RIM launching the BlackBerry Bold 9790 and a new BlackBerry store in Indonesia this month?

By Bla1ze on 2 Nov 2011 11:20 pm EDT

We've heard rumblings of the BlackBerry Bold 9790 launching in Indonesia first, Jakarta more specifically and a news report from CBC meant to highlight the growth of BlackBerry in Indonesia -- while not directly confirming the launch of the Bold 9790 -- tells us RIM has larger plans for that area as well.

As highlighted in the video - this year hasn't really been all that great for RIM, they've had some issues but despite all of that they're still making plenty of headway in emerging markets. Indonesia has become a BlackBerry Nation where RIM has 46% of the smartphone market. The plans are cheap, costing approximately $8 per month which includes the usage of BBM since that is free with BlackBerry service. Devices are sold fairly cheap, costing around $200 and as Kevin knows from his trip to Jakarta previously -- are easily accessible for some but not all.

With 56% of RIM's revenue coming from emerging markets, it's something they need to be paying attention to and figuring out how best to get maximum ROI for those areas, offering accessibility and as the info from the video tells us, they may have found a way to do just that.

It's noted that RIM is looking to set up a financing situation for those who cannot immediately afford BlackBerry devices. This would allow everyone to get their hands on a BlackBerry, for a reasonable cost -- even for those making the bare minimum but still need the accessibility BlackBerry offers. To help with that, we've heard RIM is looking to launch a BlackBerry specific store, possibly one of many in emerging markets which would help drive sales and if it does happen -- it could be alongside the release of the BlackBerry Bold 9790.

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RIM launching the BlackBerry Bold 9790 and a new BlackBerry store in Indonesia this month?


Good to hear that BB is getting invested in what the future markets want. The only problem I see is that he expects them to overtake in 3-4 years. RIM is having problems now, BBX and there next phones will either break or make them. If they can survive and go into the next big market place with a good foothold then expect 19$ stocks to be a thing of the past.

Indeed, in fact it was RIM plan to launch in Indonesia before. I have friends in few local operator in Indonesia, early this year RIM has informed each local operators that they're planning to launch 9790 in Indonesia.

In Indonesia, 97xx (local people used to call it Onyx), is one of popular BB model in the market. You can easily find many BB users in Indonesia, mostly are 97xx users. Here, people likes it for the small & sleek form factor (compare to previous BB models) & the keypad are very easy to type with. Indonesian people are crazy about BBM-ing, they're just can't live without BBM...

Cool RIM...they should keep maintain market in Indonesia as the people is very love using BB..RIM should consider to open new manufacturing or plant to grow the business there.

At the end, just wondering which City and building is RIM going to open a new Blackberry Store in Indonesia..

That's what people miss when they say RIM is too far behind in North America, they caught up with BB7 devices (despite being late), and can offer them at a lower cost in emerging markets to maintain and grow their share there.

QNX/BBX for NA and Europe etc., BB0S7 for emerging markets for the next few years. Far better than Nokia's plan with Symbian, and Apple's non-plan for low end phones, though Android will provide a challenge to be sure.

Funny this about this post is I'm sure most people here won't care, but Kevin's 'i bricked my phone' post had a lot of replies when IMHO who cares. If RIM ignored North America they'd be fine, but they haven't, they've done some amazing and innovative things to appeal to the North American market while still being wildly popular overs seas. You can see why google and apple are so scared

I think we shouldnt forget Philippines as well... When I went there last year I saw blackberries everywhere too...

Don't forget India and Pakistan either .....

Emerging markets are going to be RIM's breadwinners and that's what needs to be shouted at the shareholders.

yeah , , Indonesia, especially Jakarta is really BB - nation.. the most popular and stylish..
a teen girl even got it 3 BB devices along . .

You guys seem to forget the market share rim has in indonesia or any other emerging market is the same it used to have in north america and we all know what happened to that.
Eventually apple and android will slowly find away to get fans there to .

In the next two to three years will see where RIM can be worldwide. IMO higher end markets such as North America and the UK, RIM should consolidate thier device's to just the flagship Bold and BBX Touchscreen and in Asia, Africa, etc. sell the lower end Curves. Yes it's great RIM has 46% of Indonisian market with low end devices, but here in North America and UK & Europe, they need to compete with Apple and Samsung and HTC and possible Windows high end devices. Worse case senario is RIM going full corporate w/Bold & BBX and still retain Southeast Asian sales with low end Curves.

So RIM further ignores the US and focuses on overseas. How long before the overseas markets start having cheap Android and year old iPhones to start chipping away at that marketshare. RIM needs to have a Bold and all Touch premium phones, and then make last years model this years value phone. Yes it is what Apple does and guess what, it works!

Excellent video! The micro lending is in line with how business is done in 3rd world countries. Singer, the sewing machine company, success was based on micro-lending. I guess the only question is margins and how profitable business is in that part of the world.

I keep seeing BBX as a potential saviour? Why? I attended a developer's conference when the Playbook was demo and the Ooooo and Aaahhhhs, when Playbook ran simultaneously a video and Need for Speed, only really happen in a place like that. Seriously, consumers don't really get what multi-threading or multi-tasking really means and why it is better than you know who. I don't get why BBX is going to be so different and is going to make things happen again for RIM.

Than again, I don't really think the market gets it either what it means to have a Super Phone that is really a mini-pc. I don't think smart phone consumer really get it that battery life goes way down the more power you get. They will figure it out eventually. 4 to 5 hour battery life just don't cut it for a communication device. The new smart phones with 10 hours of battery life is like a brick with an extended FAT battery.

The Indonesians use BBs for communication and not as a PC replacement, which is what smart phones should do and not play games. If you want to play games get a tablet, errr ... like an iPad :) The two, entertainment and communication, don't really mix well.

Anyhoooo, great video! Fingers crossed on RIM, a company who just Osborned themselves.

Well, it's official now. My friends just inform me that he received an invitation from RIM Indonesia related to launching occation of "first Blackberry in Asia" (positively this is 9790) which will be held on:

Date : Tuesday, 15 November 2011
Time : 4 - 7 PM (local time (GMT+7))
Venue : Ballroom 3, Ritz Carlton Pacific Place, SCBD, Jakarta

I don't about you guys, but I'm planning to be there. Hopefully to meet other crackberry fans there!

Shortsellers says this company is dead.
Shortsellers symply are looking for reasons to sell.
American media every day try to put down this stock.

Check out the specs on the current BB Touch 9860 or the Popular Bold 9900.
check out the specs on the future Blackberry Colt.

A company that just posted a year with record revenue is dead? A company with cash and no debt? A company with more then 70mil subscribers?

No. It is a fairytale land of insane valuations. A Fairytale land that thinks AAPL and GOOG can grow at 500% forever.
People change and change FAST.

They will regain marketshare with the new line of phones and their future phones in 2012.
They will expand marketshare in key regions such as India and Indonesia

Rimm is looking for growth in the Right places and not (maybe) in the superstupid country apple world (USA).