RIM is looking to hire developers to join their BlackBerry Developer Relations team

RIM is looking to hire developers to join their BlackBerry Developer Relations team
By DJ Reyes on 4 Jul 2012 04:19 pm EDT

Following RIM's Q1 2013 earnings call last week, things looked bleak for BlackBerry fans around the world, however, Alec Saunders, VP of Developers Relations for RIM was quick to tell developers "We're Committed" in a blog post. Committed to bringing about the best mobile platform around, with the help of developers, by giving them the all the tools needed to create awesome apps.

In their commitment, it looks like RIM is looking to hire developers around the world to join the Developer Relations team in a variety of posts - Evangelism, Technical Platform Experts, Web Properties development, Marketing and Project Management.

We have just recently seen and heard from a developer who has joined RIM as a BlackBerry Developer Evangelist and if you're thinking about doing so too why not read up on why Luca Filigheddu wanted to join RIM at this time.

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Reader comments

RIM is looking to hire developers to join their BlackBerry Developer Relations team


I saw this and was really considering it. I am a developer and have the skills that I can apply.


With the article that employees are being pushed to work 6 days a week and no vacation days till BB10 launch, I am not sure I want to join at this time.

I still have confidence in RIM, and while most developers will be up to the challenge, I already have a pre-booked family vacation in October that will go against there current policy.

Besides the 6 day work week, which will likely result in a nice bonus in the end, you can always ask for the time off in October as a condition of employment. You have nothing to lose.

they can hire a billion developers or not, its worthless if they cant get a polished piece of hardware with quality software, on time with current specs in the hands of customers....

This is great news and its EXTRA EFFORT on their part. They will deliver and its great that they are doing the things to make it sooner rather than later.

I would love to join but not sure if they would take me or even consider me. I have lot of exp with building and configuring software products and then i help fortune 500 companies configure the software as per their needs or change business processes to see margin leakages as well as build order to cash process. I would love to work for RIM as long as I could get my hands on the new BB10 device sooner or get to take home the BB10 alpha...

All I see is a bunch of troll comments.

BlackBerry 10 will nuke everything. Android has serious issues with security/malware. 200,000 + estimated malware apps by the end of the year according to Trend Micro, iOs is lazy and cannot innovate because they never have (incremental hardware improvements, same old os, product based on faulty code foundation).

BlackBerry 10 is a complete re-architecture of bringing about a platform for mobile communications and integrated systems. The BlackBerry 10 super phone is physical manifestation of this.

I think this is great that RIM is hiring dedicated developers. Such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join a company that will dominate a very large segment of the market globally.

Android is insecure but commands over 60% of the worldwide market. Most consumers don't care about security. Business, yes. Consumers, no.

People can be negative all they want but I believe Rim will innovate with Blackberry10. Am I the only one who still feels like Rim has an ace card up the sleeve?

The ace card is Qnx. It's going to integrate into so much that we use in everyday life.
This coupled with awesome Cascades built Ui and what you have is a SuperPhone.

RIM is coming out swinging for the fences.....they have to.

The competition between all the players is going to bring us some awesome devices from all the players.
The next five years of mobile computing is very exciting.

I am with you. I too believe QNX is the Ace card. Just wait and see how it will change the Smartphone industry into mobile computing.