RIM launching second generation BBM Challenge Council with Streeter Seidell and Amir Blumenfeld!

BBM Challenge Council
By Michelle Haag on 7 Mar 2012 01:00 pm EST

In October of 2011, Research In Motion launched their BBM Challenge Council program -- giving millions of aspiring teens and young adults the chance to partner with some of today's top celebrity influencers to realize their dreams. The program was a huge success, with thousands of participants, and as a result RIM is running a second generation program called The BlackBerry Challenge Council Project. This time around, Streeter Seidell and Amir Blumenfeld from MTV's Pranked and CollegeHumor.com are about to shut down BlackBerry trash talk once and for all. This generation of youth participants will compete in a series of five challenges over three months, presented through webisodes.

With the help of special celebrity guest cameos, including Greyson Chance and Leighton Meester, each Challenge Council webisode will examine a misconception or myth about BlackBerry smartphones and ask participants to help correct it.  The webisodes will also highlight core features of the latest line of BlackBerry smartphones such as their social music capabilities and faster web browsing. Winning entries will be awarded prizes including tickets to exclusive events and all-inclusive trips or experiences with their friends.

I think it's pretty cool that RIM is involving the younger generation and sponsoring these programs to get them interested in BlackBerry, and the prizes sound awesome. You can find out more information and sign up for updates at the link below.

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Reader comments

RIM launching second generation BBM Challenge Council with Streeter Seidell and Amir Blumenfeld!


Good to hear! Reaching out to folks and asking what can be done to improve the platform will help RIM immensely.

Looking forward to more positive buzz...

Excitement aside this is really a good idea for RIM, besides it helps promote the product on the young.

How about improving the "Compliments of BlackBerry" first of all - USA is a big market but the Earth is a bigger one :) Free apps for everyone who loves BB in the world, P L E A S E !!!

+1000,000,000.00 (a/k/a one billion in the U.S.A. and as one thousand million in most of the rest of the world.)

WTF are these guys?

The problem is that RIM keeps hiring these people that unless you are Canandin or American, they are nobodies to the rest of us that actually keep RIM afloat. Even previous hires like John Mayer its ??????? outside NA.

Well, that's the problem isn't it? Except that you're missing the point. RIM is focusing on advertising in the US as to get back some market share. Why is this even surprising to you? RIM's been pretty clear that they're planning on marketing like crazy in the US this year. OK, so you don't know who these are - clearly it's not aimed for you, is it?

Yes because the way you reach out to potential consumers is to use a bunch of virtual unknowns... The future of BlackBerry does not rest with tween girls. What RIM should be worried about is losing their corporate and enterprise users. So many corporations and multinationals are increasingly certifying Android or iOS devices to be used. This is RIM's cash cow. Not tweeny's who get free cheap curves to BBM back and forth.

You may think that kids and teens drive the consumer market, but they really don't. It was when university students and young adults and the important 18-26 age group start to go after a device or brand does it become famous. Those people will probably recommend it to their older parents, and younger kids and high school students always want to do what the young adults do.

What good does it do for RIM if the department of defense in the US certifies Android, if Greyson Chance (who?) get's some tweeny's interested.

Actually, in my country RIM already lost almost all of its enterprises, everyone that works in a company (and has an upper status) has an iPhone. The BlackBerry has become strictly the thing for prep-school teenagers developing BBM and drug prescription addictions. That's the case in my school.

I find it kind of funny that no matter what RIM does it is never good enough to others. People complained about their lack of marketing and visibility, so they have worked on increasing their marketing and visibility, but it's still not good enough. They are working to try to put out the best phone possible, with little to no bugs, and want to ensure they provide the best user experience, and maintain the main staples of Blackberry, but it's not coming out fast enough. Although I feel there are plenty of apps available, RIM doesn't have 585,000 apps, so it's not good enough. People will always have something to complain and whine about, whether it is RIM, Apple, Android, or Windows. At the end of the day, a cell phone is just a phone, and if you can surf the web, watch videos, take cool pics, create and send files, but can't talk on your phone or receive phone calls, then it just becomes silly. I commend RIM on trying to improve and take risks and make changes....this is a new and different journey for them and there are going to be many people who are going to be resistant to this change even though it is for the best.