RIM Launches Official BlackBerry YouTube Channel!

By Bla1ze on 30 Sep 2009 08:43 pm EDT

RIM has been utilizing their support forums a lot lately to make announcements and today was no exception. They just posted up some information regarding the official BlackBerry channel on YouTube which appears to be aimed at basic BlackBerry usage. It's a nice tips and tricks option but if you are looking to dig deeper into the workings of your device we suggest using the CrackBerry forums as they cover all ranges of users, be you a new user or an old hat to the way things work. But hey, we may be a little bias. :) By the way, congrats RIM - always good to see you embracing social media. Now just don't go sending yourself any youtube take down notices for no good reason... they're berry annoying! You can visit RIM's youtube channel at youtube.com/blackberry. So what do you think of the vids? Sound off in the comments!

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RIM Launches Official BlackBerry YouTube Channel!


This should work out good for rookies, and even us Veterans!
Good job RIM, NOW get me my new sprint BB

It appears they're doing the demo with a Tour... but in the "setup" folder, it showed an icon for what appeared to be wifi. ... maybe I'm a bit naive, but my Tour doesn't have wifi. Is this a new phone? Or just a phone I'm not aware of?

the action to which I'm referring takes place at 0:22

haha damn this 5am shift. Sorry, I totally didn't pay attention to the top half of the device. I just saw the keyboard. what is it?

i just want to see what apps/icon a person who works for RIM has. example Celluar Video is that an app or custom?

I read "RIM Launches Offical BlackBerry Youtube" and almost peed myself thinking it was a proper app. Then I read "Channel"

I'm saddened again.

If they could fix that, I might actually care to look at their channel, however, I don't go to Youtube on my phone because it's worthless.

Sweet I can watch the youtube channel..... at home because BBs suck on youtube! Give your head a shake RIM. Atleast you gave us good speakers so its an audio youtube channel.

Sadly Im with the majority, this is like a slap in the face from RIM... Before you go using this method as a way of communicating with us, why not make greater efforts with Google to give us a decent YouTube app first.