomi, it sells only in China. It doesn't have to deal with LTE and the potential power drain. It doesn't have to pay royalty payments to Microsoft and Dolby and and all those other patent holders, it doesn't have to pay royalties to LTE patent owners, it doesn't have to buy up patents for self-protection, it doesn't have to pay US and European lawyers to deal with court cases. (RIM is defending against dozens and dozens of patent suits, and it pays out hundreds of millions of dollars each quarter on licenses and patent acqusiitons).

If Xiaomi rolls out its fall quad-core phone as it did its first phone, it will sell smallish batches of phones at a low price as it gets its hands on a batch of processors. After the excitement builds, the price will then jump as the Chinese telecoms start to sell the phone in quantity.

I own 2 flagship android phones and a ip4s, I can can tell you it doesn't matter what's in them cause androids os is garbage, apps crash all the time, even after updating to jelly bean. I for one will sell both droids to obtain the bb10 device, because blackberry was always a better os and expericane when it came to phones. Androids such a wanna be os it's not even funny. Google had to release so many updates in such little time tryna get to a smooth iOS level, and still fails at that, apple is successful cause they product there own phones, as RIM once was and will be again.

So stop trolling cause really blackberry user don't care what you think.

And this is a good chip, LG just announced they'll be using it there next phone with has no name or release date either. Get off androids nuts already.

And to finish this off, no one cares about phones from china, cause they will never touch the north American, UK or European market, point blank, period.

yeah,xiaomi dont have pay the lawyers,but has to PAY the Fucking Chinese YOUGUAN bumen ,if dont ,they wont let he sell phones

From my own research, it seems there may be a far better chance of the BB10 processor of choice being the Texas Instruments OMAP 5 (a 2x Dual Core; 4 cores overall)....

Dude,i'm a Chinese,BTW,Chinese government sucks.i saw you talking about Xiao-mi ,I can tell you the truth,xiaomi- one has cut his price ,just 1299¥,and xiaomi sucks.in china ,most people who knows a shit about Smartphones use xiaomi .It has a los of problems.usually we called people who uses xiaomi dumbass on Twitter.

"With RIM tucked away working on BlackBerry 10 there has been very little coming out of Waterloo regarding specs for their upcoming devices."

Good. That's the way it should be.

yayyy so the speculations were almost right, i guess the true test will come once BB10 is released. galaxy s3 vs BB10

it would totally make sense to use this chipset as havign a chip set with a seperate LTE radio would drain the battery quicker, case beign the LTE playbook and make the whole phone bigger.

RIM you is great

maybe mid 2013, the shelf life of the galaxy line is usually close to a year. although i agree android devices seem to have new hardware every month

Kirk: Don’t believe them. Don’t trust them.
Spock: They are dying.
Kirk: Let them die.
Playbook, the one and only

Sorry to be a smart arse but why are you comparing a mobile phone with an operating system?

It should be Ice Cream Sandwhich or so vs BB10.

This isn't rumor. If I'm not mistaken, the first BB10 delay was stated to be a direct result of them waiting for the new Qualcomm chipset.

Kind of, depends on how you look at it really. RIM said Qualcomm, never said which chipset. And at the time they said it, the MSM8960 was already being shown off yet, Lazaridis said the chip wouldn't be ready until mid-2012.

We all know Lazaridis was kinda full of it but... ya.

Well I believe Lazaridis and RIM. They wanted the best in power management and the MSM8960 was stated to not be particularly great at it. It's the first of the S4 series of chipsets already on their roadmap.

Here's a link to PCMagazine's article on the topic. It's a very informative ready without too much technical jargon.


Here's a relavent quote from the article.

"The MSM8960 is only the beginning of the S4 march. Qualcomm says the S4 chip line will include dual- and quad-core chips with speeds up to 2.5Ghz per core and the potential for an even faster GPU, the Adreno 305. It'll support cameras up to 20 megapixels, LTE 4G, HSPA+, and CDMA. Faster chips than the MSM8960 are already on the roadmap."

Going by that info though you could even go one step further and suggest it could be using the Snapdragon S4 Prime. Not saying it is, just saying that's why it stands as a "rumor" still and not an outright confirmation. C'est la vie. :)

it won't be a prime. That one lacks a modem. To save as much space as they can for more battery and storage they will most likely go with the MSM8960T. This gives them 1 chip for ALL devices for a true world launch. They don't have to change radios for certain carriers as the built in modem can connect to ALL carriers. I love the OMAP5 but this isn't bad either. This rumor has been floating around for a LONG time. I'm pretty sure there is merit to it.

Well, either way, I'm confident that the new chipset will work seamlessly with the rest of the improved hardware and software.

Data compression is something that really will remain a hot topic here, as the improved specs and capabilities will see an exponential increase in data usage. Will the carriers attempt to use the same type of data plans? Or will BlackBerry phones get their own packages that are less expensive than the alternatives?

I believe it wasn't because of the chipset at all.
They still have this "server problem" on which they are working really hard.

If they didn't have that at that time, they would have been taken a existing chipset with power and added a good battery.

But it's good to see, that RIM is improving their hardware in big steps.

I think it's safe to say it was a number of things that needed quick resolution. Lazaridis stepped down, Thorsten stepped in, the Board of Directors, the cuts, the CMO...etc

Yes he was but mike L. Was all about battery efficiency when it came to the hardware. he wrote the codes for that amazing battery life bbs used to have. He just lost his focus and touch.

Yeah right. The Snapdragon S4 in the One X and GS III has LTE built in and gives excellent battery life.
Lazaridis was just telling a childish lie there.

Please have a substancial battery life, at least two full days heavy use for the qwerty board and the all touch phone can be more slim phone.

CrackBerry Is My Choice Of Drug


I don`t need to have a 10mm or slimmer phone.
I want battery life like in the old days!
Still a Blackberry 8700 or 9000 feels awesome in my hands!!!

Too slim isn´t that good - when I think typing on a 9800/9850.

And why having a 10mm Bold 9900, when because of that a AF-camera is missing or I have to buy a ultra-thick battery with a new cover...

But, I`m sure, RIM gonna makes it right! :)

The 9800 and the 9860 are very, very different styles and thicknesses. The 9800 being one of the thickest of the entire Blackberry lineup. The 9850/9860 being among the thinnest.

You are right, that the 9860 is a different phone, but I meant the torch series 9800/9850 not the full touch one.

I stated that, because they have such a thin keyboard, when you slide it out und the typing experience is not as good as on thicker devices like the 9000, 8700 or even the curves ones.

The 9900 is has the best keyboard of all times, but I wouldn't mind if it was thicker, like the old 9000. If it had a bigger battery. I read in the forum that some people bought a bigger battery with a extended battery door. So there is no use for a 10mm design if you have to add that to get an awesome batterylife. IMO.

That's what I meant!
But thank you for your reply! :)

9800/9810 same super thick phone design (minor cosmetic differences and different operating systems and hardware)

9850/9860 same super thin phone design (all touch OS 7 CDMA and GSM variant)

While I understand your preference for efficiency over design, you can have both. Thicker phones will only give the perception of an outdated product and they simply will not sell.

The direction phones are going, is thinner. Batteries and screens are the next big evolutions in tech. They have been developing flat and bendable batteries and screens that can dynamically change the design of future phones and technology as a whole.


"Thicker phones will only give the perception of an outdated product..."

I have a 9800. I could use it as a chauk for my car wheels or knock out an elephant.

Your slogan totally makes sense.

RIM needs to provide crackberry addicts with the best dose that has larger effect. Meaning, a performance phone with long battery life. That would certainly get a lot of addicts (to productivity).


Keep waiting on that. LTE,dual cores/quad cores, the OS is all battery hogs. RIM have to code the sh*t out bb10 and throw a stronger battery in there that's stronger than what's in the current wifi playbook.

If you care about battery life, you should care about the hardware. Here's Qualcomm on the Snapdragon:

"4G LTE can sometimes come at the expense of battery life. Prior to the launch of Snapdragon™ S4, a LTE phone’s modem and application processor were usually separate chipsets. Typically, the more chips that are involved in building a device, the more challenging it is to conserve battery life while maintaining performance.

What’s unique about the Snapdragon S4 processor, particularly the MSM8960, is that the modem baseband and application processor are combined into a single chip, optimized for performance and power efficiency. The modem is also multimode, meaning it can fall back to 3G when LTE isn’t available. (Some chipmakers still sell separate 3G and 4G modems – and don’t even try to integrate them into the application processor.)

Consolidation means good things for your battery. Of course, there are other factors at play besides LTE integration. Moving to a 28nm manufacturing process technology, an act of shrinking a die to create a somewhat identical circuitry with a more advanced fabrication process, improves performance by packing in more transistors, and also significantly reduces active power consumption. There’s also the inclusion of Connected Discontinuous Reception (CDRX), a technology that dyanamically shuts down the handset receiver to conserve power between data bursts from the network (such as when a web page is loading). Display technologies, such as BRITE (Backlight Reactive Illumination Tecnology), solve the issues of backlight intensity by dynamically adjusting it based on content demands."

I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss the hardware. It is all part of the total solution to minimize battery use.

I call WTF on this one. There is no possible reason that you require two days of heavy use out of a battery. That's just idiotic. You have to sleep sometime, so just plug the damn thing in. Sorry to inconvenience you with that 5 second task. If you are so far from power that you can't plug it in, and you are at heavy usage levels, what's the point of being where you are if you're glued to your phone? Some people's kids....

+1. When I read that comment my mind also when to "wtf?". Only maybe if camping/lost in the wilderness with no back up power supply and trying to film Bigfoot.

Well that IS good news everyone!
Wonder who let that one slip ... if this news does turn out to be true, official, what-have-you...

Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 is Quad Core - https://developer.qualcomm.com/mobile-development/development-devices/snapdragon-s4-pro-apq8064-mdpt

Snapdragon S4 Pro MSM8960T is Dual-Core - http://www.qualcomm.com.au/products/snapdragon 

But as noted, can come in Quad-Core settings if they wanted it to.

Make me wonder if they'll be moving away from the TI OMAP chipsets on the PlayBooks? I'm not really into the technical specifications end of things, so I couldn't say which would be better for the PlayBook.

I hope they do use this chip because this is the one I said they should use last year after Jim said they were delaying BB10 for the Chip

I hope I made the right guess after all those hours I spent researching upcoming ARM Chips lol

you can do it with a half BB10 device, the playbook has a pretty good HD camera just make sure theres light in the room

Is it me or does that phone have an icon that looks suspiciously like the BlackBerry AppWorld icon?


its not just you, the whole inteface looks similar to what we are currently using in the playbook and what the dev alphas have but slightly different

However it plays out, the S4 Pro or the OMAP 5 are both very capable and very welcomed. Also i wonder as well, isnt the S4 pro a quadcore chipset?

Nevermind ...
S4 PRO APQ8064(Adreno 320) = Quad Core.
S4 PRO MSM8960T(Adreno 320) = Dual Core

I like the fact that it has Bluetooth 4. I'm looking forward to using some of the advancements like increased range and longer battery life. Imagine a headset that lasts for 24 hours of continuos use. You'll also be able to walk around the office without dragging your phone around with you.

I'm hoping for a refresh (v3) on the Music Gateway (Bluetooth puck) to couple with this spec improvement. Just as long as they include a rechargeable battery built in then I'm set...

Could someone more knowledgeable than me tell me if AWS is covered? It seems like everything else is covered but NOT that...not a happy camper. :( (My carrier is AWS).

i wonder is it possible we could be seeing the APQ8064. i mean RIM does manufacture their own radios and i'm sure they could be thinking of puttign their own in the BB10 devices. i remember a thread a few weeks ago talking about the radio designs i just forgot what the company they boguht was calls :S.

HHHHHMMMMMM this makes me think

I think you're referring to "Paratek Adaptive RF" and I believe they are more about the antenna then the entire radio set. I made the mistake about Paratek being the entire radio set (I suffer from chronic foot in mouth disease :D ) until I reread their literature - my bad. But I'm sure the BB10 will get excellent reception, as BlackBerry devices always do and with Paratek technologies they'll continue to out perform the competition as usual.

I am not sure cuz I saw the new Intel chips and I think that it's a better fit for BB10 than the S4. Plus the Intel chip is a single core that is out and it beat the S4 already, a dual core Medfield is supposed to be out next month and Intel always has battery efficiency at the for front with top of the line speed and multitasking. I think a RIM-Intel partnership would be a bigger deal.

Absolute heresy! I can hear the spec-whores having a collective heart attack already! A single core? Who cares about real world performance metrics, we need buzz words like quad-core and retina!

QNX requires multiple cores. It's what QNX is all about.

BTW, for all the boot time freaks, the PB QNX OS doesn't require routine reboots. Suspend the device and the device is perfectly happy to sit for days. Swipe it to life and you're good to go.


QNX has been around for a very long time. Multiple core processors have not. Egro, you are misinformed that QNX requires multiple cores. Please do not spread misinformation; that's what we have the tech media for

So doesnt this mean every carrier would be using the same exact phone just with differant radio drivers installed? If so resale value will be great

It certainly seems that way. RIM bought that one company a little while ago that supposedly was making a way to use one physical antenna for everything. That would eliminate the space restrictions caused by needing separate antennas (antennae?) for all the different bands. That feature alone could be a big game-changer, even if it's only from licensing fees to other manufacturers (if BB10 is not successful, fingers crossed that it is)

So many smartphones use this Snapdragon S4 already, so what should be a big deal in here?

Even the "Pro" one has been used in an "unknown" china brand such as xiaomi with impressive details such as 4.3" HD 1280 x 720 IPS display with 2Gb RAM and 16Gb memory as well as the latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with a selling price only for $310.

Come on, be realistic, many smartphones is using and some more will use this Snapdragon S4 eventually and some of the products are available on the market already. Let's see whether BB10 would be THAT great to be exist in this tough competition to save RIM.

since other smartphones are using this chipset don't you think it puts RIM on par with others leaving it to the OS to determain if it is any good compared to android?

and the S4 chip that is beign used isn't the PRO so it doesn't have the boosted GPU that the PRO has

Yep, so the critical factor would be back to the OS itself and the ecosystem, including apps. Hope that BB10 would be able to differentiate itself rather than just a clone to iOS, Android, WP and webOS by heavily "borrowing" some features from other OS in here and there. I can see that it would be very difficult for RIM to be creative and innovative since other OS are more mature thus so many features have been included and added along in the past 5 years.

Uffff, I don't see why people should wait this another Snapdragon S4 Pro device while other products have already existed in the market, since there would be a great chance that BB10 would turn out to be just another clone to the existing touch / gesture based OS ....

If BB10 turns out to be a great OS (since iOS, Android, WP and even webOS are a good OS) with a great ecosystem so people would be surely buy those devices even though it is 6 years late from the smartphone revolution started by Apple with its 2007 1st iPhone. Let's see.

What would anyone not like about a new OS that "borrowed" all the best features from the current successful competitors, as well as using the tried and true features that have been a staple for their own OS?

I think most consumers would love to own a phone that has everything combined. I know I would, regardless of how "late" they are to the party.

The guy who showed up to the party first, then disappears for a little while, then shows up with more beer, can be the most popular guy at the party. Hehehe.

I like the more beer analogy!

I read your post and it reminded me of "The early bird gets the worm." This works out great if you're the early bird, not so great if you're the early worm lol

Don't know if you have seen it, but what RIM has shown of BB10 so far (and that wasn't even much yet) is clearly differentiating from the competition. There's nothing out there like this. There are people who say it reminds them of Windows Phone, MeeGo or WebOS, but basically it's nothing like that. You can minimize all running apps (WebOS) in one interface (MeeGo), four of them visable at a time and they all stay live and show some updates through a customization of the minimized panel (Windows Phone) and they all keep seamlessly running. You can horizontally flick through the app menu and the above described multitasking screen (MeeGo). Together with the so far shown other buttons/shortcuts and the unified messaging inbox, which you can access from every screen, you get an all new enhanced, really unique experience and navigation paradigm.

I agree. I just wanted to voice my opinion about whether or not people would want something "6 years late" with "borrowed" technology.

I think BB10 will probably be awesome, and will attract a lot of consumers. Most won't care where it came from or how long it took to get here. If it works for them, then it works for them.

"I can see that it would be very difficult for RIM to be creative and innovative since other OS are more mature"

So Apple's immature iOS in 2007 brought no new innovation to the market? Is that why we are where we are today?

"6 years late from the smartphone revolution started by Apple with its 2007 1st iPhone"

Six years late to something that happened 5 years ago?

Statements like these destroy any credibility in your post.

Stop, stop, the "Pro" one has not BEEN used yet. That china phone you're talking about. Was just announced and is going to launch in October and first in China only. And not to forget it's still a china phone and it's still Android. We all know that nearly all what Android manufacturing is about, is it to buy the latest and greatest hardware and build it together, the squeezing Android on top. This is not what BB10 is about. This is build from the ground up, hard and software together, and software is the more important part. Android 4.1 already runs buttery smooth on the MSM8960 chipset, right without the "pro". Even with the older S3 chipset it runs smooth. There's absoluetly no benefit in such an overclocked china phone. The S4 is a great chipset and it will remain to be such. At the moment there is no phone out there with the Pro chipset, the OneX and the S3 (THE flagships) are both outperformed by the stock S4 MSM8960 in some cases, and they have quad core CPUs. When BB10 is getting the 8960T, or even the APQ, the devices will have a great pace within the competition.

indeed and a great GPU to boot, far better then what the MSM8960 has to offer. which as far as my research has shown is faster then the tegra3 that are in the quadcore versions of the S3 and the OneX

If you had really done any research, you'd have known that there's no iteration of the GS3 that uses a Tegra 3 GPU...

Yea no phones out there yet.....however in the fall there will be a few. Windows 8 will be using it....

Sure, I know. But that even does make me more confident that RIM made thhe right choice. And at least I don't think that the first Windows Phone 8 line up gets the Pro one or even the Quad Core S4. I really think they're first going for the standard 8960 dual core. And even then: when the first WP8 devices hit the stores, it'll be mid october. From that moment on there are 'only' three months left. However, what counts at the end, is that the chipset works well with the software.

"There's absoluetly no benefit in such an overclocked china phone"

And Bill Gates told us that 640k of RAM is all we would ever need lol

What I'm hearing a lot of in many of these comments is starting to bother me. I'm hearing a lot of the mindless Droid mantra of "Bigger and faster hardware makes a better phone." I mean the Droids have to do this to differentiate themselves from the thousand other Droids because they all have the same OS. This mindless mantra has culminated in the Samsung Galaxy S III, a freakishly large, wafer thin, delicate piece of glass and plastic that, frankly, I wouldn't waste my time with. And now people are talking about a quad core like it's an absolute must have, a quad core for running a bunch of tiny apps - give me a freakin' break!! The sad part is that all the mindless Droidites buy into this endless cycle of hardware upgrades, never seeming to realize that they are still stuck with the same old kludge of an OS. BlackBerry is different by the virtue of its BB10 OS and so long as the hardware and software combine into a reasonably fast, smooth, reliable and pleasurable user experience then BlackBerry can concentrate on creating innovative software to improve their system, with the occasional hardware enhancement when it's really warranted. This should translate into savings for you and me if our hardware is relevant for a longer period of time.


Just think of the PlayBook here. I own one and I can tell that even on that 'old' tablet with it's TI OMAP4 dual core it handles multitasking extremely well and also its gaming performance is absolutely great. I don't know it for sure right now but I think even the standard S4 dual core krait is way ahead of the OMAP4, wether it's energy efficiency, graphics or pure cpu performance. And therefore the S4 should work very well on BB10, wether it's the stock, the pro or the prime series.

'Freakishly large' and 'delicate' yet it has better battery life than the thicker Bold 9900.

Face it, the world is moving away from the tiny screens of yore...even Apple is feeling the pinch and will have to make an iphone with a bigger screen.

Apps are getting more complex...and as mobile OSes are optimized for multi-core usage, the UI experience becomes faster, more fluid and app loading times are drastically reduced.

If RIM had put a more powerful chipset in the OS7 devices, perhaps we'd have seen BB10 for them.

+1. I for one like how wafer thin and light the GS3 is. The size also doesn't bother me. It's a nice piece if h/w.

Sorry but 4,8" IS FREAKISHLY large and I cannot understand why people buy it. Even an editor from The Verge said honestly that sometimes he goes out in the evening he leaves his S3 at home and is sure that he would carry it with him if it was in the 4 to 4.3" range.

But to the post you're referring to. He didn't mean "no one needs quads cores". He just wanted to point out that many people only look at the specs, whereas the right combination of hard- and software is what counts.

And no, BB7 devices would have never been compatible to BB10. The chipsets needed weren't available at that time, the rest of the hardware also doesn't fit. You can't launch a new platform on old hardware, that would've been fragmentation right from the beginning.

"Sorry but 4,8" IS FREAKISHLY large and I cannot understand why people buy it."

Therefore your opinion on this carries little weight, come back when you do understand people's buying habits. Sorry!

I think you should ask some of the millions of people who have purchased those "freakishly large" phones. I'm sure they're pretty happy with it since they're selling by the bucketload. You'll find many who like the current BB phone lineup, but there are also many who will gladly adopt something else "we" find to be more... progressive. I know people who use Droid phones and they have no issues with portability.

Whichever processor is in the new BB10 come Q1, as long as it kicks butt, I'll be happy.

Yes, "Freakishly Large" as in I don't have a pocket I can comfortably carry the thing in. So unless you carry a purse, or a fanny pack wherever you go, it's a complete nuisance to lug around and ceases to be a "mobile" phone as far as I'm concerned.

As for Apple moving up to a 4 inch screen when they could have easily increased it to a size that competes with the Galaxy S III, is more in line with what I'm trying to say: bigger isn't necessarily better.

I also wonder about people who consider a 100% increase in processing power and a 50% increase in processing speed, that results in a 5% increase in device performance a desirable achievement. Seriously, step back, take a look at your needs and quit trying to be the first kid on the block with the newest gadget - although the manufacturers do thrive on it and do everything to encourage it.

"Yes, "Freakishly Large" as in I don't have a pocket I can comfortably carry the thing in"

Of course it doesn't work if you wear a skirt/dress!

I hope the PlayBook doesn't get a "version" of BlackBerry10. BlackBerry10 needs power that the Playbook doesn't have. Will we get a clumsy version of BlackBerry10 for PlayBook? I sure hope not. :(

There seems to be a great deal of ignorance of what QNX is since I was banned for quoting members some months back.

QNX is a much more elegant and efficient OS than android and its entire function is based on using multiple cores.

I definately would prefer to see a Texas Instruments OMAP SoC in our future RIM devices. TI has always been ahead in terms of processing power vs. power consumption. Current OMAP4 is a very good platform as seen in the Playbook and OMAP5 is sampling right now (and has been available since 6 month to big customers).
Check this link to the test of the new Archos 101XS tablet which is described as the fastest tablet in the world despit it is using an OMAP 4470 @ 1,5 GHz. It even beats Nvidia Tegra3 and Apple A5x... : http://www.anandtech.com/show/6158/the-archos-101-xs-review
So come o RIM, use an OMAP5 in your coming devices please.

Good news, is good news. However its only a rumor,so far im not so excited of what RIM are doing. For now, im just waiting to see what apple has on their iphone 5. And window 8 phones, Once they release it and finds whats new. Then I will turn my head back to Blackberry. 2013 is 5 months away.. Its too long still.

Does this mean that BBOS10 will support OpenGL ES 3.0 as its graphics API from the get go

The Adreno 320 GPU is OpenGL ES 3.0 compliant, and the industry will move this way.

RIM has the choice of simplifying its platform by mandating the new standard, or supporting both API's across the life of BBOS10.

I sincerely hope they choose the former.

I wish people would calm down whenever the latest piece of speculation hits CB, the odds are that they are not going to be using the newest and highest spec processors in the first bb10 devices because it is only the people that make the chipsets that truly benefit from this spec arms race you see in the Android market.

I am expecting the first bb10 devices to use the normal S4 since it matches their needs pretty much exactly, you still have a high performing chipset and the only real difference is that it loses out on the faster gfx of the pro version, but they also get to miss out on being a beta tester for the new chipset for qualcomm too.

If RIM claims to be making BB 10 as revolutionary as they say they are, and something that will last ten years (Although I find that hard to believe) Why wouldn't they want to use the best, and latest processor that is available to them?

I am sure RIM will use the best one available that meets their requirements. It has to be available now, though, since they are going to start producing the phones now, not 1 week before they start selling them.

RIM Please use this chipset... *Nerdgasm*

In all seriousness, I think that this'll put BlackBerry on par with Apple, Samsung and HTC in terms of power. Let's just hope the competition lags behind next year mwahahahahaha


I'd prefer the OMAP5. Even though it is not a fully integrated SoC and would require separate chip for the Cell part, I think from a design of the actual processor part is superior to the S4. Not a major deal as I'm sure the S4 will be great to, this is just my personal pref based on research I've done. I also feel separating out the radio would make the design more modular for global deployment.

The great thing about the S4 is that the radio module supports nearly every frequency and protocol that is used around the globe.

How does or does this announcement of the S4 have any of you thinking we could be getting LG's in-cell touch screens they announced? That was announced to be going into a phone with the S4 pro, so could that be another leak and is it good news?

What I really, really hope, is that the RIM CMO saw the way the video presented the product. If they don't do some very sexy marketing to get people to take a look,,,,,,,,,,,,,,none of this will matter.

They (RIM) have to be the absolute (at least in the past) worst marketing company in the world. Worse even than the "Great American Phone Store Outlet Barn". Ever hear of them? No?. I rest my case.

Android users need to get googles nuts, cause android is a garbage of an os. Even iOS I more stable. And ima blackberry user, I felt money was wasted buying android headsets even now running jelly bean, I'd have to walk with a charge, on top of app crashes or app killers to save data and battery, get outta here with shit. Can't wait to replace em with the bb10 device and get my money's worth .... Ya I said it!