RIM launches the second generation BBM Challenge Council

BBM Challenge Council
By Adam Zeis on 12 Apr 2012 11:44 am EDT

RIM has kicked off the second generation of their BBM Challenge Council today. The campaign, designed to engage the teen market on how to better get things done using a BlackBerry, is headed this time by Streeter Seidell and Amir Blumenfield who will demo just what can be done using a BlackBerry Smartphone.

Young people across the globe are turning to BlackBerry for their smartphone needs, creating a powerful, vibrant community of fans who are both technology-savvy and looking for new ways to connect in real time. Recognizing the global trend, RIM launched the inaugural BBM Challenge Council Program this past October, which partnered aspiring young adults with some of today's top celebrity influencers, including Greyson Chance, Whitney Port and Hope Solo.  

Celebrities this time around include Greyson Chance, Leighton Meester, Dax Shepard, Christina Milian, and Sky Blu from LMFAO. The first video from Greyson Chance is set to debut later today. Hit the link below for more information. 

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RIM launches the second generation BBM Challenge Council


"Young people across the globe are turning to BlackBerry for their smartphone needs"

Yeah, right!

lol, it is a typo it had to read "young people across the globe are turning away from Blackberry for their smartphone needs"

Don't be negative. If you don't use or own a blackberry, don't say anything negative. That's your preception, not many others.

I really hope that RIM can turn this around, but if this is their marketing "A Game", I am a bit concerned.

The phone getting stuck in the vending machine will give the impression that the phone might not work either, and is a reminder of the issues that RIM had last fall. It also shows that the phones are a commodity that can be found anywhere.

The people - mostly older - on the street with the look of "WTF is this?" is indicative of how this campaign is going to be received.

The Martinez Brothers promo with the "Tools not toys" is likely better. If they are trying to appeal to the younger consumers they should show young people/teens using the phone to connect with their friends, get great new music, and how great it will make their social life.

This is so incorrect. 5 years ago, College Humor was a funny web site where you could get some funny stuff. It even spawned a TV show! Quite popular with the highschool / college crowd!

5 years ago...

They're still good, in fact they are doing much better than they were 5 years ago. I've been watching the hundreds of episodes over the years, and I think the only difference is that they are making more pop culture comedy.

My friend in St. Augustine, FL recently got a company iPhone 4S, he had a personal 8350i Blackberry which is a big gap in technology. But, he sounded so excited when he told me about his new phone. I asked him which phone did you have? and he replied "Blackberry, so I went from a GameBoy to a Playstation3". That is the word of mouth that gets Apple to boost their sales without much effort. Research inSlow motion has to figure out a way to turn that around, these out of touch advertisements are not helping much.

That is a very good point. The 8350i is an old phone. If he would have gotten a new BB7 device, he would likely feel the same way.

I felt sorta offended when he compared Blackberry to GameBoy and the iPhone 4S to a PS3. But, the reality is that the sales says it all and my BBM list also is a clear indicator that BB is not doing too well. I have 4 BBM contacts now, I had over 50 when I had my 8330 like 4 years ago.

The thing about Apple products that make them popular without Apple putting much effort is that their products pop up in most places. They recently showed news about a young boy being stuck in a hole in the ground in Asia, how were they communicating with the kid? Drum Roll............................................................................ using FaceTime with an iPhone attached to a string/rope (wow what a good advertising piece for Apple). A police officer used her iPhone in mid-town Manhattan to locate an iPhone that was stolen from a lady that was shopping and they located the thief within the hour and recovered the phone ( The police officer immediately mentioned " if it wasn't for my iPhone it wouldn't have been possible " )... It is those things tied with how often Apple products are spotted by end-users that creates the craze.

I have 5 BBM contacts. lol. the BOLD A DAY added me. so I will go back to 4 after the contest is over!

"I felt sorta offended when he compared Blackberry to GameBoy and the iPhone 4S to a PS3."

That analogy actually makes sense seeing how the PS3 network was hacked several times in the previous year.

lol, if most consumers cared about the security and privacy FaceBook and Apple would have not been at the levels that they are today.

Totally unfair comparison, but I can see why he's elated. The 8350i is a workhorse of a phone, built to be abused on the work site, in the dirt and rain. It can be dropped and abused and keeps on ticking and a charge lasts for days. But it's also 4-5 years old!
It's also running on a network that is slowly but surely dieing in the iDEN 800-900mhz band == slow! It's a phone built with a purpose; push-to-talk that is still unmatched today, not for games and flashy apps.
I would love to see how much time spent on this new "company phone" is personal vs. company.

"push-to-talk that is still unmatched today, not for games and flashy apps.

I wish most non-business consumers (which are the bulk of Apple sales) would care about the "useful" features. Nowadays it is an A&P (Apps and Popularity) concept that drives sales. That is what has kept RIM out of the loop in North America (specifically the U.S)

I hate to break it to you, but apps are a useful feature. People expect to be able to do things with their phone beyond just phone calls and messaging.

That means apps, and in that regard BlackBerries really don't cut it.

A personal example: I wanted a running program that tracks my pace via GPS? There's a zillion for Android and iOS. There's even a few with WP7. BlackBerry? Nope.

How about a sleep tracker that uses the phone's accelerometer to wake you up at the right time? Again, nowhere to be found on BlackBerry.

Have you seen the BlackBerry salesforce.com app? Weak. Citrix or VMware View? Nonexistent. The hits keep coming.

The app ecosystem matters: when you can't get, eg, NetFlix, a decent international music store (7digital is okay, but the BB app is very weak), any one of a number of apps mentioned by vendors, people notice.

RIM did this situation no favours by *deliberately* continuing to shovel out woefully underpowered and incapable phones to maintain their business model. The 9900, 9810 and 9850/60 just barely equal the capabilities of the iPhone 4 (not S) or Nexus S (not Galaxy Nexus), and the bulk of those 70+ million consumers RIM likes to tout are worthless to developers because they're likely using either woefully under-spec'ed Curves or much older hardware. For developers, Windows Phone (with an order of magnitude less users) is more viable.

And this isn't just the consumer space: iOS and Android are making serious inroads just about anywhere that isn't subject to the likes of HIPAA. There are a lot of apps for business(again, salesforce.com comes to mind) where the BB experience is weak, if it's there at all.

The truth of the matter is that, despite what a lot of people want to believe, RIM being out the loop isn't because of fashion or regionalism. It's because they stuck with a business model (incremental upgrades over their own hardware, not the competition; minimal investment in the device's capabilities; deliberate fragmentation of the platform to protect margin; treating carriers as customers, not end-users) that was out of touch with how the market was going.

Pretending the consumer is stupid for not buying your product is a really, really foolish thing to do. Your customer is not stupid if they're not buying your product: either your product is uncompetitive, or your marketing is terrible. Likely it's both.

Push-to-talk is a good example: no one cared. If they did, iDEN would be the dominant network technology, not GSM or WCDMA. Consumer's weren't stupid for not prioritizing it, manufacturers who hinged their survival on it were stupid for not realizing that people don't care.

Don't get me wrong, the phones do what they do very well, but RIM chose to pretend they had no competition and got pretty comprehensively owned. That's RIM's fault, not the people buying iPhones or Android devices.

A personal example: I wanted a running program that tracks my pace via GPS? There's a zillion for Android and iOS. There's even a few with WP7. BlackBerry? Nope.

This is wrong. ...look a little harder is my suggestion to you.

I'm a huge and recent BlackBerry fan (only since November 2011...the Bold 9930 is my first BlackBerry and the Playbook 64gb is my first tablet) and even though I never owned a BB during the "Hubris Years" (approximately 2005-2011) I can't help but agree with everything you've said in this post (I've done hours and hours of research on this company since buying-in). All we can do as BB fans now is hope that the old "we don't need to cater to you because we own your soul" mentality is gone with Mr. Balsilee and Mr Lazaridis (I think I butchered their names). We can only move forward from here and hope that the future will look better then the past.

Long Live The RIMpire!!!

When RIM hired these guys I read somewhere that both of them were using iPhones..?
Now suddenly they are "long time " Blackberry users ?
I doubt young people will be attracted to these guys ! Are they cool ?
To me it seems like a desperate move from RIM !

Well if you watch the old Collegehumor episodes and even some of the new ones, they always have Blackberry phones, pretty much always the Bold 9700.

These guys are cool, but not recognizable faces to the average young person. I recognize them from their comedy website that I've been watching for years.

I really wish they would STOP promoting OS7 devices, and bring more hub-bub to the BB10.

If not, I may just opt for the Nokia Lumia 900.

I haven't seen any previews of an actual BB10 device or what the UI is going to offer.

To maintain a "competitive" edge it would make sense for them to show off the BB10 concept shortly before its release. If they start showing off what BB10 will do now and release it in 6-9 months as they previously did with other releases then the competition will continue to "leapfrog" RIM. Also, what will happen to the current stock of OS7 devices if they already see what is up ahead? They don't change much from what they show off and what they release 3-9 months later (i.e. PlayBook, Bold 9650), so hopefully RIM does the announce and release thing this time.

Read about something called the "Osborne Effect". It explains why RIM can't stop promoting OS7 in favour of BB10.

Why is RIM making a case for BBOS 7? Their basically canning it in a few months, and anyone that converts now will be pretty ticked come bb10 when they can't upgrade the os. Seems like a waste of $.

GOD am getting sick of every news that pops up here and there is comments "RIM is failing rim is behind Iphone 4s is this its that ....

quick note to RIM stick to those who are lifting you up right now who are taking you safely to the bbx to bb 10 those are other markets not north america who are still making profits for you .. Middle East the gulf blackberrys what ever model that they come up with sales are 4 to 1 iphones that's the market here India Africa south Asia if you check google... and we still dont have a proper blackberry store its all after market with no contracts unlocked phones that means we pay the full price and when a new one pops up we go for it why because it works it does what a phone does connecting me to whom i want Skype is not big here if i wanna play angry birds i dont buy an overpriced ipod touch (iphone) we still believe in the main idea of it being a freaking phone my bbm list is growing i have friends who got over 330 in their contacts list last week alone 5 of my friends got the curve good price good hardware no shitty apps that waste my time and last time i heard the shitiest economy in the world is America. if you wanna where i get all this from from the highest purchasing ppt country Qatar the gulf region and highest paid we still work you know we dont waste our time looking through shitty apps.... what ever you got RIM throw it at us we will buy it just focus on us a little bit

"last time i heard the shitiest economy in the world is America."

The USA alone has a larger economy than China, Japan and Germany put together (and those are the #2, #3, and 4 countries, economy wise). And I do agree we are "going through tough times".

Am not bashing on your economy though the 1st is debatable its in the hands of the few the 99% movement i specifically said the purchasing power focusing on your strong points as i said 4 to 1 iphone and in most cases he has them both if does own them both i just wish the whining stop and focus on the news i used to come here for advice and help and for new stuff useful info not complaints but i guess its how it is now but i think the state of rim is fine look at sony they are laying off 10k of their staff losing 6 million spending a billion dollar on reconstruction and we dont see people saying ps3 are bad hardware every company like evry economy has its ups and downs mate


RIM will strike back with BB10, we will all be happy!

For now I will continue to enjoy OS7.1 on my 9900 :)

Wait until the economy collapses, american paper money will be worthless. ;) (there are vids out there if you care to do a little research)

Also.... WELL SAID!!