RIM Lets Loose a Bunch of App Storefront Details

By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Jan 2009 10:25 am EST

Mike KirkupThe latest BlackBerry Developer newsletter went out last night and this one contains a BUNCH of details about RIM's new application storefront that will be launching in the coming months. You'll want to listen to the .mp3 file in the Open Mike with Mike Kirkup section where Mike gives up some advice and never before heard details on RIM's app store endeavor.

Listen to Open Mike with Mike Kirkup >>

    No time to listen? Here's some of the key points:

    • The store front is OPEN to developers. You can start submitting apps now.
    • App storefront will deploy applications via its own mechanism - there will be an on device client that will allow end users to browse, buy and download apps directly. Developers just need to focus on building awesome apps!
    • Users will be able to write reviews (I'm guessing rating and other expected functions like that will be in there as well)
    • The App Store will initially be roled out in English only to North America and UK markets. More language/geographic support coming down the road.
    • App Store will support OS version 4.2.1 software and higher on trackball and touchscreen devices (sorry trackwheel users - time to upgrade!)
    • Getting your apps into the app storefront:
      • 1. Signup as a Vendor
      • 2. Suitability test - RIM does an initial check to make sure your app has appropriate/suitable content and that the app meets basic quality standards
      • 3. Smoke test - RIM tests the app to make sure it meets the high quality standards that people have come to expect

    That's it for now. Good stuff. So there's definitely going to be a widely distributed on-device client. I guess this means the carriers are playing nicely with RIM. I wonder if/when RIM will do a web-based store? The way this sounds, you'll have to be a BlackBerry owner to actually browse what's in the catalogue. I'm sure this is going to build up over time.

    OK BlackBerry Developers.... quit reading CrackBerry.com and get to work!

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      RIM Lets Loose a Bunch of App Storefront Details


      I'm **guessing** that when it launches (probably late March/Early April...I'm thinking it would make sense for RIM to release this at CTIA in the spring), you'll wake up one morning with a new icon on your phone (like what happens with Facebook or Flickr) which you'll click on and then you'll install the app store.

      I am excited about the upcoming App Store. I am however concerned that Verizon may be playing well with RIM, but when will they get a software version update that will fix the bugs? I have .75 and I hear that a version .90 is available. Get a grip Verizon and move this along. Also, train your call center on the BB Storm. They know nothing about upgrades, etc.

      I'm italian and i love my BB bold.. BTW i'm going to get a Apple IPhone cause i think i'm going to wait too much time to get the BB App store here in Italy.. and thats so awful!! why this application cant roled out even in european markets ( except UK one)?
      i'm so sad... :(

      the smoke test is great because it will force developers make good apps and soem of them are descent but have issues, now the developers will have to make sure trheir apps really are good and bug free because of course they will badly want them in the store.

      ...app that allows you to use the camera flash as a flash light. The thing is so bright, it would be really great (especially in emergency situations). I used it to find my friend's keys in the snow last week, but I had to turn on my video camera to do it. Lame. This shouldn't be a tough one. C'mon guys, you can do it.